A Dream And Shifting Foundations


In a dream I saw myself in the house of a long time friend; someone who is some what stuck in a time warp as far as the things of the spirit are concerned but never the less very faithful to the Lord. As we were sitting around the table a severe storm blew up and was buffeting the house I noticed the power wires into the house were really stretched and were sparking and shorting against the roof. I said the foundations & lines into their house need attention or THE HOUSE is going to be consumed ( it will catch fire and burn down) Our friend said "Oh no it will be all right we've had storms before and Its been OK." The intensity of the storm increased beyond anything that I had ever seen. I looked out the window because it was on a wild west coast beach location and I saw how big the sea had become. I commented I've never seen seas so big. Sitting back at the table again we all felt the house move off its foundations and were aware it was being shifted some distance. The sea had overwhelmed the house and moved it. The winds died down and the sparks stopped but nothing was ever going to be the same again. I surveyed the surrounds and noticed that the whole landscape had changed. I recognised some places but others were changed. I then saw many who I knew coming out of the house.( like hundreds) People seemed confused but were looking for answers. Because I grew up nearby I knew the points of reference nearby and we were all able to get to safety. There were others leading people to higher ground as well. There was a sense that this change although very radical and totally transforming was from the Lord and it was the entrance into a new day.

The Interpretation:

The house is the Church

The table is fellowship

The power lines are our link to the Lords power and the holy Spirit.

The house in its current form and position and on its present foundation ( which is the council of men rather than an Apostolic one) is unable to take the power coming in or the weight of His Glory and is at risk of being overwhelmed even at the current level of wind and rain.

There is a move coming with so much power and such a weight of glory that will take some unawares - But also the Lord will send forerunners to guide the unready through what seems like a storm but in actual fact is the Lord realigning the foundations.

Stay in fellowship with the faithful even if they cant see what's happening now they will need the forerunners to guide them out of the turbulence. Many have been stuck in a time warp going back to the Charismatic movement and haven't moved on; The Lord is going to move them to higher ground and onto a new (but original foundation)Apostolic foundation. Then the power that really needs to get through will be able to.

What seems like a storm is really a reformation & a transformation there is power & glory coming to accomplish both.