The Apostolic Dimension

by Lucinda Evans

Once again, the Church has found herself in a "season of time appointed" by the Father which is designed to facilitate a major transition in the establishment and release of corporate destiny. There is a divine continuity within the gates of God's eternal purposes to bring forth the glorious manifestation or revealing of that 'which is set' but 'cannot' be seen. It is within the

walls of the release of purpose that 'we who would be spiritual try to harness a 'move of God' causing it to become another 'movement' to be worshipped and pitch our tents around it.

The Apostolic dimension is a vital stream which flows from the River of God to make glad the city of God. So it is with the prophetic and all the other functions set in the body to bring the fulfillment of destiny to cause the Church to cease from her own labors and enter into His rest. But when the Apostolic dimension is turned into a movement, it simply becomes another yoke which births resentment, anger and frustration. When one realizes that one is not chosen for such functions because of ability or goals, but rather is set in the body according to the design and purpose of God, then we begin to flow out of 'that rich deposit within' concerning destiny for both the individual and the corporate body of Christ thereby making the city of God glad.

Within the restoration of the Apostolic dimension should lie the identification of the plan of God rather than the position of a man. However, in the attempt to capture the moment, the functional purpose as set in the eternal plan of God has oftentimes given way to a 'title' and 'giftings' thereby spurring the hearts of many to seek position and recognition, becoming 'false apostles', flowing out of a movement, rather than a 'move of God'. With this Apostolic thrust within the earth comes the manifestation of the divine government of God. Everything flows out of relationship. Paul said, "ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers". Many today would be 'fathers' and seek those who will allow them to mentor them, but remember a mentor is an instructor, not necessarily a father! Pseudo relationships develop which seem to look good, sound good, but they haven't any life in them. The true earmark of a Father is his continual presence and leadership even after the birthing. They not only beget sons, they nurture them, protect them, lay down their own agendas for them, and 'put themselves into them', not just on an annual basis. They develop sons to TAKE THEIR PLACE!

The government of God is not an establishment of law or obligation; rather it is a structure of the outflow of grace manifesting the nature and love of God. His purposes go far beyond the giftings for they are just tools given for the weaving of this magnificent tapestry, working in the eternal moment given to our day to provide a steady heartbeat toward the culmination of all things. Beneath the surface of what we see, lies a far greater 'seed of life' than the gifting. In the seeking of the 'gift', purpose becomes hidden and distorted; dementia begins to set in, thereby preventing entrance into the dimension which lies before us. We view the tapestry of purpose by stitches rather than perceiving the fullness of it. It is He who is weaving this divine tapestry that sees the 'finished work' before it is manifested and therefore is well able to see 'the end in sight'. The Apostolic, if received properly, should cause us to see the 'the finished work' and move accordingly to that end.

It is within the 'kairos' moment, that the eternity of God enters 'our time' making known His purposes which are to be embraced and fulfilled in our generation. It is within the "karios" moment, that the final process of a given transformation takes place. Just as the cocoon is the vehicle to bring the caterpillar into metamorphosis (a transformation, transfiguration), so the Apostolic is to facilitate a thrust into the next process. The caterpillar does not enter the cocoon because he likes it or thinks it is a great place to hang out! His entrance is to facilitate a life change for the purpose of destiny. Some caterpillars sit on the ground and watch the cocoon seeing nothing of beauty and refuse to enter. Others see the cocoon, have a glimpse of the purpose in it, and will even worship the wonderful work and be awestruck by the wonderment of what is coming out of it, yet they too will not enter. But there are those who will not worship the vehicle nor the finished product, rather they enter in and allow the vehicle to thrust them into their ultimate destiny. They have laid hold of the vision and can clearly see what will be used to bring them to their ultimate purpose.

Chronological time presses forward, moving as in a straight line toward a destined purpose ordained for it. Since the creation of the world, time has been moving toward a magnificent closing, culminating in the end of the ages when Jesus Christ returns in all power and majesty. Yet, in the midst of chronological time, God chooses 'kairos' moments or 'kairos' seasons where He displays His power in mighty and magnificent ways. Jesus was born in a 'kairos' moment, living His life in a 'kairos' season specifically ordained by God, This season changed the course of human history. The Third Day church now finds themselves in such a 'kairos' season, ordained by the hand of God. Even as a woman awaits the arrival of the 'fullness' of time within which she shall give birth it is only within the 'kairos' moment that the life is released from within her and the child becomes a reality for all the world to see. We are in that precise moment in the time appointed of the Father for the release of His power and glory from the midst of the Church. For the nature of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be manifested in a people.

Let us endeavor to be a people 'who hear and understand'. Let us embrace this 'kairos' moment within which we find ourselves that is bringing us into the fullest expression of HIM!

Lucinda Evans - Cupbearer