A Commentary on the Life and Ministry of Seeley D. Kinne

by Wade Taylor

ISeeley D. Kinne was born in 1858 in New York State. He grew up on his parent's farm and was the eldest of seven children. Seeley lived with his wife and family for a time in Avoca, New York, boarding at the Gilbert's residence on Church Street. They were members of the Pentecostal Assembly in Avoca, where he often spoke.

n November of 1932, Seeley D. Kinne pastored the Adullum Assembly in Rochester, New York when He wrote:

"Some regard us as fanatical.  We are the clearest of excessive and disorderly workings that I have seen, so as to be free from bondages of almost every kind.  True, we have dancing, singing, praising, and various spiritual exercises.  To an onlooker that might seem boisterous; but to participate is to find the touch of God."

"Recently, a blue cloud of glory has been seen in the upper part of the hall, which seems similar to the appearance at the dedication of the Tabernacle (in the Wilderness) and the Temple (of Solomon)."

"It is said that we do not have two meetings alike.  There is always something new and fresh.  Sometimes we have a meeting in which exhortation follows exhortation.  On another occasion, prophetic utterances predominate.  At other times, a meeting will be characterized by impressive testimonies, while on still another occasion, there is a mighty stream of prayer in the Spirit, which occupies the time wholly."

Kinne remained in Rochester as pastor until he resigned in July 1933 at the direction of the Lord.  Seeley D. Kinne went to the West coast in 1944, where he lived in the home of his daughter for the last 6 years of his life.  He passed into the presence of our Lord in 1950 at 91 years of age.

Seeley Kinne was a prophetic seer, who "saw" and had understanding far beyond the time in which he lived.  During his life, he wrote many books, and articles.  Edited excerpts from his writings are being made available here, as they are a "present word" to those who desire to go beyond that which is presently available.

He had a unique way to express eternal truth, which will both bless and edify those who read herein.

Articles will be added from time to time.


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