If You Knew
Seeley D. Kinne

If you realized how vast are the opportunities for spiritual development and enlargement; you would become a very earnest seeker, you would be diligent in obeying the Lord.

If you knew the heights and depths of revelation knowledge and intimate fellowship with the Lord that awaits the zealous seeker after God; nothing could turn you aside or hinder you from pressing after these great privileges and attainments, which God is holding out to the children of men, seeking to draw them to Himself.

If you knew that the means and methods of spiritual attainment and development are simple and can be known by knowing the Holy Spirit as your Teacher; then you would come to Him, that He might teach you all that you desire to know of God and of His ways.

If you knew that you could come into touch with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, so that you would be able to pray until urgent, needed things are brought to pass that otherwise would be left undone; then what a change would take place in your prayer life.

If you fully realized how very displeasing to God are the slipshod, half- hearted, lukewarm ways of so many of God's people; then you would repent, change your ways, and become zealous.

If you knew how exceeding great is the reward that awaits the faithful; then you would seize hold of every opportunity to do the will of God with the greatest zeal and earnestness, not letting one occasion slip.

If you were to discover the great changes that would come into your character and disposition by taking up your cross; then you would thank the Lord for every presentation of the cross of Christ, and glory heartily in it.

If once you tasted the luxury and comfort of entire rest from your own works; then you would no longer be satisfied with the work and strain of planning your own way. You would no longer come short of that rest, but labor to enter into it.

If you prayed as the Lord directed, "Thy kingdom come," and expected the answer in all faith and sincerity; what a wonderful answer would come into your life. Soon the kingdom would indeed come to you.

If you became aware that only the "overcomers" will sit down with Christ in His Throne; would you think it worthwhile to make an effort to gain so great a prize?

If the Lord should ask of you a supreme sacrifice of your all, as He did of Abraham, and as Paul said, "I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ;" what would be your answer?

If you became aware by revelation of the Scriptures that a vast, universal, uprooting and overturning of all earthly things is about to take place, as the judgments of God, which have slumbered for so long begin to break forth; what would you do?

The greatest time of trouble is about to burst upon this world. What preparation are you making? You cannot afford to be careless, or to neglect preparation.