"Calvary's Love was for The Whole Earth"
Jeremy Lopez

 "For I will flood the earth this day with a passion that can not be dammed up. My people, know this day My heart is turned towards you.

 I'm causing you to dive into My pool of agape this hour towards the people of the earth. I will begin to bring forth a love that the world can not stir up! For I will cause My people to begin to turn their hearts towards the people of the nations of the earth. The love that I give to you for them, shall be displayed in a fire that can not be quenched!

 For the time has come to focus on My world. For many have said, "This is not My world." But I would say, "The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof." 

  My people, the time has come for you to receive a vision from the heavens concerning how I think towards this planet. The earth is My footstool. My love was poured out on calvary for the world. My heart has not changed towards the earth. For I will begin to broaden your perception this hour. Their shall be a stretching of the thought patterns in the minds of My chosen. I will begin to teach you how to rethink how you look at what I call My own.

 The time has come to release a passion for those that are "asleep". For I will cause the winds to begin to blow an awakening in the earth. My focus has not changed. It has and always will be towards the nations of the earth. My love was poured out on the cross to save the world! I will start to reap My harvest of this planet. As I blew My breath over the states, countries and continents of the earth; I will start the inhaling process to draw the nations back unto Me.  

 I would say this hour to begin to bring heaven down to earth!

That was My prayer for My church, My redeemed, My beloved to pray that I would not take you out of this world, but that I would bring heavens power, potential and plan to planet earth. Begin to give as the Father has prospered you to those in your streets and cities. Begin to strategically plant rivers of love that will spring forth in areas that the enemy has bound and called his territory. 

 For the angels that I have positioned in the four corners of the earth have began to cry out to me to redeem the earth.

My people, the days of selfish gain for leaving the earth are over. For the time has come to begin to receive a Kingdom birthing within your spirit. Grab a hold of My heart. Grab a hold of My passion. Follow My heart. For that is where My treasure lies. For you will find My heart towards that which I have died for, My world."