I Am Knocking The Church Off Its Axis
Prophetic Word given to Jeremy Lopez

"Even as the earth has been knocked off its axis by the tsunami, I am knocking the church off its axis", says the Lord.
I am repositioning My church from a passive to an aggressive mentality. I am changing the direction from where man has altered and spoken his will and his desire into My house and temples. For I have not been working 2000 years on My people for them to get fat off of the hype of doctrine and sit back and wait until I come back to get them. No, I have been working for 2000 years to come and consume the praises of all that worship Me and have built me a habitation to come and rule and reign in. I am returning to inhabit, appear and to be glorified in My saints.

I shall raise up sons and daughters of the kingdom of God that shall penetrate the very center of the heart of My church to cause a spring of life to arise in this hour.

I will cause the tree of life to be made known this hour for My people to come and eat of it's sweet fruit of life. I will raise up sons and daughters to curse the tree of the knowledge of good and evil even as My Son cursed the fig tree for not producing. Remember this, that works of good and evil can and never will cause a life given spirit to produce. My people will begin to have the revelation that I have come to give them life and give it to them more abundantly. Even more than they are able to ask or think. For the day is coming when good and evil shall be no more and all that will remain shall be the life of the Son of the Living God. I will cause life to spring forth from out of the nations of the earth. Have I not said, that I will give to you the nations of the earth as your inheritance? Have I not said that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of your Lord and Christ so He may reign? How will He reign you may ask? Out of the Christ in the earth, which is you My people. It is Christ in you the hope of glory.

Grab a hold of the truth and revelation that I am pouring out this hour concerning the heavenly realm.

Know this, that the day is at hand when My will shall be done on earth as it is in the heavenly realms of My glory. This has and always will be My will for you and the earth in which I have given to you. Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Have I not said, "Beautiful are the "feet" of those that carry the good news of My word." You, Oh sons and daughters of the most high God are My hands and feet in the earth. You are the very salt which feeds the nations the light of My kingdom. The breath that I breathed into Adam that made him a living soul still remains in all that chooses to partake of its life. So arise this day and choose life so that I may spread it in and through you to reach every nation, culture and man that has given up hope in this life. Do the will of your Father My people, which is to disciple the nations of the earth," says the Lord.