by Susan Cummings

This is a new day unto you.

I have broken you through, out of the old and into the new.

You can trust Me to continue to walk with you, all the way through to the end. There is much more for you to understand, but it comes with your commitment to Me, and your obedience to keep moving forwards. As you continue to allow Me to lead, the full understanding will come, and you will finally understand all that I have done. It is not for you to know the final outcome, but to only become like My Son.

What matters most, is your yieldedness to My Hand. As you remain pliable to Me, and open to change, you will make every turn that comes up the road. It is those who are rigid, and who will not yield, that will not be able to reap from their field. You have gained much ground as you have walked with Me, but you have yet to see all that I have arranged for you to glean. Much has been held in reserve for this new season, and now it is emerging even as you step forth.

Place no confidence upon the former ways, and operations. But remember that your strength and your reaping come fully from Me. I am your Strength and your Life, and as you release more of Me, the more you will bring forth, and see your mature seeds. This is a new day, and what I did yesterday, only laid the path that you walk on today. Break forth from every mold and man made plan, and only do those things that come from My Hand.

Men think they can initiate, solely direct, and control their own destinies, but only to find that they all will wrestle with Me. It is only by My Hand that man will stand, and in this season, all will come to realize this as fact. Do not fear to surrender all to Me, for I am the God that walks with thee, and that I will now bring you deeper into My Glory.

You stand in My Glory.

This you have come to understand, and have begun to abide in it, in a fuller way, but there is much more, as you come deeper into intimacy with Me. Make no provisions for the daily distractions and diversions that will surely come, but further into Me you must continually run. Within the depths of My Glory is the place that Mine will stand, as the greater judgements begin to erupt over the lands.

Have your faith firmly planted in Me and walk with Me, in this new day that is given unto thee. For many desire to walk as you do, but few have allowed Me to purge them through, and they only remain on the surface, but never really break through. Only those which fully know the Fiery Death, can enter into My Glory Depths. I have shown you clearly what to do, now be faithful, and fully follow through- in this New Day of Breakthrough!