The Voice of the Lord

Walking in the Spirit


Born of the Spirit

The Lasting Value of Communion

Inviting the Lord Within

Spiritual Progress

Spiritual Authority


Looking Beyond Seeming Failures

True Spirituality

Establishing the Foundation of our Spiritual Experience

Third Day Perfection

The Price of Truth

Waiting for the Lord

Our Being Faithful

Patience in Waiting for the Lord

Our Having a Single Eye

Divine Delays

Choosing the Higher Realm of Spiritual Life

Deliverance from Religious Bondage

The Approbation of God

Pressing toward the Mark

His Brooding Presence

A Call to Turn Aside

Developing A Personal Prayer Life

Spiritual Growth

Longevity of Life

Regaining Spiritual Authority

End-Time Restoration of the Glory of the Lord

The Eternal Now

Two Ways

Our Being Apprehended

The Heavens Will Open

Soul and Spirit

Spiritual Sensitivity

End-Time Intervention

The Need for the Prophetic

The Voice of the Lord

Weapons for Spiritual Warfare

Our Becoming Transparent

Becoming an Overcomer

A Time for Being Shut Away

Pressing Toward the Mark

Hindrances to Our Going Further


Hindrances to Our Going Further

The Keys of the Kingdom

Worship in Zion