He Hides And He Reveals


When my Children were really little I used to play hide & seek with them; part of the fun was hiding where they could easily find me. God is like that, He hides in plain sight so that when we look for him we find him easily.

Isaiah 45:1-3

I will go before thee, and make the rough places smooth; I will break in pieces the doors of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron; and I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that it is I, Jehovah, who call thee by thy name, even the God of Israel.

Verse 7 The One forming light and creating darkness,

Verse 15. Truly, you are a God who hides Himself, O God of Israel, Savior!

When God hides like this He is trying to develop spiritual sight in us, rather than natural sight. To lead us onto a greater glory.

He wants to lead us to the storehouse full of treasures; and the riches of secret places. These secret places are only secret to those who don't seek them.

We think we know exactly where to find God, and then he surprises us again.

When we sense God is distant, and we feel we have lost our link with him, we tend to go into a performance mode trying to get His attention. The Lord says: I AM not looking for your performance, just allow me to reveal myself even in the dark seasons.

Whenever you are on a journey with God; He is the start, the middle and the end of that Journey. So enjoy the journey.

God has no other desire than to reveal Himself to you. When He hides it feeds your hunger and stirs your longings for Him. Always after periods of darkness or hidden-ness He reveals himself in a time of sustained love and blessings.

When you continue to worship and seek after Him in these hidden times you demonstrate to the Father that you are seeking Him and not just the blessings. But even here there is a danger of trying to prove your love through works. The Lord asks you to simply trust and rest in Him.

In this place of seeming darkness He is able to demonstrate that He is the God who creates darkness and forms the light. When heaven seems as brass, He breaks to pieces the doors of brass and cuts in sunder the bars of iron.

There is no prison of the soul that He cannot free us from and no fetters of iron can ever hold us. Because in this dark place; He lights up our heart and shows us treasures in darkness and hidden riches in secret places.

The disciples on the road to Emmaus were walking in a dark place; they had just lost the author of their visions and aspirations; as they shared the walk with the master Himself, who to them was totally clothed in shadows; the bible says their hearts burned within them. And suddenly he revealed the treasure of resurrections light to them.

When he revealed Himself to them in the fellowship that followed, faith was kindled and became a door into a greater glory. The lesson they learnt in the place of darkness was of far greater significance, because in the place of darkness His true light was revealed.

This is a valuable lesson; greater glory is seen in the darkest season. Think about the glory Moses saw on the mount as he entered the dark cloud that over shadowed Sinai. Exodus 24:15-17; The Children of Israel where outside the cloud, they saw the darkness; they even saw the awesome sight of his glory but didn't enter it like Moses. In the cloud the revelation of the Glory of God was revealed to Moses. Moses saw the goodness of God in the darkness. Exodus 33:18-19.

Many of us miss the fullness of His glory because we observe the awesome glory from a distance, but never enter into the thick smoke of His presence where the fullness is.

It takes faith to walk into the cloud, to walk out side of our intellect and our rational thoughts and into the deep things of God; into treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places.

John 9:39

Then Jesus told him, "I have come to judge the world. I have come to give sight to the blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind."

Moses didn't see the fullness of the Glory until he entered the darkness of the cloud. Jesus as he opens our eyes in the midst of our darkness also "Gives sight to the blind" Because when we see Him, we realise just how blind we have been, and the further into the cloud we go the more we see. Glory is revealed.

God hides in plain sight; so that when we look for him we find him easily. But to find Him we must first look, and His greatest glory is found in the cloud that surrounds his throne. To look from a distance is amazing, but to enter his presence right there at His throne is truly glorious.

Your darkest hour is His greatest opportunity to reveal His goodness.