Prophetic Encounters With God
by Jeremy Lopez


One of the most frequently asked questions in the Kingdom today is, "What is God about to do in the Church today?"  Recently as I was praying and seeking God concerning this question as well as God's agenda for the Body, suddenly in response to my prayers the Lord said, "I AM GOING TO FINISH WHAT I STARTED!"  Then He led me to Genesis 3:8, "And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden in the cool of the day".  The communication enjoyed in God and Adam's relationship seemed to be one that was not found of this world.  I began to meditate on this truth of supernatural communications, and once again the truths of "the cool of the day" reemerged in my spirit.   I remembered the Hebrew word for "cool" is "Spirit", in other words Adam walked with God in the Spirit of the day and it is only when we walk in the Spirit of the day that God will "finish what He started" and bring the church to it's intended conclusion of Glory, victory and of course maturity.  But this only transpires as we endeavor to walk in the Spirit possessing a hearing ear and an attentive, receptive Spirit man.

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

In regards to the subject of supernatural communications, have you ever watched the old movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? The whole theme of the movie focused around communicating beyond the parameters of the norm. They attempted and struggled with devising a method of phonetic discourse, in which they could both speak and listen outside the natural realm. Have you ever noticed that the Body of Christ struggles with the same basic problem they did, establishing spiritual dialogue.  Sometimes God takes the things of this world to speak to us prophetically, addressing our frustrations and concerns. Desiring that we would even come into a spiritual climate of "coolness" as Adam did so that God could express His will, purpose and pleasure for us, His bride in this hour.

Understanding His purpose and Intent for this Hour

His word declares that "He will withhold no good thing to them that walk up rightly".  We need to open the door of our hearts and walk with God in the Spirit to understand His purpose and intent for this hour.  In order to facilitate this new move of excellence and glory in the earth, it is mandatory that God's prophetic purpose be released and established in the earth today.

"The Secrets of God are not hidden FROM you, but hidden FOR you."

When conducting seminars on the prophetic and hearing God's voice, I always say "The secrets of God are not hidden FROM you, but hidden FOR you." Before the fall Adam knew God intimately, his thoughts were God's thoughts; his ways were God's ways.  This was God's original idea and intent, and still must be if God is going to "finish what He started".  This standard is propagated through out scripture, we see in Revelation 1:10 that John was "In the Spirit on the Lord's day and he heard behind him a great voice, as a trumpetů" You see, the throne room is filled with God's activity and vocabulary, waiting to be released and heard. Likewise, in Revelation 4:1, God told John if he wanted to hear more he must "Come up hither, and I will show you things to come".

"Finish what He started."

Going up higher causes us to leave man's standards, ideas, and opinions behind, then we can come to a place of focusing on Him, His thoughts, intentions, and desires, thus acquainting ourselves with His purpose and destiny to "Finish what He started."