New Things Do I Declare...Isaiah 42:9

By: Dr. Timothy Early

In each season, sphere, and module of time, whether chronos or kairos, God is strategically positioning his people to fulfill what He has mandated us for {Genesis 1:26, 28} through a series and sequences of events, that will yield forth another generation from the very present one.

In this scheduling of divine processes, the Lord is recognizing, raising, and releasing a bold new breed of saints, a corporate overcomer, and a matured seed crop that shall radically reform the present position of the church into a new dimension that shall reform the nations into the governance and administration of HIS kingdom, reshaping whole regions into the new corporate dynamic of the global interactive covenant kingdom community taking us from doctrine, to demonstration, to destiny.

As it stands, each era composes of a corporate expression of our response to what we are hearing through the proceeding or now word. And if we turn the word era into ear, we can ask, "What is the ear {audience} of our present era {scramble the letters around a little bit} or what is the response to what we are now hearing, actually producing? Is it social interaction with the present truth revelation {revolution} of the kingdom, or a poor posture of the average church attendee which sits idle hearing sermonettes only, while diminishing in their capacity towards the instrumentation and advancement of HIS kingdom throughout the earth?

Is the ear of our era reacting or responding to the general masses and multiple personalities of the outer court, the duality of the holy place {when you overstay your time there while despising the dimensional shift from 2nd to 3rd day}, or the oneness of the wood overlaid with gold in the most holy place, where the creative glory of the Lord is manifested above the mercy seat between the cherubim, where God talks to HIMSELF? {Isaiah 37:16}

Is the general population steering toward the normalcy of Christianity, whatever the crowd is pleased to hear, or is there arising a bold new expression of grace and glory that Saul cannot get the credit for in suggesting that David engages with Goliath by wearing his own armor, his reasoning, his mentality, or his theology?

Is there, in our time, to be made manifested something totally new to our perception and culture of thinking? Is there springing forth today new pioneering patterns, positions, and progressions in the Spirit, something of which our un-illumined minds have never imagined, embraced, or acknowledged to any extent before? Is it too hard to fathom that many are drinking from broken cisterns and that many are eating stale bread with the confinement of mentalities to old order, fickle, and chaotic thinking concerning what God use to do way back then, with no pioneering momentum and progression to forge ahead to what he is saying and doing now in the present truth dimension of HIS kingdom?

Have we eaten from a fresh loaf lately, or are we still nibbling the crust and rock like qualities of old food for an old day, having once turned a message into a movement, only to have become a monument, where God use to be as oppose to where HE now is – John 14th chapter?

In all of these particular questions which is purposed to provoke a genuine passion in you to break out of the limited positions and structures of stinking thinking, to seize the glory of a brand new day, it is not alone to get one to merely think differently. Rather, to become and to do, even to migrate into today's social streams through global apostolic mentality - Apostolic Globalization - new pioneering patterns of apostolic and prophetic dimension, the present language of the kingdom, moving from sibboleth to Shibboleth in Judges 12:1-6, as apostolic and prophetic people restore the plan and purpose of God to mankind and the voice of the Lord to all sectors, spheres, and realms of humanity.

Yes beloved, in Apostolic Globalization there is a vast discovery of bringing right revelation, right relocation, and right relationship to the saints abroad in their mandated mission, message, and ministry, without the mentioning of the conventional methods, motives, and mentalities of Christendom. In Apostolic Globalization there is the confronting of mentalities and the principalities of men's principles which hold to Christianizing the world as oppose to kingdomizing it.

There is the NOW arising of the apostles and prophets after the due order to help mobilize, stabilize, steer, and navigate the corporate saints into the migration of corporate glory and corporate destiny.

For consider this, there is the delicate task of bringing light and life to the unbelieving believer, far more intense than just bringing good news to those who had never had a relationship with Christ before. And in all actuality many are bewildered within the confines of institutional Christianity and have no hint or clue as to what we are here for and why. Many continue in the same passion and fashion, waiting for the great Zoom, Boom, and Doom of the end, instead of the great BLOOM or blossoming of the corporate Christ throughout the entire earth, while in a sense devalue what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in bringing us into a divine upgrade {Revelation 4:1-2; 2 Corinthians 12:1-4; Galatians 1:12}.

In present truth dimensions there is the dethroning from the throne room of our hearts and mind, King Uzziah {Isaiah 6:1; 2 Chronicles 26}, that man of sin in the temple {or Naos - the spiritual temple} - 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, as the elements {elementary principles of men, the foundation and fundamentals of mere men - 2 Peter 3:10} are to burn with the fervent heat of God's word. {Also Hebrews 12:20}, refining and purifying by HIS fire

For if you change the mentality of the church from mere occupational church to present truth KINGDOM then it will lead to the change of the whole world. Change the mentalities of church as usual, and you are well on your way through progressive spiritual momentum to bringing apostolic reformation to the nations and the reforming of foundations.

New Things Do I Declare...!

Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth, I tell you of them. Isaiah 42:9

Remember not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen. Is. 43:18-19

Beloved, if you want what you have never had, do what you have never did. Become new pioneering patterns and progressions in the Spirit. For in Revelation 4:2, John said that He was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day. In the original Greek, "He became Spirit." In a higher principle, he became new things in the Spirit, for he heard the voice as a trumpet on the Lord's day, not Saturday or Sunday, but the Day of the Lord, the majesty of a new sound and a new day that was completely the Lord's doing! No man, fish, bird, nor beast, was magnified on this day, only the Lord high and lifted up, and HIS glory filling the temple. Isaiah 6:1-3. There was no resemblance of any creeping or created thing, but the Lord becoming all in all! It is entirely and absolutely HIS day, and in the rhythm of the Spirit not only does this new day arise in us, but in truth we become that new day, the day of the Lord, the revealing glory of God, the multiplied Christ, becoming HIS coming in the earth in corporate glory.

In John 3:6 we paraphrase from the original meaning, "Spirit gives birth to spirit." All in all, the Lord is doing a new thing in us, something new, a new pattern, a new mentality, a new path and portal of life. So instead of bringing in the New year with "Happy New Year," begin by saying one to another, "Happy New YOU!" And don't until for January 1st to arrive, for as the proceeding word speaks of "New Things I Declare...You are also declaring a NEW YOU, right now!

There is a path which no fowl knows, and which the vulture's eye has not seen. The lion's whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it. Job 28:7-8

But, God has revealed them unto us by HIS Spirit...1 Corinthians 2:10

There is a definite path which you and I have not crossed before. There is a new direction, a new journey and course of action that we are now taking in faith, trust, and in HIS rest. There is a new dimension that is saturating our spirit as we become like Abraham, looking forth unto a city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God... Hebrews 11:10

Yes beloved, we are becoming new things in the Spirit for a bold new destiny. We are taking new paths that have not been crossed before.

There is the blowing of the winds of change, the change of the guard, and the passing of the baton. There is the successor being forged out of the so-called failure, there is the vision stirring forth from within the visionary. There is a revelatory substance upon the dreamer that cometh...And beloved, there is the appearance of four living creatures, a four-faced ministry, the process of the four gospels emerging through the fire and amber of Ezekiel 1 {The man, lion, ox, and eagle, or Mark, Matthew, Luke, John}, the four colors of Moses' tabernacle {Blue Purple, Scarlet, and Fine Twined Linen}, but that's not all…

For in Ezekiel 10, there again is mentioned the four living creatures in the likeness of the wheel, the wheel in the midst or middle of the wheel. But this time, a change of features. For we have the man, the lion, and the eagle, but where is the OX?

Well, it has been elevated into the Cherub, and the Cherub is mentioned first in Ezekiel 10:14. The Ox speaks of the burden bearer, the Son of man that gave his life. It may speak of endurance, and carrying the load. But, in all of it's faithfulness, in all of its serving qualities, in divine wisdom and timing, the Lord changes the appearance from an OX to a Cherub, as the Cherub speaks of the exaltation and honor of the Lord upon the featured characteristic of the ox.

As we speak prophetically many of you have suffered long beloved, and you have endured. You have been tested with every test imaginable. You have bore the brunt of much criticism, and have experienced much pain. You have carried in the past many loads and have been dumped upon as a burden, but you would not complain. You have faced death and felt like dying {or giving up}. But now, the Lord is dealing with your OX, and is changing it with the Cherub. He is changing the way you perceive yourself {Ruth 1:20, "Don't call me Naomi, call me Mara or bitter"}. He is giving you a new divine sense of imagination {Imaginary figure = Cherub}, to look beyond your pain, your tears, and your labor. He is bringing a paradigm shifting to your mentality from below to above!

You may have felt like a burden, a mere laborer, someone who is sometimes or oftentimes taken for granted and unnoticed. But the Lord is honoring and favoring you with a new face, a new character, and a new image {HAPPY NEW YOU}.

You have passed the test of a man, the test of a lion, and lo, here comes the Cherub, which is defined in the Hebrew as "an imaginary figure." Here, it is the realm of imagination, above the mercy seat revealing the glory of the two Cherubim, Husband and Wife, Word and Spirit, Apostle and Prophet, Priest and King, Christ and His Body, elders and local flock, Lion and Lamb, Purpose and Destiny.

The imaginary figure {Hebrew - Cherub} is the revelation of a higher dimension, a higher consciousness, not alone a life perceived only through bearing burdens and enduring trials on earth. Here, it is the mentality of riding upon the high places of the earth and feeding from the heritage of Jacob the transformed man into Israel {He shall rule as God}. It is the NEW MAN that is moving away from the pull of the terrestrial sphere. For the Cherub here is a mentality that becomes an open heaven, transforming your OX and all of your labor into the reward of the Lord, taking you into the heavenly perspective that your labor beloved, is not in vain in the Lord.

Yes, yes, and a thousand times yes, The Lord has not forgotten you. He is changing you from the inside out to become a new pattern, path, and pioneering progression, a whole new _expression with a new name, a new face, a new meaning, a new characteristic in Him. No, it does not mean that the ox has been eradicated, but exalted, magnified, and risen up into new abounding heights, acknowledged of the Lord as having well done.

The OX becomes the Cherub, as the Lord is rewarding us in our labor in HIM, for we have moved passed duty to devotion…

This is what the Father had spoken to us when we were about to leave our hometown Baltimore Maryland to launch ministry in Houston, TX, that is, that the OX becomes a Cherub, and it's time to fly and to soar in new abounding heights into the glorious majesty of HIS kingdom…

O beloved, New Things I declare unto you! New patterns, progressions, paths, pursuits, and pioneering dimensions I declare unto YOU! A new heart and a new spirit, according to Ezekiel 36:26. A new wine {Isaiah 65:5} and a new song {Psalms 96:1; 98:1}. A new man {Ephesians 2:15} and a new name {Revelation 3:12}. A new heaven and a new earth {Isaiah 65:17; 66:22}, a New Jerusalem out of you! {Revelation. 21-22}

By a new and living way which he has consecrated for us...Hebrews 10:20

All things ARE BECOME NEW...2Corinthians 5:17