What I Call You To Do Is Beyond Yourself To Accomplish
Susan Cummings

What I call you to do, is beyond yourself to accomplish. As I will not bring forth anything that originates from you. Everything that I have called you to be, comes from Me, as I am the one who is birthed from within you. All that I have given you to do, comes from within Me, and then through you. Nothing happens to you by chance, but it is all affected by your choices. It is up to you to determine your path.

I call each of My children to become the vessels that I created them to be, but so few attain to that calling. So few choose to lay down their desires and wills, and to sincerely pick up Mine. That is why so few are chosen. They do not care for My ways and so end up working out their works, instead of walking out their true spiritual identity. That is why I have dealt with you ever so severely. I want you to fulfill your destiny in Me.

I want you to reflect Me perfectly, in every aspect and
degree. I want you to become an even more transparent vessel for Me. You are given much understanding, but even more comes as you walk out your part. My People need the wisdom to go with the understanding that they have been getting. It is now that I am unlocking the barred revelatory doors, and much Truth will come to them, and it will put all the questions in their proper places. It is a time of Grace for you. Enter in even more.

You cannot accomplish anything apart from Me, this you know. Even more of Me is coming forth, so even more of you has to go. So that My complete work can be shown. Every step has been for your advancement and for your accomplishing My works within and through you. I have been at work, and the past struggles have now been removed, so that the new things I have been forming within you can be seen through you.

I specialize in visibility.

I will not hide what I am doing anymore, and I do not want My people to hide, but to shine.

It is time to rise. It is time to see what I am accomplishing through your obedience to Me. Many that have criticized your struggles and your mistakes will see that I have been at work and will be sorry for their presumptions. They only see your struggles as weakness, and do not see the strength that I have been forging and then tempering within you. Give Me your stress and your frustrations. Take on My Peace and My Rest. Then you can see clearly what you have been laboring for, and then it can fully come forth. Then My Will is accomplished.

I am dealing with the attitudes of selfishness, pride, and arrogance amongst My own. No one will make it on their own, or being separated apart from the Body. The Body is a corporate reflection of Me. Without Me, you are nothing. I am the Life and the Light of My People. Without the Life and the Light being worked out through you, then the darkness within would be dark indeed. The hour is indeed dark and it is necessary to bring the Light forth, that the called ones may truly, finally, fully, enter in, and become the chosen ones. Only the chosen, can accomplish My Will, for they lay their wills down.

It is time to bring all of the fleshly soulish works to Me, and allow Me to transform them in My Works and into My Image. From that point I will be seen, and be glorified. When I am glorified then you have accomplished My will and I am then exalted. When I am exalted, then I am truly Lord.