Angelic Response to Our Faith

by Ian Johnson

"I was invited by an angel"

While in a meeting at which Kathie Walters was ministering in Auckland New Zealand, I found myself in the Spirit, I was invited by an angel to go with him in a Chariot to see the way that the Lord uses Angels to perform his will in meetings and in the lives of people.

The Angel said "Do you understand how the power of faith and how a faith response brings blessings?" You need to see how it works, he said! And we went in the Chariot to western Papua in Indonesia. A man of God was speaking and there was a great deal of demonic interference and blocking of the purpose of God.

The Angel motioned me to stand on a rocky outcrop overlooking the meeting. At that moment in the meeting in Auckland a lady fell off her chair and began to laugh for no particular reason. soon she was laughing uncontrollably and I was aware of it in the back ground. The very moment she began to laugh perhaps 20 or more Angels appeared in Western Papua obviously under instruction and began to remove the demonic opposition, People in the meeting began to come free and hear the word of God, it was amazing!

˜God laughs at his enemies!˜

The Angel said to me, The living word says, God laughs at his enemies! and when his people hear this laugh and join in it releases us to bring derision in the enemies camp! (Psalm 37:12-13)

I said but the laughter is in New Zealand and we are in Indonesia. The Angel said "there is no time or space in the Spirit, you need to understand this! Then you will also understand why it is important to be free to express what the Father asks you to express, & speak what you hear the Father saying even if it doesn't seem relevant to you! Because the Father is looking for those who will do and say what he asks, regardless of how foolish it seems, there is always a purpose!

Laughter in the Spirit is only an eco of the laughter from the father in heaven. It is a weapon against the plans of the enemy and we must not despise it. For those who think its a new thing in the earth, my 93 year old mother in law says, "Oh we had holy laughter in our tarry meetings in Wellington in the 20's & 30's, every one knew it was God because some of those old Pentecostals were very serious people you know!"

˜How amazing the ways of God are!˜

I came back to the meeting in Auckland with an excitement, knowing that obedience released in our meeting had touched a group of believers several thousand miles away. How amazing the ways of God are! We are just scratching the surface and there is so much more that we need to understand about the way God uses Angels.

There was more instruction to come, the Angel took me again in the chariot to show me more of what happens in the spirit realm because of our response.

As I entered the Chariot I instantly found myself in the Fiji Islands in a place between Nandi & Singatoka. The Angel instructed me to observe a meeting being led by a Fijian friend of mine. There were many people in attendance in an open air situation. The Angel said watch closely now, My friend spoke the word of God and there was a positive response from a couple of men in the crowd, As these men responded so did the Angels. Each response to the word, which were things like a loud hallelujah or a shout of affirmation, or a clap triggered an Angelic response, which removed demonic obstacles hindering some of the men. The Angels also took men by the shoulders and moved them forward or to one side, the aim of this was to get them lined up with an outpouring coming down from heaven, The men seemed unaware of the angelic help but knew that they had come under an outpouring from Heaven. Each time someone received a touch like this it lifted their faith level and brought more response, which brought more Angelic activity.

I began to understand the importance of a faith response to the word of God. Romans 10 "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God" In New Zealand and to an extent Australia people are not as responsive to the word in verbal or animated fashion as other places, It is important to verbalise and to exhibit a response to the preaching of the word, because I saw that it released the Angelic. The preacher was doing his bit by speaking the word, and the people were doing their bit by releasing a faith response.

I trust that this short exhortation will inspire you to a faith response that will bring a release of the Angelic and lift your faith again and again. Until revival fills your life.

˜The testimony confirmed it˜

I have heard from Fiji by way of confirmation, that my friend, was as I had seen in the Spirit having a meeting as described. He said that they had an amazing move of the Spirit in that particular meeting. Many were delivered in the meeting, many were healed, and there were many salvations. My friend was very excited to hear the testimony and was aware of unusual Angelic activity in the meeting, because of the unusual miracles and events that occurred, The testimony confirmed it. Be prepared to step out of the ordinary and the formal and allow the spirit to lead you.

I now have a better understanding of what occurs when Gods people, praise, and shout and respond in faith language to the preaching of the word, or to high levels of worship, even if we are stuck in a small corner of the world, we can change it with our faith response.

As Kathie Walters says, "The realm of the Spirit, the supernatural realm, the angels and heavenly visitations are meant to be a normal part of your life - most people are robbed because of religious mindsets.