By Matt Sorger, Chuck Pierce and Bill Hamon

 "I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying right now that He is leading captivity captive. And the captivity that you have experienced in your last season, you will not bring with you into the next season. He is taking captive your captivity. It will no longer hold you as you transition into the next season." 

Prophetic Word by Matt Sorger


The weekend began with the revelatory ministry of Dr. Chuck Pierce. Emphasizing the need to understand the times and the seasons of the Lord, Pierce explained how the church has come to an intersection, in which the constraints in spiritual giftings and finances , and the perpetual "here-we-go-around-the-mountain-again" syndrome, that were a hallmark of the last season, will finally be broken off as we enter a new direction and a new season.

It is a ten-year season that will mark a revitalized church. The heavens will open up for the church. The dried wells will spring forth for the church. This Open Heaven will cause God's eye to reveal to us what was hidden in the past season. It will also prompt an unveiling and routing of the enemy's movements and plans.

The confusion of the last season will be over. You will receive new energy to fulfill the work and call God has for you. It will be the most supernatural ten years you have ever lived through.


Pierce's next service addressed the need to not give Satan an opportunity to have any inroad in our lives any longer. It is a time to draw closer to the Lord, and to align our hearts and minds with what God is doing in us. We are moving into a time of "seeing" - which means, we need to stay on guard against Satan's devices.

This new season will bring to the church a radiance and brilliance of heaven's supply to enter the earth realm to empower our time of divine appointments with those in the world.


The veil and confusion of the last season is being taken away. It's now pushing you into the next season. The discouragement of the last season will give way to a new season of supply. The Lord has His eye on Long Island and will begin to expose the troop movements of the enemy. The confusion in communications in the past will become a clear word from the Lord.

There will be an explosion in the sewer structure of New York, where filth and sewage will come up. That will be a sign of the cleansing that God is about to do in the region that will impact the earth.

I will dig down in you to a place that has not sprung forth yet. For there have been gifts that have been captured through religion, there has been a spring of living water that has been captured due to unbelief. But now, I will break you through into new ground. Ready yourselves. Ask me a thing and I will show you even as you're asking.


Dr. Bill Hamon, an apostolic and prophetic general in the church, began by activating over 500 people in the realm of the prophetic. Having outlined the scriptural authority behind the premise that "all can prophecy," everyone in the assembly gave a prophetic word to those near them.


Hamon then gave the assembly an historical overview of church history; specifically the three major reformations of the church. Beginning at the time of Christ, who initially formed the church, Hamon then went on to explain how the church veered away from and lost the truth of Christ within a few hundred years. The church went into apostasy during the Dark Ages, and was steeped in paganism, rituals and religion.

Hamon cited October 31, 1517 as the day starting the Second Reformation. That was the day when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses against the gross errors of the established church of that time and began the Protestant movement.

Since then, with increasing momentum, the Lord has been reestablishing truths to the church. And beginning 2008, Hamon declared, that the Third Great Church Reformation began. It is a time in which the church presently understands, with greater clarity than ever before, that every saint has a ministry. Every one of you, reading this report, whose sins have been bought and paid for by the sacrifice of Christ, has a ministry. It's not always behind a pulpit. But it's where you work. It's where you live. It's the divine appointments the Lord provides for you.

God will give you a word for someone, perhaps a prayer for healing. But in all cases, the Holy Spirit will be empowering you to greater power and authority.