by Susan Cummings

During the Sunday evening meeting, I was worshipping, and the Lord came upon me strongly. He lifted me up into the heavens and I then found myself walking into a Heavenly City. This is that experience:

I am walking into a massive Heavenly City.
It is so bright and shining, and is very beautiful. It is made up of gold, but it is also clear gold. "It is not the earthly gold as we know it, but it is living gold," I said to myself.

The streets and buildings are all of this same creation. Everything is illuminated from Christ, and His Light is seen through everything, in everything, and is alive. Everything in the Eternal realm is made of Spirit, as the Father created all things from Himself, and is alive, and has placed that same life in all His creations. The whole City spoke of the Father and the Son as you walked through it.

There are no shadows anywhere.
The atmosphere is very wonderful, it is so strengthening and healing. It is filled with Life and Joy. It is not air as we think, it is Spirit. It has substance, and it is also flowing through everything.

The streets were made of the same golden lighted material. There were Jewels inlaid in the architecture, and various engravings, and other things I didn't understand.

Some areas had colorful stones worked into the street. The stones were each alive with the Spirit of God, and had a different reflection to them, as they each were individually set and fashioned and set into their places.

There were multitudes of angels and people that lived together in heaven, and that also worked together to accomplish all of God's Purposes.
They were busily doing things and they were all smiling and were filled with anticipation.

There was much activity all around. I could feel their excitement and their wonder as they were all moving about. I felt that they were all preparing for something special that was soon coming. A voice then said to me, "Yes, They are preparing for a wedding."

I walked further down the street, and there were various shops and buildings lined up and down the street. As I was walking, I realized at certain times that I could see through the walls of the building to what was going on in that place, or at other times, I could not, and it would be a normal wall. Nothing was hidden in Heaven, but all was respected.

I noticed a certain shop, and had a great desire to go over to it and to enter it's door. So, I do. Inside the building was a big room. There was a large wheel of some type that was turning, much like a water wheel would, but there was no water.

It was catching beautiful Jewels that were coming down from the ceiling area through an opening. Then, the Jewels were carried around by the wheel type object and placed onto a moving platform.

There were angels standing along the platform and they would very lovingly and carefully pick up each Jewel and inspect it one last time and then place them in a wrapping of some sort and then into a package.
They would then be sent forth into the Earth for their assignments.

I watched the angels as they worked, and the love and respect they showed for the Jewels was overwhelming. The Jewels were very precious to the Father, and they felt what the Father felt, and also treated them as such. They were costly and very important, for their destiny's were yet to be fulfilled.

The Lord then was standing there watching the scene also. He said, "This is the Distribution Room."

"It is built and situated on Main Street, because this is the Main Desire of the Father, which is Souls. The Father wants all of His People to come to Him and to know Him, and to dwell with Him. The Jewels are being released to fulfill their destinies."

"This is a picture to you of all of the Father's People. They come from Him, as He knew them before they ever were created, and they are as Jewels and Treasures, valued by Him. He loves each person greatly. They are sent into the earth, and are born there, where they each will begin their individual life journeys to fulfill their destinies."

"I wanted you also to know where you came from, so that you will know that I will be faithful to you, and will keep you in the journey to your destination."

I was then back in the worship time, and felt the security of the Lord's love for me and the security in the knowledge of the Lord's Hand on me, for the days that lie ahead. We have more help with us than we could ever understand, and we will fulfill our destinies, as we faithfully walk with Him.