by Victoria Boyson

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was in seventh grade, and I sat next to Chloe Nelson. She was positively convinced she was better than me in every way. Nothing I did seemed to please her or make her like me. I still remember the day she first told me I was "weird;" it jabbed into my twelve-year-old mind like a knife, cutting away even more of my security about myself.

And I remember the day I overheard a relative say to others in the family about me, "She's too sensitive." And yes, there were others who thought I was not sensitive enough.

Then, just this week someone told me I was weird because I fasted too much.

We all have those little comments locked away in our minds--words spoken in the form of a curse or accusation against us--sent from hell to erode away our sense of who we are and Whose we are. It is those little pieces of our history that play a role in who we are today and keep us from becoming who we are destined to be.

Oh satan is coy, it's true. He throws accusations against our souls that we may have already been questioning about ourselves, to rock us off the Solid Rock of God's truth concerning us.

Everyday, dozens of messages are being sent to us through all kinds of sources. The enemy has an agenda. He wants to make us think we are powerless, hopeless, and can do very little to change things.

But he's wrong.

Since your childhood, satan has spent a great deal of his time trying to convince you that you are nothing and never will be anything. He has tried to make you feel like there's something really wrong with you--you know, deep down inside--something that disqualifies you from the abundant life Jesus has promised you, that He's died to give you.

Has he tried to make you feel that you are too old? Too young? Too overweight? Too ugly? Too Skinny? Stupid? Poor? A woman? Insecure? Or as Chloe liked to put it, has he tried to tell you that you are weird? He keeps sending the message that we are not what we are supposed to be.

Well, God says, "IT'S TIME TO REBEL AGAINST THE LIES OF THE ENEMY"--every one of them!

Satan is a liar, right? So, should we be looking to find the truth about who we are in the mouth of a liar? No. God's words are truth and life. Only He loves us enough to view us correctly; only He sees clearly our capabilities and the great destiny He has in store for us.

I Can Fly!

Many years ago I had a vision that I was in a house full of demons. They chased me all around the house, tormenting me with their accusations against me. I tried to get away from them; I just wanted them to leave me alone. But they were incessant. Like a drippy faucet, they kept coming back with more and more lies to try and rip at my mind with their nasty opinions of who I was and what I was incapable of.

I ran from them all over the house, frightened and crying. I felt hopeless to get away from them, tormented by their incessant accusations against me. I wanted it to stop.

I was running around the house as they all chased me. I turned and darted as fast as I could in a struggle to get away from them. Suddenly, as I turned slightly toward one of them, I saw it. Yeah, it was just a small flicker in one of their eyes at first, but I saw it. I saw fear in his ugly, little eyes.

I turned toward them and looked at them all. It was clear they were trying to hide it from me. They wanted to be the ones in control, and yet they were afraid of me.

I turned and planted myself in front of them and called their bluff. "Wait!" I said, "You're afraid of me, aren't you?"

"No!" they said.

They tried to hold their ground, but it was too late. I had seen the fear in their eyes.

I thought, "What are they afraid of?" Well, it wasn't me, of course. They were afraid of what was in me. They had tormented me and tried to convince me they had all the power. But when I saw that look in their eyes, I knew they were the ones who were truly afraid.

They tormented me to keep me from realizing my true power--the power I have as a child of God.

When I saw the fear sweeping over them, I knew then that they couldn't stop me. I walked right through them and headed straight for the door. I was getting out of that house.

It was my time to escape from the house of lies satan had built for me, and I was going for it. They were no match for me as I walked right through them; they had to move out of my way. I walked out the door of that house and kept on walking.

Yet, they followed me as I walked steadily away from them and that horrible old house of my past. They weren't standing in my way--now all they could do was follow me. They couldn't stop me, and they knew it, but they could still try to stop me with their lies.

They kept up quite a little onslaught of continual disapproval of everything I did. They tried in utter desperation to make me believe their stupid lies, but I kept walking.

Suddenly, my Father spoke to my heart and said, "Honey, you can fly!"

"What God? I can fly?" I thought. And then I knew deep down in my spirit I was truly destined to fly. I knew that God wanted me to fly; it was His will for me to do the impossible. So I decided to try...

I flew, at first just a few feet above the ground with the demons following still, but I was flying!

God told me I could, and He was right. I had the ability to fly all along and they knew it. That's why they were so afraid of me. They were afraid that someday I would find out that I could fly, and I would soar.

I flew above them struggling to fly away from them as they continued to throw up accusations of fear and doubt at me.

"You can't fly, you know," they would say. "No, really you can't fly!" they would shout. As I heard their lies, I felt myself slip down towards them slightly, losing an inch or two of altitude I'd gained, putting me closer to their grasp.

Then I heard God speak again to me, "But Victoria, you are flying."

"Oh, yeah," I thought, "Duh, I am flying." So I was doing what they said I couldn't do.

I knew as long as I stayed close to the ground they could throw their lies up at me. Suddenly, God said, "Fly higher."

That's when I felt a surge of true God-given faith! "I could fly higher," I realized.

I looked at those poor, forlorn creatures and began to smile. I could fly higher, out of their reach, away from them. "You can't touch this," I thought with a grin. And then I cast a gaze toward the sky, the big wide-open beautiful sky, and then I knew I was truly free. I could soar.

Affirm Yourself!

Have you felt the sting of rejection? Do you desire acceptance? Affirmation? Do you feel desperate for approval from someone but aren't getting it?

God says, "Affirm yourself!" Stir yourself up in God and rebel against the lies the enemy has thrown at you. It is time to rebel against the lies and accusations of the enemy and the harmful opinions of those who did not love you.

Rip off the labels Satan has plastered all over you and laugh at him...yeah, that's right, laugh at him. Laugh at him, because everything he's said about you is a lie, which means the opposite is true.

He's the one who's terrified of YOU!

You're not incompetent! He's just a liar.

You are not disqualified! He's just a liar.

You can do all things through Christ who is with you and is strengthening you, and yes, satan is a liar.

Satan has lied to you, but why? Why would he bother with you, trying to discredit you? What is he so afraid of? Well, maybe it's this--maybe you can fly!

He knows it's true, and he's dreading the day you will realize it. Step into your God-given destiny, and soar out of the devil's reach. He's afraid of the day you fly out of his grasp, over his head, and away into your God-given purpose in Christ.

He Knows the Plans

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you," says the Lord (Jeremiah 29:11-14).

Dear Friends, remember we find the truth about who we truly are in God's Word. It is powerful and will cut through the lies of darkness to free us. Stay in His Word, dear one; it gives peace and life!

Speak the Word of God over your life. Claim it's power for yourself, and speak life!

Please pray this with me:

In the name of Jesus, I command you, satan, to shut your mouth now! Stop lying to me in Jesus' name.
God, I ask You to send a spirit of truth to me right now to repel the lies of darkness. Flood my mind with Your peace, love, and joy. Loose off me the chains of rejection, self-hatred and condemnation. Speak Your truth deep into my spirit and help me to soar out of reach of the enemy. Dear Lord, help me to see myself the way You do and fulfill my destiny in You.

In Jesus' name, amen!