Only One Banner . . .
by Keith Miller

Only one banner is being lifted up, and that is the Banner of Jesus. Is there a Just Cause in the Land? I say there is. I say the Cause is the One who is to be lifted up above all things. Above our ways and thoughts. The Cause is Jesus. And Mighty is He.

I'm prophesying to you that this is just the beginning. Something has been released from the Lord. There is a sound that is going forth. The Sound of Victory. The Sound of the Overcomers. The Sound that will cause thousands upon thousands to run to the feet of Jesus. A sound that is a certain sound. A sound that is speaking inward instead of tickling the ears. This sound is edifying, building up, strengthening the Kingdom within. A rising up of the Body of Christ with a Word in their mouth and their hands dripping with fresh oil to see the masses of humanity begin to turn aside and take notice of the Mighty Name of Jesus. The Lion of Judah is proclaiming destiny, destiny, destiny. There is an increase that is taking place in the area of power anointing. That the masses of humanity will behold the Power of the Living God. He is making evident His Mighty Acts, that the sons of man will behold and see the majestic Glory and Dominion of the Kingdom of God.

Something is shifting, something's is being set in. I'm telling you, there is something that has taken place,

Now is the Time. Now is the Time. Now is the Time. Grab hold of the Word of the Lord and decree that it will be established in your life and the manifestation of that Word is coming forth by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. No more measures. No more limitations. A generation who walk, live, function out the unlimited realm of God. Unlimited Access, releases unlimited flow.

A Sound of Rising up. A sound of shaking of the dust. A Sound of jubilant joy from the One who brings true Victory. A sound of setting in. A sound that will make the ears of many begin to hear again...... To be stirred again.. To be released into God Given Destiny. Lukewarmness you don't have place anymore. Now the fire of the Holy Spirit brings the zeal of the Lord. The increase of His Government The justice and righteous judgment of the Lord that bring increase of the Kingdom, that will be performed by the Zeal of the LORD. Rise up lovely ones. Rise up Mighty ones. Rise up and shake off the Old and Put on the New. Rise up and live in the perpetual flow of His Power and Presence for your life and through your life. The fullness is the Word. Fullness is the way to be released. As He is, So are We.

And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him, who fills all in all. Eph 1:21-22.

Lord let this move of God come forth. Let Your Body rise up into the Fullness of the Head. Let something take place all through the Land. Not for one or two but for a mighty move among Your Body that the Body would rise up in the Fullness of Who YOU are. Not just a few but thousands upon thousands living, functioning out of this Place.....

Spirit of the Living God, I ask for all those who put their eyes upon this that are born again that the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation would be stirred deep within them in the Knowledge of YOU. Let us see You. We want to Know You and Your Ways.. Help us Holy Spirit to see how we are to see.

I ask boldly right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus that you would release the Fullness to all who read this.. Let something take place all through the Land. AS we know a mighty God we will see the mighty acts of God. In daily living. To confirm, prove, and make evident of the dominion and power of the Kingdom with Mighty Acts that the sons of man would see and hear of the dominion of Your ever increasing Kingdom.

I ask Now that they would know a deeper depth of Your love which passes knowledge; that they may be filled with all the fullness of God!