Transcript of Visitation and Prophetic Word
Susan Cummings

Transcript of Visitation and Prophetic Word given during the Healing Rooms on 1-27-07

At one point in the prayer time, Patrick felt led to pray over each person in the room. He then went around and prayed over each person, and Sue W saw the rainbow shining all around Susan, while Patrick was praying over her. The power of God was fell so strong in the room, that Susan took her shoes off and knelt on the floor. Others did similar things.

As Patrick was praying over a picture of a rainbow that he held in his hand that he had received that day, the Angel of the Covenant came into the room. He said, "It is time for the Word to be made manifest." Then, Susan was immediately before the Throne, and she was kneeling before the Throne in the experience, before the Father. He said to her, "It is time for My Word to be made manifest." Then the Father placed His Hand upon her as she was kneeling there, and the power surged through her. Others also in the room were experiencing tremendous power flooding them as well.

A few minutes later:

Jesus came into the room as we were still praying. Susan then speaks forth what she sees and hears:

He has on the robe of many colors, the Rainbow garment, because He is the Rainbow, He is the Covenant. He changes from being Jesus, into Joseph with the coat of many colors, and then He changes back into Jesus, and then He changes back into Joseph, repeatedly for a minute or so…

The Lord then says:

"The Fullness of Time has come. And I have made provision for My People in the end. For I have laid up for the Righteous all of the treasures of My Kingdom, and of My Word. The Fullness of Time has come, and it is time for My Word to be made manifest. It is time for My Word to be revealed and to be given out.

Just as I provided for My People, and the day came when I opened My Storehouse, and I opened My Granaries, is it not a hard thing for Me to also have provision for you, in this last day? For I have given you the greatest provision, out of all generations. For you have the greatest needs. And you have the greatest seeds. For you are ones that will reap the greatest harvest.

But know that My Storehouse is open this day. And My Granaries are open unto you. For I have called this day, a Day of Provision unto you. I have called this day, a Day of Release unto you. A Day of the Manifestation of My Living Word unto you. My Word is not given just in small things. My Word is made manifest in all things.

My Covenant is with you. And My Covenant is upon you, and through you. For I have called you as the Joseph's of this last generation. That will not only receive provision, but will be the provision for the earth in the darkest of times. You are those that I will send as a Covenant to those that are in darkness. You are those that I would send as a Covenant to those that are bound and that have no hope.

For My Light is upon you. My Covenant is over you. It is time for My Word to be made manifest in the earth. It is time for My Word to be made manifest in My Body. Just as I was the manifested Word in an earthen body in the beginning, you are My manifested Word in your earthen bodies in the end. And My Word is more than sufficient. My Word is alive and Living. And it has been decreed that the Father brings a release today, that you stand in the midst of My Word, and release My Life through it. For the Covenant has come, the sign has been given. For the Day of Provision has come. But also the Day of Deliverance.

My Hand is outstretched towards you. And My Hand is outstretched upon you, even now. It is time for My Word to be made manifest now. For I have clothed you with Myself. With My Covenant that is Sure. And My Covenant that is Eternal, that cannot be broken. For I swore by Myself, and by no other, that I Myself, would be your Covenant, just as I did with Abraham. I have brought you forth from prison. I have brought you forth from captivity. I have brought you forth from your generation of iniquity. I have brought you forth into My High Places. And I have clothed you with My Covenant Graces. And now it's time to release My Word before all the nations faces.

For it is you that I will send forth to the nations. It is you that will establish My Word in the earth again. It is you that will release the provision for all men. Because it is by your hands that I will move. And by your words that I will prove. Do not withhold your hands, nor your words. But speak as I lead you, and you will see My Hand move.

I have called you to 7 years of Reaping. 7 years of Harvesting. 7 years of Reproducing, in a time of great famine. But you will reproduce, and you will reap a harvest by My Supernatural Hand. For I tell you famine is coming across your land. But I say to you, My Hand has the provision from My Granaries and My Storehouses. And you will feed the masses from My Word.

From My Word that is spoken will be made manifest in your midst, and I will create out of nothing those things that are needed, at the moment of the release of My Word. So, do not fear to speak My Words. For those things that I have put in My Storehouse and in My Granaries will come through your mouth, and will be formed as you speak them.

And these years to come, do not fear the years of famine, for they are only on the lost, and the unjust, and the wicked. But know that on the Righteous, My years of Deliverance, and My years of Plenty, and My years of Provision, and My years of Glory, have only just begun. For My Hand is upon you. My Covenant is with you. And I have given you the sign of My Word. Fear not, but move at My Voice. And see My Word formed as you obey. Because you have come to the New Day.

My three comets that I sent in 7 months depict the 7 years of miracles by which you will see the 7 years of provision, and of demonstration, that I am He. Three times I have given My Sign in the earth, but few have understood what I was giving birth. But I say to you, My sign has been given.

Now you…now you…must speak My Words. For there is no more time given. Now is the time, now is the time that I will be made manifest in My People, in the earth."

Genesis 41:46-57

46Joseph [who had been in Egypt thirteen years] was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt. Joseph went out from the presence of Pharaoh and went [about his duties] through all the land of Egypt. 47In the seven abundant years the earth brought forth by handfuls [for each seed planted]. 48And he gathered up all the [surplus] food of the seven [good] years in the land of Egypt and stored up the food in the cities; he stored away in each city the food from the fields around it. 49And Joseph gathered grain as the sand of the sea, very much, until he stopped counting, for it could not be measured. 50Now to Joseph were born two sons before the years of famine came, whom Asenath daughter of Potiphera, the priest of On, bore to him. 51And Joseph called the firstborn Manasseh [making to forget], For God, said he, has made me forget all my toil and hardship and all my father's house. 52And the second he called Ephraim [to be fruitful], For [he said] God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction. 53When the seven years of plenty were ended in the land of Egypt, 54The seven years of scarcity and famine began to come, as Joseph had said they would; the famine was in all [the surrounding] lands, but in all of Egypt there was food. 55But when all the land of Egypt was weakened with hunger, the people [there] cried to Pharaoh for food; and Pharaoh said to [them] all, Go to Joseph; what he says to you, do. 56When the famine was over all the land, Joseph opened all the storehouses and sold to the Egyptians; for the famine grew extremely distressing in the land of Egypt. 57And all countries came to Egypt to Joseph to buy grain, because the famine was severe over all [the known] earth.