"A Sweet Summer Season of Turnaround - It's Time for Your 24-Hour Breakthrough!"

by Mark Chironna

Dear Friend,

The devil has shut a door of opportunity and blessing for many of the saints! BUT GOD IS GONNA OPEN A WINDOW.

There is a 24-hour turnaround miracle breakthrough in store for the saints.

Listen Carefully...

The Spirit of the Lord has made it clear that the VOICE of the prophets is something that can be missed even while they are hearing the WORDS of the prophets (see Acts 13:27). The SOUND of the VOICE of the Lord was heard walking in the Garden in the "cool of the day" (literally, "the Spirit of the day"). The VOICE of the SPIRIT IS THE VOICE OF THE PROPHETS. This is so crucial that the key to deliverance, breakthroughs, miracles, and prosperity are tied up in it!

At the same time, many of the saints who have been promised a breakthrough are still awaiting theirs. Make no mistake about it, the warfare in the Spirit has changed in the last year and God is perfecting the image of Christ in us in a new way.

That is the reason the Lord directed me at this time to address some very powerful principles that lead to 24-hour turnaround breakthroughs and 21-day transformations.

God Is Opening a Window in Heaven

In 2 Kings 7, the story of the siege of Samaria is told and the promise of a 24-hour turnaround miracle breakthrough is prophesied by Elisha. Remember, the VOICE of the prophets can be missed even when their WORDS are heard. This is a key to understanding how to operate in what I am going to call THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE in cooperation with THE LAW OF FAITH.

The king wanted to murder Elisha and wanted to blame Elisha for the failure of the covenant people to hear the VOICE of the prophets. Yet Elisha stood his ground and basically said, "THE DEVIL HAS SHUT A DOOR, BUT GOD IS GOING TO OPEN A WINDOW!"

Whatever the area of your life is where the enemy has shut a door, it is a set-up for a new breakthrough at a HIGHER LEVEL. God is going to OPEN A WINDOW.

In the story of the siege of Samaria, a number of "key" players are present that represent spiritual truths and their effects on our 24-hour turnaround breakthrough.

There is the VOICE OF THE PROPHET as well as the WORD of the PROPHET. Elisha is the heir of Elijah. Elijah means "Jehovah is God." Elisha means "Jehovah is SALVATION." Don't underestimate the difference in the names, because it is also the difference in the anointing between the two. The Old Covenant word for SALVATION in the Hebrew actually means to be "set free from a limiting situation, or a limited existence."

Is there any place in your life where you are limited? Has the enemy shut a door where the only way out is deliverance by the Spirit of the Lord, by the anointing that breaks the yoke? If there is, then in this season, it will come by A WINDOW OF HEAVEN OPENING UP! That is what is behind the words of the prophet and what is hidden in his VOICE!

I have spent 35 years walking with the Lord, studying the prophets, and operating in the realm and the dimensions of the prophetic. I have been through a very challenging personal season in the last year that caused everything that can be shaken to be shaken.

I am coming out into what I am going to call a "clearing," as the Lord is revealing to me further dimensions of the power of decrees made in the prophetic, the importance of the VOICE of the prophets, the importance of lifting my VOICE and releasing His WORDS, and the keys to set the captives free and see the ELECT released from bondage.

The Voice of the Royal Officer and Unbelief

Let's look at some of the other key characters in the story. There is the wicked king who has violated the laws of kingship according to Deuteronomy 17:14-20. Instead of listening to the VOICE of the PROPHET, the king is heeding to the VOICE of the ROYAL OFFICER who will be judged and dead within 24 hours of the prophetic utterance of Elisha.

Now the VOICE of the royal officer is a sinister voice that the Scripture warns us in many ways not to listen to in both the Old and the New Covenants.

The book of Hebrews warns about having an "evil and unbelieving heart" that causes people to "fall away from the living God." This does not mean that they don't believe that Jesus is the Son of God; this means that they are NOT persuaded that the prophetic promises will come to pass in their lives.

The royal officer rebukes Elisha and contends that God can't even open windows in Heaven, let alone end the siege and the famine in 24 hours.

WARNING:Don't ever tell Elisha that God can't MAKE a window in Heaven, when in fact he already has SEEN the windows opened when Elijah was caught up by the chariot-throne of God when the WINDOW opened, which was the KEY to his double-portion anointing.

The chariots of fire and the horses of fire always manifest when the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN are opened. Who are the chariots of fire? In Genesis 3:24, they are first mentioned - they are the four-faced, eight-winged Cherubim that are the guardians of the GLORY OF GOD. Now GLORY is the ONLY ATMOSPHERE God moves in. When GLORY is not manifest in creation, God is prevented from opening the windows of Heaven and moving on behalf of the Elect.

The Royal Officer is the VOICE OF:

1) Cynicism

2) Skepticism


God abhors UNBELIEF. It is an affront to His grace and His mighty power. It nullifies and neutralizes the Believer and gives power to the enemy to block the blessing of overflow from coming to the saints.

AND YES, BELOVED, ALL OF US HAVE HAD TO DEAL WITH THE VOICE OF UNBELIEF (the Royal Officer) when we endure a season where the devil has shut a door on us.

The enemy the "Syrians," or "Arameans" as they are called in some translations mean: "highly exalted." In the New Covenant we are COMMANDED to take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE and to TEAR DOWN EVERY HIGH THING that EXALTS ITSELF ABOVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD!

The Arameans and the Royal Officer are on opposite sides of the warfare line, yet they are fighting together AGAINST the blessing from coming. This is the negative aspect of the Law of Correspondence and what I call the Law of UN-Faith!

In the invisible world (this is so important), EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. If in any area of your life you have given place to a HIGH THING that has exalted itself above the knowledge of Christ, the VOICE of the ROYAL OFFICER is overriding the VOICE of the prophet!

Creation and Manifestation

Let's get back to the Cherubim for a moment: they have FOUR FACES. FOUR is the number of CREATION and MANIFESTATION.

For now it is sufficient to tell you that these CHERUBIM in Heaven need the LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE in the earthly arena operative in the ELECT in order for the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN to be opened, so God can pour out a blessing until it overflows!

Outside the gate of Samaria there are FOUR LEPERS. Notice there are FOUR of them. Again, FOUR is the number of CREATION and MANIFESTATION. While they did not hear the WORDS of the prophet Elisha, the VOICE of Elisha, the VOICE of the PROPHET had an IMPACT on their deep spirit in the realm of their unconscious mind and changed the way they were thinking. God needed an instrument of recovery in a day of famine and the FOUR LEPERS were what He was going to use.

Leprosy means something is eating away at us. What is eating you? Where has the enemy shut a door? Get ready! If you obey the VOICE and the WORDS of the PROPHET, you will get a 24-hour turnaround miracle breakthrough. It will begin inside of your spirit and heart and get into your conscious mind and then manifest in your circumstances SOON!

Honor the Voice of the Prophets and See a Sweet Summer Season of Turnaround

There are only two places in all of Scripture where the WINDOWS of HEAVEN are literally mentioned, though there are many places where they are manifested. The only two places where the words "windows of Heaven" are mentioned is in 2 Kings 7:2 by the unbelieving Royal Officer and by God Himself in the prophet Malachi (again, the VOICE OF THE PROPHET), when God says that the people have robbed Him of tithes and offerings and closed the opportunity for the WINDOWS OF HEAVEN TO BE OPENED.

This summer season is going to mark a season of change and DIVIDE. Those who, like the Royal Officer, have failed to honor God in their tithes and seeds will experience a drying up of all their resources in a day of recession . God warns against this clearly, and there are ample examples all through Scripture of God releasing the devourer to destroy the fruit of the ground every time the ELECT fail to heed the VOICE of the PROPHETS.

On the other hand, the righteous, who even in seasons of endurance do not grow weary in well-doing and in seed-sowing and giving, are about to enter a SWEET SUMMER SEASON of turnaround breakthroughs because they honor the VOICE OF THE PROPHETS.

God still has GENUINE PROPHETS! "Honoring" their utterances and hearing HIS VOICE in their voice is a major key to deliverance, breakthrough, healing, prosperity and much more.

We stand at the threshold of a brand new outpouring of the Spirit in this late hour! There are many things promised to the saints that are waiting to be manifest in the created order. Remember, FOUR is the number of the created order and the number of MANIFESTATION.

I am anticipating that this summer season is going to be significant in the Spirit for the ELECT who are faithful and who heed the VOICE OF THE PROPHETS.

God is going to break up limiting belief systems that have been at work in you at an unconscious level, and your spirit-man is going to sail free on the high seas of the adventures of faith. The Cherubim are at your disposal whenever you cooperate with the Law of Correspondence and the Law of Faith.

Faith is a fact and faith is an ACT...ACT NOW!