Writings & Teachings


I Am Breaking Open the Fountains of the Deep-Both in the Earth and in the Heavenlies

The Next Decade: A New Generation of Blessings, Entrepreneurs, and Creative Expression

"Prepare Yourselves! We are About to Step into a New Dimension and Future in the Cloud of Glory"

A New Day is Dawning: There is Coming a Breaking Through, a Rising, and an Opening

This Season the Lord is Revealing Hidden Treasures Deep Within Our Hearts and Spirits. Dare to Believe

"There is a Great End-Time Visitation Coming - It is Almost Upon Us"

"There is Coming a Great APPROVAL for the Sons of God in this Season"

"A Sweet Summer Season of Turnaround - It's Time for Your 24-Hour Breakthrough!"

A Great Shaking Is Coming -- Not Of The Earth, But Of Men's Spirits! - Strongholds Will Be Shaken Off!

You Are Sealed By My Spirit!

"Do Not Fear! Lean Back on My All-Sufficient Power"