I Am At Work In Your Midst

Susan Cummings

I am at work in your midst. I have made known My intentions to you, and you have begun to respond to Me. But you must respond even more. You must release every part of your being to Me. I can only change that part of you that you give unto Me. You cannot be completed till I have finished My work. I have begun to reveal that which I am doing in you and around you. You have begun to see with your natural eyes, those things that are occurring in the Spirit. But there is more, so much more, to know and to understand. As I unveil My Hand you begin to respond and believe, and then you respond more to Me.

You must totally believe. You must not have any doubt or fear. But you must draw near. I have fashioned you, and I have walked with you throughout your entire life. I have had you in a process of change since you were born. For nothing that is of sin can enter in. But you have progressively came further into understanding and into My Holiness. Now I can show you more.

I do desire for you to see as I see. I do desire for you to walk with Me. That is why I created man. To walk with Me. So I have been unfolding Myself more to you, as you have yielded to Me, so that you can walk in the knowledge of who I am, and of who you are to be. That is why you are now beginning to see what I am now showing you now openly.

I want you to not only know Me, but to be as I am, and to be that expression of Me to others. I am the Living God, and I want to live before the people, through you. I am revealing to you My Ways, My Light, My Glory, My Reality, My Kingdom, and My Person. I have desired to walk with a generation who would freely walk with Me. You are that generation who has chosen to become as Adam and Eve. You have chosen to become separated unto Me, and to live in Me.

It is My Life that flows through you. It is My Thoughts that guide you, and instruct you each day. It is My Power that sustains you, and that touches others through you. It is My Glory that is your covering. I am quickening you and changing you,
degree by degree, as you give more of yourself to Me. Let go of your humanity and its self identity, and take on My Divine Life and My Identity. For I am your God and I do walk with you.

Allow Me to expand your understanding and to enlarge your spirit, as I unfold more of Myself to you. For I want you to fully walk in My Light, as I am in the Light. For I am the Light. I have begun to show you My Light, and also My Fiery Beings, to show you that I have created many things. All things came forth from Me, and all things were created through Me. All that I have made will be understood and known. For I have ordained this Day to come and to be shown.

You are just beginning to understand My Dimension. For the Reality of Heaven is more than a mental understanding of your mind from what you read or see. I have called you to walk and live in My Reality. I have brought many to My Throne to be with Me, to share with them My Reality. But there is more. Much more to come. For the time of Change has begun.

You will walk even further on into Me, for I have ordained you to know My Reality. I have called you forth from the chains of humanity, from the bounds of the root of iniquity. I am calling all who desire to know Me, to be with Me. Do not limit Me, as I come to you. But surrender your life to My Hand, and allow Me to transform your mind, body, and spirit. Let every part of you be changed into My Image. For it is time for My Word to be made manifest in My House, and in My People.

I have made for Myself a People through which I will dwell, and through which I will be known. You are to walk with Me, for that is your destiny. You are called to see, and to walk in the Reality of My Kingdom, while in this earth. For this purpose you were given birth. You are to reveal Me, as I am. My Church will be glorious and will be glorified by Me, as I rise up within her, and bring the truth forth, plain for all to see.

All things consist of Me, and are sustained by Me, and will be brought to completion, and finished by Me. I have come to redeem My People, and now they will begin to see, and to walk in My True Reality. The Kingdom that comes forth from within, will be seen from without. It is time for My Glory to break out from My Vessels.

It is My Work, and you are only beginning to see what I have fashioned and created for you to be. So don't limit Me, but embrace Me in the fires. For it is through the fires that you will see the fulfillment of your very deep inner desires. My Fires have only begun to burn.

I told you that you did indeed take a turn. I have brought the beginning of the change. Don't stop now, but continue to fully yield, for the full change to be fulfilled.

I am at work in your midst.