by Mark Chironna

"There is a reward coming and the hidden factor inside you is about to be unleashed and unveiled."

"For I have seen the vengeance in this season the enemy has sent in order to incapacitate my precious one. But fear not flock, he did not catch Me by surprise. I knew this day was coming before you got here. And before you entered into the season, I already embedded in your soul the code of victory. He cannot tamper with you at the core."

You are sealed by My Spirit; your faith will prevail and you will rise to a new level of brightness and glory. And My countenance will glean from the earth--all the anointings until all of My people shine brightly in the glory of My Son, for I am going to strengthen you from within."

"Do you not know there are hidden wells inside of you that have yet to be opened up? Am I not the fountain of living waters? Fear thou not, for within you are hidden resources and the hidden factor,' saith the Lord, 'that the enemy has no idea that are there. He can only do things based on the surface of your behaviors."

"But do you not know that the thoughts of a man and the plans of a man are hidden deep within the Spirit, where I dwell? The enemy does not know of those things. He doesn't have a clue what is deep inside you. Do not fear him."

"I have already encoded you for victory and whatever things he is throwing at you--are surface things. At the depths you are intact; at the depths you are in a place of victory, and at the depths you cannot be violated."

"Lift your voice in confidence when you pray to Me and realize that you are ascended with Me in places far beyond the enemy's grasp. Oh, he is there, but he is not able to do what he claims he can do. Did he not offer My Son falsely, the kingdoms of this world? They were never his to be given anyway. The earth is Mine and the fullness thereof."

"And did not My Son go through forty days of being demonized by the wild beasts? So, do not be surprised at this fiery ordeal, for you are one of My chosen ones and the enemy does not enjoy seeing Me bless you. But know this, for every day he has tested you, I am going to bless you A HUNDRED FOLD."

"I am keeping record,' saith God, 'and he has given Me reason to favor you all the more. For the more he has afflicted you, the more he has justified My right, covenantally, to bless you. There is a reward coming and the hidden factor inside you is about to be unleashed and unveiled and the Mighty Lion of Judah is rising within you with power. I will deliver your enemies into your hand and with joy, and you will shout at the victory when you crush him under your feet by My mighty peace," saith God.