"There is Coming a Great APPROVAL for the Sons of God in this Season"

by Mark Chironna

This prophetic word was given by Bishop Mark Chironna on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at The Master's Touch International Church in Longwood, Florida.

We've got a rich heritage in the life of the Spirit even just within the last hundred years. There are so many things that we take for granted that earlier generations paid a high price for.

And it's important for us to have reverence and gratitude and awe on an ongoing basis for the manifest presence of God.

God Proves Us in the Midst of Our Trials

There's just something about Him that changes everything. It enables us to endure when endurance seems like it's a never ending race. It enables us, like David's mighty men, to keep fighting until the sword clave to his hand. They had to pry his hand off the sword.

There are seasons we go through, in the Kingdom, where we have to fight the good fight of faith and we are enduring for endurance sake and we wonder if there will ever come an end to the warfare, and yet we hold on to the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God and we continue to press through and press on in order that we might obtain the crown of righteousness, as God approves us in the midst of our trials.

There is coming a great approval for the sons of God in this season.

I prophesy to you that: We are coming into a season - we're going through proving, but we're about to come into approving.

Let me say it again: We are going through a proving season, but we are going to come into approving. There is going to be an approval from the Father.

I declare to you that within the next number of weeks we are going to see beginnings of the approving of the Father in many individual lives. We're going to see individual breakthroughs begin to scatter like fire from one end of the Body of Christ to the other.

We're going to begin to hear reports of the goodness of the Lord breaking out in unexpected ways and we're going to see the hand of God in tangible, manifest ways.

The Hand of God is About to Release Angelic Majesty

We are going to hear of prayers that have long been withheld, now, finally being answered.

As it was with Zechariah the aged and Elizabeth the aged, when Gabriel said, "Your prayers been answered," - prayers you even forgot that you prayed - the hand of God is about to release angelic majesty and is about to come in such a way that you are going to see the hand of Almighty God answer your prayers.

You are about to come into a brand new beatific vision - a beautiful vision of Jesus in a new way.

You're going to come to know Him in a way you've never known Him before.

There is a "tenderizing of hearts" going on right now by the power of the Holy Spirit in order to prepare us for this season of approval. God is about to exalt those who have been through lowly places. God is about to open rivers on the bare heights.

God is about to do mighty things that we have not known and He is going to invite us to command the work of His hands for the hand of the Lord is moving again in the earth.

And the hand of God shall be seen in the north and in the south and in the east and in the west and the glory of the Lord shall come like a rushing stream.

And it shall drive out the darkness; and it shall drive out the despair; it shall drive out the gloom; it shall drive out the heaviness and it shall release the rain of His Spirit.

"For there is coming a latter rain in this season - a rain of refreshing, a rain of renewing, a rain of revelation and a rain of restoring and it will water the dry places. It will saturate the parched ground and it will release the seeds that have been lying dormant and there will be incredible, rapid growth,"saith the Spirit of God.