Writings & Teachings

A Gideon Generation is Arising with A New Sound From Heaven

"We Are Entering into a Time of Acceleration on a Global Scale"

Apostolic Mission: Sent to Live in His Love

God Calls Us From the Shadow of Fear into the Glory of His Power

A Vision of Jesus - Our Apostle and High Priest

The Sparrow and the King of Kings

God says, "My Children Must Be Willing to Be Last"

The Josiah Generation - Freedom Fighters For Holiness!

A Call To Be Undone - God's Spirit Is Shaking Our Hearts To  Surrender To Him

Vision Of The Children - The  Gates Of Hell Will Not Prevail

An Appointed Season of Divine Metamorphosis! A Vision of Change In The Kairos Timing of God


"She Broke the Jar"

"The Sparrow and the King of Kings"