"I am Dismantling the Old To Remantle with the New"
Jeremy Lopez

"This is the time of great awakening of My people.

I will begin to remove the chaff and the dross of the negative things that have been spoken over you. I will start a cutting away of the lies that have risen against you. You will begin to see spiritual warfare around you like you have never seen before. Their will be songs of deliverance beginning to be sung over those who have cried out in desperation to see a change in their life. You will start hearing the prophets once more declare that war time has come! This shall be a sound of war not for the battle of flesh and blood but the battle for balance and truth for My people.

The remantling is coming to My church.

I will begin to dismantle you of old mindsets and old denominational ways that you have held onto for safety. I will have no other Gods before Me that you are putting your safety and trust in! For I am your Hightower of safety. Put your trust only in Me. For I will have the attention and trust of My people! For I am truth and the way to divine life. Their is no wavering nor shadow of turning in Me that would ever lead you astray. For I am that I am!

The hurricane is coming!

Oh yes, the hurricane is coming; to bring about the rain and the wind of My glory to the nations of the earth! Once more you will see great waves of power begin to flood throughout My church. For I will arise as a Mighty Man of war to conquer the "ites" that have declare war against you. Have I not said that the battle is Mine says the Lord!

You will start seeing glimpses of the Lion of the tribe of Judah in visions and dreams once more. For the roar is beginning to be heard again throughout My church.

My people, you have lost your excitement and expectation for My presence in the houseof the Lord but I will restore all that the cankerworm and the locust has stolen from you.

You will begin to see the banners being lifted once more declaring that THE FIRE IS HERE, THE FIRE IS HERE! For the fire that started to burn in Toronto, Ontario was just a taste of My presence of what is to come. For I will have a people that shall be undone."

Given to Jeremy Lopez