Portals of Glory
Ian Johnson

There are Portals open over certain places, people and ministries into the Third heaven. This is what some call an open heaven. In the Celtic tradition of Christianity these are called "Thin places" These Portals into the heavens are where the Angels descend and ascend. Where anointings flow from the realms of Glory, and where the people of God can enter into a heavenly visitation.

There are also portals open and operating into the second heaven. This is where Satan & his angels operate from. There are good accounts of these portals into the second heaven in the book "Visions beyond the veil" by H A Baker. Where the Children saw dark Angels coming and going to assist the earth bound demonic realm, attack believers and generally carry out Satan's bidding..

In the Bible portals are often described as doors. The Greek word for "door" is "thura" and defined by Strong's as "a portal or entrance providing an opening or closure, both literally or figuratively."

The Apostles were very aware of the Portals into the third heaven

1 Corinthians 2:12 Now when I went to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ and found that the Lord had opened a door (Portal) for me.

Revelation 4:1 "After these things I looked, and behold, a door (Portal) standing open in Heaven, and the first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me, said, 'Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.'"

Portals into the Glory realm are good and we will see them more and more as we push into new areas of blessing and breakthrough. In fact it is our role to open portals with our Worship and obedience to the purpose of God in a given area or situation.

But we need to be aware that there are portals into the second heaven as well, we need to identify them and to close them. You won't be able to close them on your own, but believers in unity together will be able to do so. I noticed early on in our Glory meetings that there was often a mixture of stuff happening. Amazing anointings and signs & wonders obviously from God, but also some not so good activity. How could this be?

Well for a long time the enemy has had portals operating in cities and nations and through the activity of people to bring, deception & destruction, you name it he's got it. Except for a few who have been saved out of demonic backgrounds the Church has ignored even the possibility of such things. When we come into an area to start a Church or to have some special meetings we need to be aware that such portals will be open and operating. We need to come together in unity and close these portals as the Lord reveals them. It's not something to be taken lightly or to shout a few "I bind you"s at. But in the power and authority of Jesus, in a prayer of agreement we can shut the Portals. Unity of purpose is the key. For there God commands a blessing (Psalm 133) We also have the authority in the power of unity to open Portals into the third heaven. Revivals come where there is an open heaven.

Since the digital camera has been around we have been seeing photos taken in Christian meetings of Portals or Orbs. I have been aware of them since around 2004 when we started to see them in Judith Garden's meetings. And also in our Church I have many photos of Portals in the building. In most cases these are very bright and often have a portal within a portal. In some of Judith Gardens meetings we even had one with a very definite Star of David in it, and others with a cross as part of the door way, each seems to be for a specific reason. For instance the One with the Star of David in it came when the meeting had a very Jewish feel. The one with the cross, salvations. The ones with portals within portals often saw people being carried into heavenly visions.

I recently heard a message by Bob Jones in the message he described the portals into the second heaven as operating in a counter-clock wise manner and the portals into the third heaven operate in a clockwise manner. And very recently I noticed something in a photo I had taken of a house next to a place that was operating out of the second heaven, in the area of Clairvoyance and all the new age stuff. There were Orbs in the photo but they were a different colour and texture, although they were visible on the photo they looked muddy in colour and looked almost menacing.

The key thrust of this message is, we need to identify the destination of the portal, is it into the second heaven or the third heaven. We are living in very exciting times, but we need to be very alert to the ways of the evil one. Lets see many more new portals open into the realm of Glory, and lets also see many portals into the second heaven closed.

I have a photo of an orb (portal) over a banner that says Jehovah Rophe, (The covenant God who heals) under it and also enveloped in the portal is a man with his hands raised, during the meeting this man was totally healed of deafness. It made me realise that when we do see a portal open we need to move to receive what the Lord is releasing out of it. If we don't see the portal but see things happening in a certain area of the room, you can be pretty sure a portal has opened. and its good to move to where the activity is.

There is a Church in Chennai India, a land not often associated with Christ, where for nearly 1950 years Christians have worshiped. The Apostle Thomas was martyred near where the Church is built. There is an open heaven over the place. Where Angels are free to come and go. This Church has a congregation of nearly 30,000 and growing. Is it just an accident that this Church is so vibrant and full of Glory? The answer is a simple, no! The Church was planted there in 1973 with only 7 members, through prayer the members broke open again a window long ago established. From the time of Thomas right down through the ages there has been worship and prayer building a highway into the heavenly city. Many have paid with their lives but their legacy lives on.

Often we think we are making very little difference in the Earth, but I want to tell you that every Hallelujah, every, praise the Lord, every shout of praise builds a highway for your Children and your Children's Children. To enter into an open heaven. Once heaven has been opened there remains a rent in the heavens over that place and with shouts of Hallelujah we will hear again the voice of God saying "Come up here!"

Our cry of Hallelujah should be like Isaiah's Isa 64:1-3 "Oh that you would rend the heavens! That you would come down! That the mountains may shake at your Presence."

To me one thing seems clear, that when heaven is opened only God can shut it! Once the wall between dimensions has been torn, then it is easy to break through again. Like wise, when the Lord closes a portal into the second heaven we need to constantly maintain its closure.

There are two lessons here

1) We need to be seeking to break through into the Glory of Heaven for our children.

2) We need to break through again in places where the Glory has shone in the past!

I started to think about when I was a teenager and we dug a big drain in a swamp which allowed the water to flow freely, It was an excellent flow from one end to the other. But over a period of time the cattle pushed stuff into the drain and ever so slowly the flow was slowed again. But I realised that because the drain had been formed all it would take was to re-dig the existing drain for the flow to start again. Even if the swamp were to return there would always be a drain to clean to get it going again. The swamp need not ever have dominance again.

When God opens, no man can close!

Unblock the drain! Release the flow again.

Or perhaps you are the one digging the drain in your city. Labouring in a hard field, be encouraged your labour is not in vain, Glory will come. Our role is just to open the portal with prayer, praise & worship, and in unity seek to shut the enemies Portals.

I am reminded of a story I heard some time ago of a missionary family who laboured in a certain field (Because it is an Islamic country I will not name it) for over 25 years they toiled for seemingly no fruit, then the whole family was martyred and that seemed to be that, But 70 years on in that village there has recently been an amazing outpouring of Miraculous glory. Jesus has transformed the village often appearing to the people; the Church was born out of the dust it seems! Could it be that this family did open a portal and now it's been found again?

Revelation 3:8 "I will open a door which no man shall shut"

Your labour is never in vain, keep praying, keep digging, and keep seeking. There will be a release of Glory.