"You Are Now Moving Into My Day"
Jeremy Lopez

"You are now moving into My day, says the Lord.

The day that I have longed for you to see.
The day that I have prepared for you My people. The Sabbath day has now come upon you.
On the Sabbath is when I performed many unlawful things for those that were hungry for Me.
Those that asked of Me for healing in their body and a miracle in their life did not care what
day of the week it was. For they had come to a place of desperation to see Me move. What was
unlawful for man to do on the Sabbath is lawful for Me, says the Lord. For I am the Lord of the
For I will bring forth a demonstration of My power that the earth has never seen. This is the day
where much possibility awaits you. The movings and shiftings are coming to My church.

You will begin to see My glory reside in your presence like the glory cloud of old did for the
children of Israel. I will begin to bring forth, like a child from the womb, the Elisha Ministry into
the earth to crush the power of the Jezebel spirit.

Take Heed

My prophets will begin to see a pattern change in their vocabulary. For I will breathe a word
from My throne that will come forth like a rod in their mouths. This word will not bring forth
peace but will bring forth a sword! For I did not come to bring peace but I came to bring a
sword to cut asunder between soul and spirit. This cutting will begin to penetrate the very
soul of your being.

This is the day where My prophets will begin to declare righteousness and holiness back into the earth. For I will cause My prophets to begin speaking into the lives of individuals in governmental positions and those that hold power over nations.

Those From The Fire

I am moving suddenly and quickly to establish My kingdom in the four corners of the earth.
For I would say there shall be a violent people arising in the midst of My church. A people that
will put AIDS to flight. For as you see many deadly diseases arise; I will call out those from the
fire of tribulation and give them an impartation to combat the spirit of infirmity that the world
has never seen before.

Mysteries are Beginning To Unfold To Us

I will cause My prophets to speak mysteries beyond the natural understanding of man and
My sons and daughters to possess My mind again.
Yes, says the Lord, My day is at hand! Even as the man of old stretched forth his hand to be
made whole again. I will begin to stretch forth My hand into the earth and unfold purpose and
success to My people that will bring divine healing to their instabilities.

Global Move Upon The Internet

For I am beginning to pour forth My annointing on the Internet and birth forth strategic global
plans in My people to reach the masses of those who have not yet heard of Me. Was it not I who said that I would cover the earth with My Word even as the waters cover the sea? You will notice global ministries arising in this day like never before. Passion for the nations will begin to swell up in the hearts of My people. Did I not say that I would give you the nations of the earth as your inheritance?

Take note My people that the Lord of the Sabbath is arising. For the process has already begun to gather My harvest in the earth."

"You Are Now Moving Into My Day"