Entering In The Realm of Prayer
by Jeremy Lopez

"I am The Door"

Prayer. What is Prayer? Many believe that it is what we offer up in a conversation to the Lord. Even though this sounds right, it is not the whole truth. Prayer goes beyond the gate of conversation. It is a door that one must enter into. Jesus said in the book of Mark, "I am the door". Prayer is a time when one must "enter into" Christ to know what the Father desires to say.

Going Behind The Veil and Enter into The Door called Christ

Many people "pray" not knowing what is really taking place. There are those that just offer up a conversation to the heavens and still remain in the outer court. When we just "talk", we pray amiss. God desires that we enter into the Holy Place by having communion with the Father in prayer. True prayer causes us to go behind the veil and enter into the door called Christ and become one with Him so that we can make our petitions known unto God.

Entering Into

Paul said, "That we may know Him." Many times we just pray, because it is the thing to do when certain occasions arise or when we are called on to pray. But prayer is something that is "entered into." This is where we hear what the Spirit is saying to know what the Father desires for us to pray.

Prayer and the Prophetic go Hand in Hand

Prayer and the Prophetic go hand in hand. Prayer was never intended to only be heard by the Father, but to have a response to us as well. We must go beyond the mindset of religiosity that says, "Just pray." Prayer is a place of intense warfare in the spirit where one goes to "fight the good fight of faith."

We are called to wage war on the powers of darkness, pull down strongholds and breakthrough the heavens, like Daniel did when the prince of Persia stood in his way (Dan.10:13).

Ezekiel 22:30 reads, "And I (God) sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none."

Faith Without Works (or corresponding action) is Dead

God doesn't just use anyone to pray, He uses those who can build, repair, stand and make up the hedge; one who is desperate to see change and move mountains for the Kingdom of God; one who KNOWS their God and can enter into that door called Christ and be as Christ knowing there Father will hear their cry. Remember, faith without works (or corresponding action) is dead.

Totally Consumed with the Divine Nature of Christ

To stand in the gap means to be totally consumed with the Divine Nature of Christ, allowing Him to saturate you with the anointing to stand before Him on behalf of a people or a nation. Is this not what Christ did on behalf of the world?

When God seeks for one to pray, he seeks for someone that is in that self same image of Christ. When Adam fell, God said, "Where art thou Adam? God knew where Adam was, but he was looking for the image of Himself that He saw before the fall in Adam.

Decree a Thing and Watch it come to Pass

We must come before the throne of God boldly in the image of Christ and decree a thing and watch it come to pass, just like the Father did when he spoke the worlds into existence.