Removing the Cloudiness of Your Future

by Greg Crawford

This week's teaching will show the practical connecting with the spiritual thus releasing our future. I want to use some real-life examples that are going on right now in our ministry. Most of us today realize that we have a future in God. But many of us when we see our future and we see our reality, the two do not seem to be the same.

What exactly is the future? The future is actually the revelation of God specific to our life. When revelation comes, prophecy comes or when we have dreams and visions, we are actually experiencing types of revelation concerning our future. Revelation received is the future revealed. The early Church moved based on revelation and not circumstance. As we look to those in the Book of Acts, we see that they first got a revelation and then acted upon that revelation, bringing God's intentions or future into the present. This created a dynamic life in the Spirit with tremendous results capturing the hearts of men. Revelation always releases our future and produces a testimony in our lives.

Revelation for your life is revealed in three areas. Your personal life and walk, your corporate life in a Body, and God's plan for the earth and how you fit into that plan. The first thing we need to do is look at the revelation that we have been given, or our future, and see which of these three areas does that revelation actually fit. To gain more revelation, or the revealing of our future, it goes like this:

TIME with Jesus Personal revelation

TIME with Holy Spirit Corporate revelation

TIME with the Father Plan for the earth

Every leader in the Bible had a revelation of his life first, how it fit in the corporate Body second, and God's plan on the earth. Revelation is usually not about you but what you do partnering with God. It is about being a steward of your future until you own your destiny. God is looking for those who can embrace their future to release the future of others.

We are living in the season of the Lord's advancement and release of the future. Prophetic words are held in the balance and some are waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. Some revelations cannot come because people are not yet in a place to receive them. Others are unfolding quickly. Those who have embraced revelation and are coming into their future will be those God uses as His instruments to bring revelation and reformation.

You see Revelation impregnates us with what God desires to conceive on the earth. Revelation always produces Glory. When we look at Acts, we see a pattern of revelation that came to Moses' life.

Revelation of the future always produces increase and multiplication

Acts 7:17-18

17But when the time of the promise drew nigh, which God had sworn to Abraham, the people grew and multiplied in Egypt , 18 Till another king arose, which knew not Joseph.

A promise given to Abraham had not yet been fulfilled. But the promise was drawing near. In other words, part of Abraham's future was about to manifest on the earth. This promise, yet 400 years old, was going to affect an entire nation! So God in His wisdom brought increase and multiplication of the number of those who would be affected by the promise. What is coming will affect every person, backslidden, prodigal, unbeliever and believer. But as the promise or the future was coming upon a nation, so was that affecting an individual's life.

Acts 7:23

23 And when he was full forty years old, it came into his heart to visit his brethren the children of Israel.

Abraham's promise of the future was now affecting Moses' life! What so many are sensing in this hour is the fullness of past promise, fullness of past revelation, fullness of the future pressing in. Some react and run. Some deny. A few embrace. You see it has to be in our heart before it is manifested in the earth. The problem is that we try to act out a promise, but it never is firmly in our heart. Right now, what has been promised is bearing down upon the age in which we live.

Acts 7:30

30 And when forty years were expired, there appeared to him in the wilderness of mount Sinai an angel of the Lord in a flame of fire in a bush.

It was not just fire that appeared but the future appeared to Moses. What Moses saw in the burning bush was a foreshadowing of his future. He would become someone known for the fire of God. All of us have seen only a type of our future coming to us. The true future that awaits us is greater than even the shadows of what we've seen. The problem is that we lose heart waiting for the future to manifest itself or for the revelation to fully come. I wrestle with this constantly knowing the revelation that God has given us and not seeing it fully manifested. The only thing that keeps me going is that I know within my heart the revelation is resting. Habakkuk tells us to write the vision so that others when they read it may be able to run with it. Today God writes the revelation of the future upon our hearts and asks us to run with it.

Sometimes the future tarries because we are not yet ready to receive it. Sometimes it tarries because we do not believe God wants to give it to us. But every promise, every revelation, every vision, every dream, will surely come to pass. The revelation or future for your life itself is held in the revelatory realm tarrying for your faith to bring it to fruition.

Revelation Concerning the Plan of God

Ezra 1:1-3

Let's look at Ezra. Ezra came on the scene to be a king over the nation. He found the scroll of Isaiah and began reading. Imagine his response when he saw his name written by a prophet 150 years before his birth. God's plan, future, revelation of this man's life was written in a scroll to be released at a later time. Ezra was an ungodly man converted in one night when he found out his future was already sure! There are coming into the Kingdom those who have a revelation concerning their future. There is a scroll of your life with your future written upon it. Not only did Ezra have the past written scroll but he also had the prophets Jeremiah, Daniel, and Zechariah living and prophesying his future as well. I believe many of us today have prophetic words given in the moment of our life upon the earth. But I also believe prophets of old have spoken concerning us as well. We just haven't come across the scroll!

Now to come to the Revelation God gave me concerning what clouds our future so many times. At times, all believers have an encounter where God reveals our future to us, or gives revelation, or we see ourselves in a vision doing some great exploit. When these things come, we see and experience them in their purest form. They are in the spirit realm held by the hand of God. When the revelation or the vision starts to manifest upon the earth, it enters into a realm that has sin within it. Sin begins to taint what we saw as pure and it does not look how we first saw it. We can even begin to think this is not from God. We look at others and blame them that our vision for our life or ministry is not what it should be. At the point of the revelation entering the earth realm is the point the enemy begins to try to steal or destroy our future concerning what we know we are to do. I have seen so many people caught in this trap as the enemy whispers in their ears and he backs it up by tainting what God first showed us in purity. This is the point where leaders lose heart in ministry and give up or quit all together. Many abandon the plan because it is not what they wanted it to look like. What separates those who will fulfill from those who only see is what Moses experienced. Getting the vision in its pure form in our heart first and then seeing it manifest as it should be. We see a great example of this with Nehemiah as he approached the rebuilding of the walls.

In the season that we are now living, the revelation of God is beginning to manifest in the earth again. What we have all seen in its purest form is already taking root in our hearts. God spoke to me and said do not worry about those who do not participate, like Israel leaving Egypt, all will participate before it is done. Right now God is looking for those who have the revelation of their future firmly fixed in their heart. He wants them to begin to manifest that revelation in the earth realm so the future of others can be unlocked. Do not let the enemy whisper lies in your ear. Do not be discouraged when your future begins to manifest that it does not quite look like you first envisioned. If we do not lose heart, God's power working through us will bring our future and a perfect clarity in this hour.