Walking in Open Heaven

Part 1 of 2

By Greg Crawford Apostle

This teaching is part of a recent wed night activation meeting message, briefly transcribed. I highly recommend you download the message from our website and listen to it in the anointing it was given in. The Lord gave this message through me with no notes but just His Spirit.

Revelation 3:8

8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name .

Revelation 4:1

1 After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter .

What exactly is an open heaven and how do we enter in and find these portals.

There are openings this year prophesied, the church will move into. But it is more than an open door or opportunity but an open heaven that is coming and in some places is already appeared. What exactly is an open heaven and how do we enter in and find these portals. Isaiah in Isaiah 6 peered into the throne room and had an open heaven experience. A coal was put upon his lips and he became the voice of his experience. A pattern is seen where the heavens have been opened. The person who experiences the open heaven now becomes a carrier of what they have experienced. We see this pattern throughout the Scriptures. Ezekiel in Ezekiel 1:1 sees the heavens where open and he saw all visions of God, plural. Nine times he says the likeness of and nine times he says the appearance of. (Symbolic of the gifts and fruit of the spirit.) Ezekiel could not give absolute detail of what he experienced or saw. This is only the beginning to know that someone has had a true open heaven visitation. Ezekiel becomes a carrier of that visitation that he experienced throughout the rest of his life. He becomes a dimension of God and God's heart upon the earth.

In Genesis 28 we see Jacob experiencing an open heaven. He comes from Beersheba, which means the place of 7 fold oath, to Haran, which means mountaineer or mountain climber, and after his experience calls the place Bethel , house of God. As Jacob sleeps he dreams. Dreaming helps open up the reality of an open heaven. Jacob is type of the church, waiting for promise and on a journey. He is isolated, alone, in a wilderness, and is fearful. He knows were he is going but not sure God is going with him. He experiences his open heaven in darkness. Open heaves give us access to God that other ways do not. They change our perceptions. Jacobs was able to see the working of heaven. He builds an alter and worships God. True open heavens will always release true worship. True open heavens will release sacrificial offering of our selves. This experience was the first of 7 revelations Jacobs would receive. The first being that he was under an open heaven. Without this perception we will not recognize our opportunities with God as they come. Open heavens always bring revelation. Revelation is truth revealed to bring the justice of God into the earth.

You see open heavens denotes an origin point of authority every time. Authority is what releases creativity. When the creativity of God is released, signs, wonders and miracles will flow. To have an open heaven always requires a steward of that portal of God.

And Acts 7:55 we see Stephen peering into heaven.. You see martyrdom always makes a point of an open heaven. As Stephen is laying his life down it touches heaven itself. When heaven opens it changes the position of heaven itself and sets it into motion for us. Stephen looked and saw the Jesus change position, standing at the throne. Can you imagine if Jesus was standing all heaven was taking notice? Stephen voiced what he saw so others could carry this experience with them. Every man saw the movement of heaven when it opened. God is in motion. The only thing in heaven not in motion is the throne. One of those present was Saul later to be Paul.

Peter in Acts 10.9 sees a sheet descending and the gospel is given to gentiles. This came because of open heaven. Peter though was unsure of the experience and pondered these things and later rehearsed them to those to judge. He did not believe what he had experienced. Many today are in small groups or individual with an open heaven but we are still pondering these things they have experienced. Another experience will not convince us but walking out what we know we are a carrying. Mary had open heaven and conceived the Son of God. Yet scripture tells us she pondered these things in her heart. It does not say she doubted but wondered about the "how". We need to stop wondering about what we have experienced and start bringing to full term what God has given us. We need to not abort the great deposit.

Open heaven always produces inspiration.

Inspiration allows the kingdom to come. Every person we have talked about here carried an inspiration that inspired others. John the revelator in Rev 4 goes through the door and sees the revelation of Jesus Christ. Inspiration always reveals our future and has our future within it. We need inspiration. Looking at Ezekiel again he could not articulate what he experienced. But even though he lacked words he was able to carry inspiration out of the experience. True inspiration from God will not be able to be articulated

What we need is not the transfer of knowledge of our experiences but the inspiration of what we have experienced. The church is longing for it and the world is crying out for it. They desire inspiration over our experiences we tell them about. Inspiration is only how our human spirits try to convey the Glory of God. All true open heaven visitations carry Gods glory within them.

Faithfulness brings open heaven. Malachi tells us bring the whole tithe into the storehouse and God would open the windows of heaven upon us. Open heaven depends upon us every time. Will we embrace it, convey it and carry it. You see open heaven always has something that descends down upon us. Peter a sheet, Mary conception, Jacob angels etc.

The best example of an open heaven is when Jesus was baptized. A dove descended, a voice was heard declaring the Father was pleased. An open heaven always affirms us in who we are and what our assignment is. It affirms our current and future actions. It gives us an assignment on the earth that will not touch history but creates history. It brings something from Gods heart into the earth that mankind is in need of. Jesus carried this visitation throughout his ministry.

We today are still reaping the repercussions of someone's visitation of open heaven. We still talk of them and look back to them. What are you carrying that you have had deposited upon your life? Perhaps today we do not feel much like we are carry an open heaven. I imagine all of these we have talked about did not either, at least until they saw it manifest. Open heaven is vast and not fully understood, but it still remains there as apart of our inheritance to bring to the earth. If our perceptions of what we have experienced is wrong we will never carry what has been given. There is nothing wrong with us declaring that there is something setting upon us. Jesus even said this about when the Holy Spirit was given in Acts. All we really need is open hearts, open minds, open eyes to see an open heaven!