Fire and Ice
by Prophet Jeremy Lopez

A Time of Great Fire

This is a time of great FIRE, says the Lord. For My people is stirring the bowl of intercession and is causing a major friction in the earth's atmosphere! This friction is causing the heat of the fire of My Spirit to be released in the earth's atmosphere. The key is turning! The key is turning! The Door of Christ is opening and the river of fire is pouring!

I Am Melting The Ice

For the Lord would say, "MY FIRE IS WARMING THE HEART'S OF THOSE WHO HAVE WAXED COLD TO WARDS THE NATIONS AND HAVE SAID, "THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THEM!" Those that have given up on Iraq, Iran and Egypt. Those that have allowed the ice to freeze their compassion to wards the unwanted; those who are rejected men and women that I have called My own! Why are you not touched with the infirmities and needs of man? Why are you afraid of the Buddhist or those that are into New Age? Is it not My love through you that draws them to see the Christ that died for all? Why are you not willing to love and embrace those you do not understand? Are you loving the unloved? Have I not said, "You are the light of the world." Light holds the power to show others the way to wholeness! Light holds the warmth of the Son! MELT THE HEARTS OF HUMANITY WITH THE WARMTH OF THE FIRE OF MY SPIRIT.

Fuel & Oxygen is about To Mix

What causes fire, you ask? When fuel (which is My anointing oil), and oxygen (which is the breath of My spirit which keeps you living), come together with the electricity of your love and passion to wards the things of My Kingdom. Then fire is produced! Get ready for the combustion! I say again, get ready for the combustion!

Combustion is when amounts of heat and light are released. This occurs as a fire. My fire shall come when you embrace your true nature as light and My spirit will supply the heat!  

Melt The Ice to Release The River!

Ice is water that is frozen solid! Melt the ice, My sons and daughters! Melt the ice!  RELEASE THE WATER FROM ITS HOLDING PLACE TO FLOW FREELY OUT OF YOUR BELLY!  This is the hour of great power to flow from the rivers in your belly! Rivers of businesses! Rivers of Marketplace ministry! Rivers of the prophetic! Rivers of the cry for My Kingdom to come to nations of the earth!

If you only knew the source of life that is in you as Kings and Priests! If you only let go of the "church mentality" and embrace the nations of the earth. I would open up to you My promise! The promise to give you the nations of the earth as your inheritance! I did not die for the church, I died for ALL humanity to be released from the prison of the adamic nature and embrace my divine nature, says the Lord! Open up your eyes, My kings and priests, to see the power of the Kingdom of your God! For I will sweep through every tribe, every culture, every race and every nation to collect the broken vessels that have been thrown out into the potters field and left for dead.
For the nations of the earth SHALL blaze with my fire again, says the Lord!