The Call Of God
Walter Beuttler

I thought I might profitably chat with you somewhat about the "Call of God." I spend most of my time overseas with national pastors, missionaries and Bible schools and this is a subject that I use frequently. It is something which is very much on my heart, so I'll share some truths, and also try to apply them to your experience.

Now I have my own philosophy of teaching, that is to say, teaching Bible subjects. In fact, it's a philosophy the Lord gave me some years ago. I'll point it out to you very succinctly: information, application, transformation, demonstration, and approbation.

Coming back to the first - information. We need to be informed, of course. We need to be adequately informed. We need to be correctly informed. What would we do without information?

But then the other step is application, namely the application of the information. Here is where Bible schools often are coming short. I can say that because I've been teaching 32 years in Green Lane. It is one thing to be informed. It's another thing to have the truth applied in our lives.

For instance: The Bible says, "Thou shalt not steal." Why does the Bible tell us not to steal? So we should know that we should not steal? That's not the reason. It's not that we should know we should not steal. The reason is that we should not steal. What is the point of knowing that we should not steal then steal anyway? The truth needs to be applied in practice, and I try to help folk to apply it in their lives.

That applied truth, that application should result in a transformation. The truth should change us. Bible school should change our lives. A transformation should take place not merely an accumulation of facts, and then a diploma that we can wave or put in a frame. A diploma will never carry the ball for us. We need far, far more than a diploma. There needs to be after the application, the transformation, the working out of the truth. I'll try to point that out to you as we get into it.

Demonstration - The transformed life becomes demonstrative that is to say, the transformed life will become so evident that we become a demonstration of the truth.

I was Dean of Men for some years at EBI. One year a mother who happened to boast to me about her girl said, "Brother Beuttler, our girl is so different. What a change!" The change was for the better. Bible school should do that. Transformation, demonstration - the transformation should become apparent to the folk at home, in our home church. "My, what a change!" Hopefully it's for the better.

Demonstration, approbation - The changed life should win the approval of God. So this is my underlying philosophy that I'll be using here as I just share with you a few things this morning. First of all, I'll start with the Gospel of Mark 3:13-14.

"And he goeth up into a mountain, and calleth unto him whom he would: and they came unto him. And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach." Mark 3:13-14

Now as I mentioned last night in Utica, before the Lord gave me a definite call to "Go" and teach all nations, He made this passage very real to me. I had some personal training, and I'm sharing some of these things with you. I haven't reached all nations, but I've reached in excess of 100.

First of all, notice, " He called unto him whom he would." I do not know how many of you claim to have a call from God. A call doesn't have to be something phenomenal. A young man came up before a credentials committee for credentials. They said to him, "Are you called to preach?"

He said, "Yes."

They said, "How do you know?"

He said, "Oh brethren, I had a vision and behold I saw two letters in the sky GP which means go preach."

One of the men said, "How do you know that didn't mean go plow?" He couldn't quite answer that one.

I know that God does such things, but in the final analysis, I believe a real call involves an inner awareness, assurance, a witness of the Spirit that simply knows.

When I applied for credentials they said, "Brother Beuttler, how do you know you're called?"

I said, "Brethren, I cannot tell you. All I know is that I know." Well I thought that would throw me, but one said, "That's the answer we like to hear, something in here that simply knows."

Oh, God uses other things, but I doubt that we can really hold up by a vision, a prophecy or a dream. There has to be more than that. There has to be an inner "I know" that nothing can change.

"He called unto him whom he would." I like that. Do you notice here that the implication is that God called these men in sovereignty? Let's put it this way, "He called unto him whom HE would." How many people would have chosen you? How many people would have picked me? Very, very few, if any.

The Lord uses whom He wills, and sometimes He picks the black sheep, a she sheep or a he sheep, in a family, the blackest one, the neediest one. He puts His hands on them and calls them to Bible school, maybe even to Pine Crest.

The relatives say, "And where are you going? "

You say, "I'm going to Bible school."

"YOU! Wa wa wa what's the idea?"

"I feel the Lord called me."

"YOU! If the Lord called you, He sure is hard up." (Laughter) " YOU! Now I've heard it all." And it's surprising what God can do with a black sheep, with one that's despised. The relatives look down, "You a preacher? Ha, Ha I'd never listen to him!" It's surprising. " The Lord called unto him whom he would."

I came to Eastern Bible Institute in 1939. It was remarkable. I had nothing to do with it. The Lord opened the door. They asked me, wrote me a letter, "Brother Beuttler, we have an opening on our faculty and all our faculty felt that we should ask you whether you'd come and join us." When I read the letter, I knew that was God.

Before I started, a preacher saw me on campus and he said, " Say, I hear you're joining the faculty."

I answered, "Yes."

"Boy," he said, "You! We don't want a German with a German brogue. We want a fellow that knows how to speak English ." It kind of stung a bit, but the Lord called me.

After awhile he went on the shelf, and I'm still going strong at 68, all over the world. Students, the race is not to the swift, the battle is not to the strong. He doesn't necessarily call the best of the family. He might call the worst, so take comfort. (Laughter)

Don't get angry with me when I put it that way. Be glad. Who would have picked me? Well, He did. He calls His instruments in sovereignty. He does as He pleases. So "he called unto him whom he would." Who would have called these fishermen to be apostles? Who would have called this tax collector to be an apostle? Why you wouldn't think of them, but He did.

We've had students in school, and I guess all schools do at some time, with awesome backgrounds: girls that were in prostitution, fellows that were no good. I remember one of our girls, a beautiful girl. She was in everything, and one day the FBI came to the school and asked for this girl. He said, "I want to place this girl under arrest." We were shocked.

So the president talked with him, but she had to go. He said, "Could one of our faculty members accompany her?"

The FBI man said, "Yes, that will be all right. We want to interrogate her."

I was the senior faculty member so I was asked to go to Philadelphia to the FBI. She sat there; I sat here. That FBI man, I must say he was courteous, but was he thorough. He turned that girl inside out. She had to come out with everything and lay it on the table. I felt so sorry for her. It just threw back into her life. She had to come out. He wanted details, he wanted the full picture.

After a couple of hours or so he said, "This girl has had enough. We should hold her, but if you promise to bring her back in one week, I'll let her go back to school. "

I said, "I'll promise to bring her back." So we came back. The interrogation continued. That man knew what questions to ask. The two secretaries in the next room had a hey day. They took it all down, and they laughed. I could have wrung their necks. Here was this girl saved, filled with the Spirit if you please, turned inside out, and so personal.

He got to a place with a question where that poor thing just looked at me as though saying, "Do I have to answer these questions in front of my teacher?" She didn't say that, but I could read her look.

I said, " You have to answer. You go right ahead and I'll never betray you. I'll never tell what I hear." And I never did. Wife doesn't know a thing about it, except that I was there with her.

That girl had to come out and expose her life. Then she broke, leaned over the desk and wept bitterly. Well, after some time, the thing was finished. He said, "Reverend (I don't care for the Reverend business, but people who don't know any better use it! Laughter), I should place this girl under arrest, but tell me, what is this girl doing?"

I told him how the Lord saved her, filled her with the Spirit, transformed her, called her to the ministry, etc. He leaned back in his chair and said, "I believe you. I believe this girl is no longer the streetwalker that she was. I'll let you take her back to school. We shall not prosecute, but we'll prosecute the fellow who was associated with the thing. " Then he asked the girl, "Where is he?"

She said, "I don't know where he is."

He said, "Never mind, we'll find him."

I took her back to school, and she was as swell a girl as you wanted. The Lord used her in the gifts of the Spirit. Nobody would have picked that girl from the streets, but He did. What marvelous grace, "He called unto him whom he would." I never told a soul the story that I heard.

I do not know some of your backgrounds, and don't any of you look down on a fellow student because of their background. He called unto him whom he would. He calls in sovereignty. That is His prerogative.

Now notice something else here. " He called unto him whom he would, and they came unto him," they responded. "And ordained twelve that they should be with him." Notice this. Now I make a statement here which at first perhaps sounds a bit overextended, but it isn't. The Lord did not call these men primarily, or first of all, to go and preach. He called them to be with him. Remember that.

When I was in school I emphasize, especially to new students, "Your primary calling is not to become a preacher or a preacheress. Your primary calling here in this school is to be with Him." First of all, they were called to be with him, shall we say in fellowship, in communion. Students, our personal relationship to the Lord takes, or should take, precedence over preaching. Our communion, our relationship is more important than our preaching, for in the final analysis, our true ministry does not come out of the encyclopedias, it comes out of our personal relationship with a personal Christ. I'd give that priority.

I gave that priority when I was a student in Bible school and nobody could rob me of my personal devotion. I spent hours a day with Him. Now studies were easier then, and studies came quickly to me. If I listened in class, I had no trouble getting by. I didn't have to do much homework. But it was easier then, as I said, than it is today.

I follow this principle to this day. Now I go all over the world. I start a round-the-world trip in about 2 weeks. I know this: that all through that journey, which will be about 5 months, my first calling is to be with Him. I need to maintain a communion, a relationship, a fellowship with Him, and out of that fellowship will flow the ministry.

Do you know what we need in our day by way of emphasis? I think you recognize that we are living in a strange age. We have today with us the cult of sloppy dress, and the dirtier people are, the more they like it. It's the strangest thing what has gotten into people. Many a parent is ashamed the way his son and daughter walk around. I don't believe in the cult of sloppy dress.

We're living today in an age of an intellectual ascendancy, which is crowding out the things of the Spirit of God. I see it everywhere. I see it in Bible school. I see it as I travel, especially in the United States where people move away from the things of the Spirit into the area of more and more intellect to the expense of the life of the Spirit. So we have visions of Shakespeare, visions of Plato, visions of Socrates, but we need a renewing of the vision of Ezekiel when he said, "The heavens were opened and I saw visions of God."

We don't only need an open encyclopedia, an assessable library, but we need an open heaven and a fresh revelation of God to our hearts. That comes when we are with Him, when we put devotion, fellowship, union in first place, when we give that priority. I follow that even when I travel. During a round-the-world trip (I go every year), and I set aside somewhere at times, a whole week in fasting and prayer in some hotel where nobody knows where I am - to be with Him. Out of that flows a ministry that is in ever increasing demand.

I was in Melbourne for the first time some years ago at the church, the temple. The pastor, who is also in charge of a camp, said to me, "Brother Beuttler, would you consider coming down here for our camp meeting over the Christmas holidays?" In Australia it's summer then, high summer. Their camp meeting time is from Christmas to New Year's.

We had school vacation and I said, "Well, as far as time is concerned, I could come down, but Green Lane is a long ways from Melbourne." And it is.

So he said, "I know that you're thinking about the fare."

I said, "Well, I'd have to, after all."

He said, "If I'm asking you to come, I'll pay your fare."

I said, "Do you know how much that is?"

He answered, "No, but I think it's quite a bit."

I said, "I can tell you. It's $1450 round trip."

"That's all right. I'll send you a ticket. Are you coming?"

I said, "I'll come."

Then he continued, "I'm also getting one of the men from Springfield." (That's our headquarters.) "He'll be the evangelist and you'll do the Bible teaching in the morning and have the ministers in the afternoon. I'll send him a ticket." They have a large camp there.

I said, "Brother Greenwood, I have one favor: Don't put him and me on the same flight." He was the General Secretary of the Assemblies of God then. " Don't put him and me on the same flight," and fearing that he might think I had something against the man, I said, "Do you understand?"

He said, "From your teaching this week, I think I do. You want to be alone on the way here so you have time with the Lord."

You know some people talk an awful lot, not in Pine Crest, but some people have so much to say, have nothing to say, and say it. I was afraid that I'd have somebody who would chew my ear off from Los Angeles to Melbourne. I wanted to be alone. So he said, "I think that you want to spend time with the Lord on your trans-Pacific flight."

"Exactly." I felt that if people are willing to pay $1450 for one week of ministry, they're entitled to get something. I would sit there on that plane hour after hour in fellowship with Him, waiting on the Lord. The result was when I got there I had something. And the thing was so acceptable that I went down to Melbourne for 4 years in a row for one week at a time. Each time they paid $1450 for the fares, some $200 in my pocket for the bother of my coming down there. But the secret behind it was " that they should be with him." I followed that and out of it flows the ministry. I'll take you to the next one.

"And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men." Mark 1:17

Here is the transformation. We're not in Bible school merely to learn, to acquire information, as necessary as that is. We're in Bible school also to give the Lord the opportunity to do a work within us by way of transforming our lives. There needs to be a change taking place.

Sometimes students come to school and the rebel on the inside comes with them. While school is going on, the Lord has to get at that rebel before he starts a revolution. I would say in the natural, there's a rebel in every one of us, one that just doesn't like to come under. We come to school, and I know nothing about Pine Crest, except I sure like the environment and like to chat with you. I'm enjoying it. I assume you have rules. Don't you? (Laughter) I can't imagine operating a school without rules. Some say, "This is a free country. I can do as I please."

Well it may be a free country, but between you and me, it's too free. This country's getting so free that I'm afraid our freedom is going to wreck the country as the years go by, no discipline, no self-discipline, no law and order. Everybody wants to be free. "We want more freedom!" More freedom involves more responsibility. If Americans continue their freedom the way they do, we're going to follow the ways of the Roman Empire, and we are. I think this country has passed the zenith of its greatness. It's being wrecked from within in the name of freedom, in the name of democracy.

Let me tell you the spiritual life is a highly disciplined life, and the Lord needs to teach us discipline. He needs to teach us submission. I don't know whether you have a bedtime regulation when lights are out. When I was Dean of Men, it was 10:00 o'clock. Today, "10:00 o'clock! We're not going to bed with the chickens."

Well I like to go to bed at 10:00 because very often I'm up early with the Lord, way early before the sun is up or the birds peep. Oh we need to learn to be up with the Lord, but for that we have to hop in. Never mind "I Love Lucy," or "Gunsmoke" or whatever might be there.

The Lord needs to teach us submission. "Well, I don't agree with this rule. No sir. I'm not going to keep it." Well, maybe the rule is not what it should be, but I'll tell you something. And please do try to get me right: I know sometimes there are rules, or deans make rules that don't seem to be fair, and I have known some that weren't fair, yet they were enforced. God even uses what we consider to be unfair rules, or which may be unfair, not intentionally, but error in judgment. God even uses unfair rules to do something for us. Do you know why? All through our ministerial life, we're going to come up against unfairness and have to submit to unfair situations and unfair doing of people or go broke in the ministry.

I travel all over the world every year and some of the unfair things that I run into. I was in one of the Pacific islands. I worked hard all week and did my best. I'm no millionaire. Sunday night there was a missionary there who didn't like my type of teaching. Not everybody goes for Beuttler. Some preachers would give their right arm for me, others would much rather give me rat poison. This particular leader had no use for my type of Pentecostal philosophy. I have the old-time Pentecostal philosophy. I have never succumbed to the new-fangled thing, and I won't.

Sunday night he said to a big congregation, "Tonight we're going to take a love offering for a certain brother laboring on a certain island." I had labored there all week. I could have used the love offering, but he took it for somebody else, and I knew it was just spite. It was a slap in the face.

What are you going to do? (Grumble, grumble sounds.) No, you just swallow that. The Lord didn't always get a love offering either. (Laughter) I could have used it, but I just went my way. I felt the unfairness, but I took it the servant is not greater than the master. Who am I to complain? Oh yes! All through life there'll be unfairness. You have a pastorate, and some of your deacons are more the dickens than a deacon. They have the gift of saying "No" to you just for spite. They get their raises in salaries and you get nothing. Let the preacher live by faith, but the A & P doesn't accept faith as legal tender.

(In a grumbly voice) " I'll tell you, that's not fair. I'm going to resign. Yes sirree. I'll tell you what I think." Wait a minute; even in Bible school the Lord seeks to teach us to submit to that which either isn't fair, or we think it isn't fair. A transformation, "Follow me and I will make you." We are being made, not just educated, made, transformed, fashioned in the path of obedience. Notice this: "Follow me and I will make you." The Lord fashions us as an instrument in His service in the school of obedience.

I was down in Chile one year, in San Diego with a missionary, and what I have had to put up with there is hard to believe - so unfair, but I couldn't simply say, "Well missionary, I'm on my way to Buenos Aires. I've decided I'm going to leave and going somewhere else." No, I just had to swallow in the name of the Lord. Was He fairly treated all the time? Many times we think a rule is not fair, when in the judgment of the faculty it is fair. But we have had rules that I thought were not fair, and I was the chairman of the discipline committee, and it was up to me to enforce rules that I had misgivings about. I had to cooperate with the school. There's something in us that God has to work out.

I went to Bible school in 1927. I come from Germany. I was a young man then when I arrived and came to Bible school. Of all the horrible things, the matron put me on washing dishes. Do you wash dishes here? (Laughter)

Washing dishes! Whew! Did I protest, "I'm not going to do dishes," and I told her so, "Miss Sunder, I'm not doing dishes. Doing dishes is a woman's job, and I'm a man. German's don't wash dishes any more than they polish shoes. That's the woman's, wife's or children's job. I'm not doing dishes."

She said, "Walter, you are going to do dishes until you like them." Well, judging from the tone of her voice and the expression of her face, I thought I would be well advised not to say anymore, but I could think what I liked, "Like fun I will!" There's the rebel.

I was in a huff. That was an insult to my manhood - whatever that is. Ha, ha. I stampeded up into my room, packed my cases, walked out of the school without saying goodbye.

I figured, "If Pentecostal people believed that men should wash dishes, I'm in the wrong religion; and if Bible school believes that men should wash dishes, I'm in the wrong school." And so out I went in a huff.

Nearby in another city, half hour or so, there was a service going on all day, what they called all day meetings, morning, afternoon and evening. I have always liked them. I thought, "I'm going to attend my last Pentecostal meeting by way of saying goodbye." I'm a bit of a sentimentalist, very much so. (One year I got homesick for Tokyo. Amen't I silly?) And I wanted to make a sentimental goodbye there, so I sat right in the middle, the third row. The church was in a house, small room, smaller than this room, about half the size.

There I was. My two suitcases stood on the outside. Nobody knew what was up in here. I was attending my last Pentecostal meeting. Any of you remember Brother Swift, perchance you old timers? Well, I'm getting old. (Laughter).

He was an Englishman, such a nice man, lovely man. During the song service, somebody gave a message in tongues. I knew it was for me and I slunked down in my seat something like this. Later on people asked me whether I got sick. I was sick all right, but not the way they thought. Then came the interpretation. Brother Swift interpreted. Now he was always a quiet, smooth man, such a nice quiet disposition. He came out with the interpretation.

" Rebellious man, rebellious man." Oh, he yelled it out. And he let go a stinging rebuke. He didn't know who it was meant for. I got a rebuke from the Lord for my rebellion. He went on, I forgot what all it was about, except that toward the end the thing changed and called upon (I knew it was me): "Submit thyself unto the Lord, unto the mighty hand of God, and God will do thus and so," something like that. And I realized that the matron's hands, and they were strong, the matron's hands were the hands of God on me.

I saw something different now and that night I went back to school, room No. 11. Now they always closed the doors at 10:00 o'clock, and it was well after 10:00 when I arrived. The matron's living quarters were right next to the door. She'd answer the bell. I stood there wondering what shall I say.

I could see her already, "Well young man, and where have you been?" What would I say? I couldn't figure out what to say. I was scared to ring the bell.

I thought, "Maybe I ought to try the door first." So I tried the knob and "Hallelujah!" it was open. I picked up my suitcases and tiptoed past her door. I didn't want to wake her. I went up to my room and unloaded my things and went back to bed.

Next morning I was down washing dishes. Here is something I cannot explain, only relate. Now I was gone a whole day, skipped classes, skipped my duty. Not a soul said, "Where were you yesterday?" I do not understand it. The teachers never said, "Why weren't you in class yesterday?" They didn't seem to have noticed it. I can't explain it. They took attendance, but nothing was ever said.

The matron came to the kitchen and looked around and I expected any moment, "Well now young man, let's have a word or two." She never said a word. So I thought, "Well, I didn't say goodbye, why say hello and give myself away." (Laughter)

I went on washing dishes for four weeks. She had said to me, "Young man, you're going to do dishes until you like them. " Four weeks went by and she said, "Walter, I'm changing your duty."

I said, "Oh, Miss Sunder, don't do that. I like to wash dishes." She was right. I did dishes until I liked them. Now I'm married and even today, I often help Wife with the dishes, not that I'm especially fond of it, but I don't mind helping. She was right.

The Lord dealt with this rebel in there, and I had to learn to submit along a number of lines. "Follow me and I will make you." Students, the rules help to make us. We may not be in agreement with some of them. They help to make us. Let me repeat. All through our ministerial life, we meet situations we don't agree with, yet we have to submit and make the best of it for the Lord's sake and not say, "Well, this church isn't giving me a raise in salary. Here is my resignation."

Many a preacher got himself out of the will of God because he never learned to submit to that with which he does not agree, so I suggest to you that you re-evaluate your attitude, if need be, in the light of those remarks. In Mark 4:34 we have something very real to me. The last part of the verse: "And when they were alone, he expounded all things to his disciples." Here they were taught by Him. You see, I am a strong believer in Christ-centered preparation. I'll read my list for you so you'll see what I'm getting at.

Christ-centered preparation:

Called by Him Sent by Him

Made by Him Accompanied by Him

Taught by Him Maintained by Him

Equipped by Him

A few words on this being taught: "When they were alone." Students, we need to learn to be alone with the Lord. I did that in Bible school in 1927. I spent whole evenings in my room because studies came easy for me. Not that I am a brain. Studies were easy and in class, I listened. I spent hours and hours to be with Him. I love to spend time with the Lord. Many, many times on a long flight while they're showing movies, I sit there waiting on the Lord.

Some of you have my notes on "Waiting For God." If you follow them, read the scriptures, they will teach you how to wait effectively. We need to get alone. Many times the Lord calls me aside, has called me away from a meal. When I say call, I don't mean I hear the sound of a trumpet, but just an inner drawing that I know I must be alone. I cannot image true ministry apart from having learned to be alone with Him and let Him expound to us the riches of His word.

Last summer I was in Bangkok. That would be Thailand, of course. I was walking to the Siam Hotel for lunch because I didn't particularly care for the place that I stayed. Thai Airways had put me in the Asia Hotel and while it's a first-class hotel by Asian standards, I wasn't particularly fond of it. So I went over to the Siam.

On the way, I found a lotus flower, and I'm very fond of the lotus. It was still closed, and I took it with me and looked on the inside. What beautiful colors, Oh the symmetry! I was delighted in the way this thing was made. Finally I took it apart. I wanted to see right down so I cut it in two.

Well the Lord, when we're alone, takes scriptures: First you see only the outside, the words, the letters. Then we get to be alone and He begins to open things up and Oh what truths. That's what we need, so that we speak not merely from information that we have acquired by the usual processes of acquiring information, but we get things from the Lord by revelation, when He expounds the scriptures unto us.

Now I want to take you here for a moment to the secret of the Lord's ministry. This is a whole hour and a quarter message, but I'm giving you just a few crumbs from it.

"The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. I like the Revised Version here where it says, that I should know how to sustain with a word him that is weary." Isaiah 50:4

I like this word sustain. People are so weary and they're weary of religion. They're weary of ecclesiasticism, they're weary of ritual, even Pentecostal. They're tired of sermons. They want to hear from God. That makes the difference. They don't want sermons. I am so fed up with sermons that don't reach the thing you need, the condition in here. The Lord wants us to be able to speak to the condition in which people are without knowing their condition.

I love a statement from Daniel 5:12. There it says that Daniel had the ability to do this and that and the dissolving of doubts. The Aramaic reads, the dissolving of knots. I have often said, "Lord, give me the ministry of dissolving knots," shall I say, of unknotting knots. People have problems that defy explanation and solution. They need to hear from God.

Once our little girl put on her shoes. She was real small and she worked on those shoes and they didn't work right. Finally Mother said, "Come on Norma, let me help you."

"No, no, I can knot it myself." She knotted it all right. When it came to take the shoes off, she couldn't get them off, so she said, "Mummy, will you please unknot my knot."

There is a ministry of unknotting knots. Can you understand that? A ministry of solving problems in peoples lives, unknotting their knots by the ministry of the Spirit that they'll say, "Brother, I've had such a problem, I didn't know what to do, but I listened to you. Now I have the answer." That's what people need, not this ecclesiastical, "Dearly beloved, this morning we shall...No. 1 bla bla bla, No. 2 bla, bla, bla, No. 3 bla, bla, bla Hallelu, hallelu." O dear. We need not merely to speak to people's ears, but to their needs. They sit there crying for help. That's what Jesus had. That's what we can have.

"The Lord God has given me the tongue (the Revised has it) of them that are taught, that I should know how to sustain with a word him that is weary." Oh a word from God!

Once I got a letter from Tokyo, "Brother Beuttler, will you come over here for a week. We'd like you to engage in a debate with a Japanese philosopher on the existence of God. We'll rent an auditorium in Tokyo, put you two on the platform. We're going to charge admission because according to Japanese way of thinking anything that's free isn't worth anything. So we'll charge admission and you two debate."

I wrote back, "No. In the first place you overrate my capabilities. I am not the man for anything like that. I'd get licked. If you want me to come over and share with you what God has shared with me, I'll be glad to come over, but if you want a debate with a philosopher, you don't want me, but I can make a recommendation. I know a brother by the name of Tavani. (Do you know of him here?) He'd be the fellow for that kind of a thing. I suggest you send him a ticket and have him come over."

Well they wrote back and said, "No, you come over and share with us what God has shared with you." So I went over. I went over a few times. They said, "We're so glad because you have spoken to us the very thing that we needed most."

"The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season". Let me boil it down without boiling it up for you because our time will be running out on me.

What you have here is the Father taught Jesus when to speak "in season." "To him that is weary" - to whom to speak, "A word" - that's the substance, that's what to speak. The Father taught Jesus what to speak, to whom to speak and when to speak. That came all from the Spirit, but now comes the secret: "He wakeneth morning by morning; He wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned."

I do not know what your teaching is here, and it's just as well. Maybe I am a heretic to you, but what do you expect from a heretic. You don't know what's coming do you? I do not take the position that Jesus had this remarkable ministry whether in word or in deed because He was the Son of God. I believe in the kenosis. Is it my fault if I'm right? (Laughter) As far as I'm concerned, Jesus did not preach these marvelous truths because He was the Son of God. He had these things because He was filled with the Spirit; He was taught by the Father. Your teachers can contradict me. They have lots of time to do so if they want to.

They say, " Oh, Jesus performed these miracles, raised the dead because He was the Son of God." If that's the answer, where did Elijah get his miracles, and Elisha, and Paul? The secret of Christ's ministry did not lie in His deity. It lies in the fullness of the Spirit.

Jesus said, "The words that I speak unto you are not mine, but the Father's which sent me. I can do nothing of myself," etc. Now here is the secret, part of the secret: "He wakeneth morning by morning; He wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned." The Father awakened Jesus, or Jesus was awakened morning by morning and the Father taught Him.

Jesus said one place in John, " As the Father hath taught me, I speak these things." Jesus was taught by the Father and class started early in the morning. I've had this many times when the Lord would awaken me every morning on the dot of 2:30, years ago especially. I'd be up a half an hour, two hours, sometimes I'd be up the rest of the night and the Lord would expound His Word. Some of you have my notes on The Lord's Prayer. That came entirely during the night sitting in His Presence in the early wee hours of the morning. It came by revelation. He wakeneth morning by morning. He wakeneth mine ear to hear as those that are taught. He was taught by the Father.

You know the Lord had awakened me at that time so often at 2:30. I couldn't figure out why 2:30. I thought, "Surely there's no magic hour. That cannot be, but why 2:30?" I pestered the Lord for about three months for an answer. I'm a pest.

Finally it came, " Because by 2:30 you have had enough rest to stay up with Me while I'm visiting you, and then there is time left to go back to bed and get more rest for the work of the day." I thought that was so considerate because I needed more rest than that. I could be up an hour, two hours, and yet there was enough time left to go back to sleep and get some more rest. I am a strong believer in being up with the Lord early to sit in His Presence with His Word - it's my experience, it's my life. That's where I have learned what I spread over all the earth into the remotest areas of the world.

We need to be taught by God. I used to say to the students, especially the first year class. The first year class is the easiest to teach. They're soft, they're open, they're hungry, they're receptive. In the second year quite a few of them become smart alexes. By the time the third year comes they become snobs and you can do little with them, some of them. Give me a first year class any day in preference to the others. I don't mind the second year, but let somebody else take the third. They know too much or think they do.

In Mark 3:15 they were equipped by Him. You know students; Bible school does not give us our ministry, that ministry comes from the Lord. Only He can give a ministry. Here I'm using the principle of equipment: "And to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils." Now I'm not speaking about healing nor do I speak about devils at the moment. I'm taking the principle that these men were equipped by the Lord to carry on their work whether our calling is evangelism, a ministry gift from the Lord; whether our gift is Bible teaching, that's a ministry by the Lord. We need to be equipped by the Lord for our work. Our diploma does not carry us nor does the Reverend.

We had a second year student who went to the credentials committee to get a license to preach. When he came back, his roommate saw him come in. He said to him, "Well brother, how did you make out?"

And the student said, " It's no more brother. From now on it's Reverend." He wanted to be called Reverend because he had a license to preach. Well the Reverend isn't going to carry the ball, but what you have from God - that will carry the ball for you. A diploma is all right, but that isn't going to do the work. We need to be equipped by God for whatever ministry He has assigned us.

In Mark 3:14 they were sent by Him, "That he might send them forth to preach." You have never seen my name in the district paper, "Open for Calls." I have so much ministry invitations; I don't know what to do with it. All the year is filled up. I might squeeze somebody out and squeeze you in if I succeed. I don't know whether I can do that. There is so much. I have a waiting list at home.

We need to be sent by the Lord. I started that in Bible school. I had no home. My home was in Germany. I was alone. When graduation day came, I didn't know where to go. I didn't even know where to send my trunk. I just had no place to go. A few weeks before graduation, a feller walked in, a big feller, husky. He said, "Walter, where are you going to go after you graduate? What are you going to do?"

I said, "I don't know."

He said, "Are you going back East?" I was in Springfield.

I answered, "I don't know."

"Do you think you'll go West?" he asked.

I said, "I don't know."

"Do you think you'll be an evangelist?"

"I don't know."

"Do you think you might be a pastor?"

"I don't know."

He said, "Man, what do you know?"

I said, " Well, I guess I don't know anything." And I'll never forget the scene. I sat on my cot and he went like this, and he said, "Boy, I'm glad I'm not like you ." Oh, that disdain! I still see that disdain from how his hand went. "My father is the superintendent of the Kansas District, and my father is the personal friend of the General Superintendent in Springfield. When I graduate, I don't have to start at the bottom like you small fellows. My father is going to give me a big church. I'll start right at the top." And he repeated, "Am I glad I'm not like you ." And he went out and shut that door with a bang, just slammed it shut, but it hurt.

I sat there, head in my hands and thought, "I guess I am in a fix. I don't know where to send my trunk. I don't know where to go." Then I dropped on my knees. Now I pray differently from the way most people pray. I don't make ecclesiastical prayers. I knelt at my cot, all alone. Here was the door. I said, "Father, did You hear what He said?"

At once I got a revelation in the twinkling of an eye. I have to put it into words, but I got the answer like this. He heard it all right. It was as though He were saying to me. He did say it, but not in these words. It just came in one moment of revelation. You either have to understand it or not understand it. "It is true that his father is the superintendent of a district. It is furthermore true that his father is the personal friend of the General Superintendent in Springfield, but it is also true that I am the Superintendent of all superintendents including the General Superintendent in Springfield. I am your superintendent."

I was thrilled. I put up my hands and said, "Father, from this day on, I acknowledge You as my personal superintendent."

Before graduation a letter came from Long Island. Apparently my superintendent went to His phone right away and called up Long Island. A letter came and the pastor - I don't know where he got it. He wrote and said, "Dear Brother Beuttler, If you don't know what to do or where to go after graduation, come to Long Island for a week of Bible studies ." I didn't know what else to do, so I went. Before we were finished the pastor said, "Could you stay another week?"

"Yes, I could stay." So I stayed another week. In the meantime, a preacher came to attend the second week and said, "Brother Beuttler, what are you doing next week?"

"Oh, I'm not doing anything."

"Could you come to my church?" he asked.

"Yes, I could come ." So I went. Before the week was up, he said, "Could you stay a second week?"

"Yes, I can stay a second week." That second week a pastor walked in and toward the end said, "Brother Beuttler, what are you doing next week?"

"I'm not doing anything."

"Could you come to my church?" Now that was in 1931 and to this day, I have never been without an open door. Without exaggeration, God has put the world at my feet for ministry. My feet have stood in more than 100 countries, some of them so often (like France) I can't tell you how often. I can't tell you how often I've been to Australia. It's constantly expanding. He's a good superintendent.

Would you like to know what happened to that fellow who said, "I'm glad I'm not like you are?" He became a butcher. His father didn't give him a big church. He was too good a superintendent for that. He became a butcher and is a butcher to this day. The race is not to the swift. The battle is not to the strong. I recommend that while you're in school, you make Him your personal superintendent.

I'm going to close with another incident I have yet, accompanied by Him, maintained by Him, but I can't handle that.

The time came when I was a pastor of a small little group. Well, I was there I don't know how long. Not a great length of time, and the Lord impressed my heart that it was time for me to leave. Now I don't know why it was time. Perhaps He thought the people have had enough of you. I don't know what His reasons were, but I felt it was time to leave.

So I resigned and Wife and I left. We did not know where to go. I just knew God wanted me to leave. Since we were acquainted in the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey, we thought we'd go to Elizabeth and rent a furnished room. It was wintertime. We didn't have money, that is we had very little, so we rented a cheap room, unheated, in the winter. Oh was it cold, but we couldn't afford anything better.

We decided, " We are going to spend a week in prayer." I believe in prayer. Because it was so cold, we took the blankets from the bed, put them over the kitchen table, then sat under the kitchen table to do our praying. That way, we kept the heat in a little bit, not heat, but at least it was more comfortable. There we spent our time. Oh we came up to eat, but that was our place of prayer.

Shall I say we were there three days or so. There was a knock at the door. I came up from under the kitchen table. Wife stayed down there as quiet as a mouse. Here was a strange man. He said, "Are you Brother Beuttler?"

I said, "Yes."

He said, "The church has sent me. We are without a pastor and need somebody to lead our prayer meeting on Thursday night and give us a little talk. Somebody told us that you lived here and we wondered whether you could come over, give us a little talk and have prayer."

I said, "Yes, I could. I see no reason why not."

"All right Brother Beuttler, we'll look for you on Thursday."

On Thursday, Wife and I went. The Lord gave me a message and they liked it and said, "Brother Beuttler, we have a pastor, but he's in British Columbia." He was an evangelist. "He cannot get here right away, but we need somebody to take the services until he comes. Could you take our services on Sunday and teach Sunday school?"

I said, "Yes I could," and I was there. At Sunday school, the Lord gave me such an anointing. Now please understand aright. Don't judge me when I say this. After Sunday school I came out and two of the deacons walked behind me. Apparently they didn't think I heard. I had sharp hearing then, today my hearing is getting poor. I heard one say, "Say, that young fellow gave us a feast, didn't he?"

The other one said, " I'd say so. I'd like to have more of that." I believe the Lord let me hear it for my encouragement. Do you remember Gideon when he was in the tent and he overheard some men say something that showed Gideon that God was with him? Anyhow, it was an encouragement to me. I had the services and the Lord blessed.

That night they said, "Brother Beuttler, couldn't you just move into the parsonage until the man comes and take all of our meetings?" I didn't tell them that we had come out from under the kitchen table. So, we moved into the parsonage.

After a few weeks a telegram came from British Columbia, "We are now on our way and expect to assume our pastoral duties in one week."

The chairman said, "Brother Beuttler, it looks like your time is up, but I have to tell you something. The people believe they made a mistake. You should be the pastor. They wished they hadn't called the other man."

I said, "Well, there's nothing you can do about it. When he comes, I'll be leaving."

He said to me, "Let's pray about it."

I thought, "I have nothing to pray about, but you can pray if you want to ." So we prayed. I knelt, he prayed. While he prayed, the Lord spoke to me right in here (stomach area), in words from the scripture, but the words were there, not just the thought, " Behold I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it." I knew I was going to be the pastor, evangelist or no evangelist.

I told no one but Wife. I said, "Elizabeth, we're going to keep as quiet as a mouse. The Lord has to work this out."

A few days went by and there came a telegram, "We were on our way, but have had an automobile accident. We are not hurt, but the car is badly damaged. Could we delay our arrival until the car is repaired?"

So they wired back and said, "Yes, you may delay your arrival until the car is repaired." Maybe two weeks went by and a telegram came, "The car is now repaired, but we started evangelistic services. The Lord is saving and baptizing souls and we would like to continue the campaign. Could we delay our arrival some more?"

They said, "Brother Beuttler, could you stay on?"

I said, "Yes, I can stay on." I knew already in here. To make a long story short, we stayed in Elizabeth for several years and pastored this church.

I must close now, but students, I recommend that you make Him your personal superintendent.