Fountainheads, Wells & Rivers


I have been thinking a lot about Wells, Fountainheads & rivers. It all started when our Pastor friends in Rotorua New Zealand took us to a fountainhead called Hamurana Springs. The water that flows out of the ground there comes out with such a flow that you can drop coins into the fountain head and they take several minutes to sink because of the upward pressure. Apparently the water that flows out has been travelling underground for a very long time and is very pure.

The Lord spoke and said I would have my Children drink from the fountainhead

Many dig wells and draw water from the underground rivers and thats good water but few drink from the fountainhead, many draw water from the rivers and lakes but its not as pure as the fountainhead.

The thing about a fountainhead is that all the water contained in that stream comes out in one place, its fresh and its pure. The thing about a well is that you can only draw a certain amount out at a time, its good but its very limited. The thing about a river is that other polluted sources combine with the flow and spoil the water.

Jesus is our fountainhead, the Father is the source of the flow and the Holy Spirit draws us to the fountainhead.

JOHN 7:37-38.

On the last day, the climax of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds, If you are thirsty, come to me! If you believe in me, come and drink! For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water will flow out from within.

Jesus was standing near the temple when he made this statement; it was the feast of Tabernacles. For seven of the eight days of the feast the priest poured water out of a golden vessel onto a rock and it ran down the street. At the climax of this feast on the eight day no water was poured but the people cried out to God for rain to water their land and give life. It was here that Jesus said in my paraphrased version I am the fountainhead that will never run dry, if you are thirsty dont worry about those golden bowls, come to me Im the source of all the water you need never thirst again. And whats more Im sending the Holy Spirit to put that water in you so that it will flow out and bring life wherever you go Thats a fountainhead.

What about the wells?

This is what I see happening in the body of Christ right now. People are running around drawing from wells. The wells may be a ministry or a Church who has learnt to draw on the fountainhead and they have a lot of good life giving water in them. They are open to sharing their water with whoever wants to draw on the well. Those who draw on the well get life and to some degree their thirst is satisfied. They think that they have got all God wants for them and no longer seek the deeper things found in the fountainhead. This is what we now call Church, people drinking from wells. But there is so much more. Because many find sustenance and water at the well they no longer seek Jesus; they only seek the water from the well.

The word from the Lord is Come to the waters at the fountainhead and drink deep again. Church was never meant to become a well, rather it is meant to be a place where we learn to access the fountainhead. The five fold gifts were given to mature the body to do the work of the Lord. But somehow the five fold have become the wells to which the people come to drink.

Jesus is that fountainhead and we need to remind ourselves or perhaps for some discover for the first time, that the water you desire is not found at a conference or revival meeting at a church or a mission station but it is found within. Luke 17:21 says The Kingdom of God is within you it is in you because Jesus is the King of that Kingdom and Jesus lives in us by His Holy Spirit. So it is in finding Jesus that we learn how to live continually in the fountainhead. The good news is that the Holy Spirit takes great delight in leading us to the fountainhead if we let him. But sadly most just want to drink from the wells.

Some discover the fountainhead but remain on the shore and never get into its depths. Once you have discovered the fountainhead within there comes an abandonment to its flow. What is abandonment? It is casting off all our cares and sins all our plans and goals in order to fulfil the plans and purposes of Jesus.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:32-34. Your heavenly Father already knows all your needs, and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern. So dont worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today.

To drink at the fountainhead is to become lost in the Lord, to yield to what the Lord wants no matter what its affect on our life is. It is in this water in this love, in this place of grace that we hear his voice and we see his purpose. When we drink from a well we only get part of the plan. But when we abandon ourselves to the fountainhead we get the whole picture. When we draw from the well it takes our effort to draw the water up but in the fountainhead we are carried by the flow its not our work but His.

Come drink from the fountainhead.

What about drinking from the river?

I know and have known many Christians who drink from the river. The river represented here is that which has flowed out from the fountainhead and then become mixed with all sorts of flows. The further away from the fountainhead the river flows the more mixed it becomes. Those who just rely on feelings or their own thinking can get a long way from the fountainhead. The true measure of glory or of the supernatural is not found in the flow of the river but it is found at the fountainhead. Because all wisdom and knowledge is found in Jesus.

Its not drinking from wells or from the river not just drinking but leaping into and abandoning our lives to the fountainhead His name is Jesus.

We taste of thee O thou living bread

And long to feast upon thee still

We drink of thee the fountainhead

And thirst our souls from thee are filled.

Bernard of Clairvaux 1090-1153AD.

Jesus said if you are thirsty, come and drink"