The Coal of Fire and The Living Stone

by Susan Cummings

I had been worshipping the Lord and was standing in the basement of the house that I live in. I was searching myself in prayer, and asking Him to again purify my lips and to apply His fiery coal to it, and to cause my whole life to be pleasing to Him. As I was standing there, it suddenly began to become very powerful in the room as the Presence of the Lord increased all around me.

I saw myself standing before the Lord Jesus and there was an angel with Him that was standing beside a huge coal of fire. I knew that He had come to answer my prayer that I had just prayed to speak His Word with purified lips. The coal was huge, it was taller than me, and it was about 6 feet tall. It was flaming with fire and it was so very powerful. I could feel the holiness of the coal as the Lord's Presence emanated from it. I was scared of it, but was drawn to it.

I then said to the Lord, "Not just my lips, but my feet, my hands, my heart, my mind, and every part of my being."

After I said this to Him, I strongly felt that I wanted to fall upon the coal. So, I leaned forwards and fell face forwards into the burning coal. I could feel the coal burning into me. I could feel my flesh burning and sizzling as it melted to the coal. I could hear the sound of my flesh being destroyed as it burned up on the coal. I was standing off to the side in the vision, watching my self, as I was doing this.

I could see the flesh on my body bubbling and changing into a molten mass as it deteriorated in the fires that burned on the coal. I watched as my body slowly disappeared as the fires burned it to nothing. Then I was gone. I looked and nothing remained. I didn't know what to think, but felt that it was important to have done this, and that the Lord was pleased that I had.

As I watched, I thought to myself, "What will happen to me now that I am gone?"

The Lord then stood beside me, and began to speak. He said, "You saw what currently remained of your flesh life that was not yet fully given to Me burn up. I wanted you to see that I honored your prayer, and knew that you were sincere. You asked to be purified so that you could fully speak My Word in Truth. I answered that request."

"What you experienced was the final death of your flesh and the remainder of your self life that was lingering, and that had not yet been surrendered to Me. As you leaned into Me and abandoned yourself to My care, it is then that you fully let go, and allowed Me to be everything, and I was now able to bring you to the final stage of your course. You have been giving yourself to Me, in many areas and degrees, and you have been walking with Me, and you have been drawing nearer to the full measure that I have desired that you walk in. It is time that you understand more of what I am about to do."

"How I desire that all of Mine would come to Me and to be fully purified. I desire Truth in the inward parts, and I desire Truth to come forth from within Mine, as well. But not all speak the Truth, as they truly do not want to fully die to themselves and to their fleshly natures. Nor do they want to abandon their lives fully to My Care. But all who come to Me, and who are sincere, will I honor and answer."

"You watched as your remaining fleshly nature was purged and fully destroyed. There cannot be a true full transformation that comes from within, unless the Fire of My Holiness is totally embraced and allowed it's full work within you. I have brought you into the place of My Final Works."

"The Live Coal that you saw from My Altar is for all men to fully embrace. All who call upon Me, and who truly desire to be conformed fully to My Image, must fall upon it and fully die. Unless I become your Righteousness and unless My Holiness comes forth from within you, then you have not fully died. There is much work yet to be done, but it is all to come forth, as you continue to walk with Me."

"I am illustrating this Truth to you in this manner, for there are many who think that they can come to Me, and walk with Me, and yet they will not fully lay their lives down for Me. They want their own way, and think that I will allow them to remain as they are. My Truth will judge all sin, all flesh, all death, and all darkness. Nothing that is Mine can abide in the darkness, but must be fully illuminated within by My Light and be changed in My Holiness, and be as I Am. For I am Holy."

"You are also looking at My Living Stones. As each of Mine comes to Me, and chooses to fall upon My Coal and be purified, then they can be fully transformed into My Living Stones. For My Living Jewels come forth from the Grave of the Fiery Coal and they then can be fully faceted, even as I Myself am faceted. I fully reflect My Father, and so will you, even more. The final faceting work is complete, and now My Father will be seen even more clearly through you, as you have come forth from the Coal, and can reflect Him as a Living Stone, that is fit for His Works.

"My Father has desired that His House be full. He has desired that all would come in, and partake of Him. Many have heard the call, but few have paid the price to be found in Him. He is now at work establishing His House, and it will be glorious! His Living Stones will be brilliant, and will display His Glory, as He shines through them. I will also be glorified through you, as you continue to follow Me, and as you allow the greater works to be seen through your obedience. Man has not yet seen all of the works of My Father that will yet be done, as they have only read and understood a portion of what is written in the Word, which We revealed to men. But the world will see even greater than these, as He comes to be fully seen through His Living Stones."

"It is time for the Living Stones in My Fathers House to shine with the Glory Fires. You have known this, and have shared with many His Words, and Mine. Much has been accomplished through this, but even much more will now come. It is time for the final demonstration of the Works of the Father to move throughout the whole Body, and for the entire "Living Temple" of the Father to move as One Vessel, in the earth. Every stone being set in their place. Everything is now ready."

"Men only see the outward shell of this earthly life and think they can go on as they wish, and even today they say all is well, but do not see that they stand at the brink of hell. It shall not be this way anymore, for all things will surely fall that are not founded in Me. Those who fall upon Me, will I embrace. But those who deny Me, will I reject before My Father's face. My Life was given that men would be free, but even amongst My Own, many still want to be seen."

"This too will not remain, for behold, the Coals descend, and will be given to those who will fall and who will be tried and purified. Watch as the winds do come as I have told you, and as I now blow upon the Coals, and the Transformation fans into Full Flame."