"Sending Down The Rain to the Nations" 
by Jeremy Lopez

"I am beginning to rain upon all creation," says the Lord.

"You will begin to see the rain clouds as they gather over all the land. My drops of rain will bring life to the people that have called upon My name. 
Your prayers and supplications have reached my throne and have released My glory upon this planet. You will begin to see a big change in your weather patterns like never before. For My glory is covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. You will begin to see a shifting of the artic air into places that have not reached record lows before. You will know that this is a result of my people praying.

I will begin to move over China and all over Asia to bring about an increase of wisdom in their technology and even a creativity in their manufacturing
of automobiles.
For I have annointed these people for a level of productivity in creativity.

For you will begin to see the Russian people change their way of thinking. For I will begin to elevate their  confidence in Me and destroy the spirit of
their past - a people that have been held down in bondage for ages. For you will begin to see Russia stretch forth it's hand in aid to other countries.

For a new day is dawning over that land

I said that if you would pray "thy kingdom come"that I would bring the kingdom of God down to a hungry planet. A planet that is longing to see the fullfilment of My word and the fullfilment of My promises that had been spoken over the earth long before the earth was ever formed.
 I will begin to open up the fountains of the deep within the sea and send the clouds of My rain in the heavens over the nations. For you will hear of
much rain in cities, states and yes, even over lands that have not had rain for years.

For even Argentinawill begin to pull down strongholds of pornography and see a release of children burst forth out of there suicidal mindsets.
 I will begin to move over third world nations, where My people have plowed the land for years. Now, it is time for these lands to reap what has been sown. I will begin to come as a reservoir to these lands to pour Myself out to a dry and thirsty people.
My people have waited for Me to move swiftly and quickly over their dried up lands. I am the Lord of the rain, the seas and the heavens.
Fear not what is about to take place in the earth, but fear only when change is at your door as it knocks and you do not partake of it's wonderous power to usher you into My Day. For My kingdom is coming!
Yes, My Kingdom is at hand!"says the Lord.