by Catherine Brown


I received this vision in 1998, but I have kept it away from the public domain until now.

It contains disturbing and graphic imagery, which depicts the reality of the enemy's horrific and relentless onslaught on our children and young people. I personally experienced deep revulsion at the evil it portrayed. In great distress of spirit, I prayerfully sought the Lord.

Since receiving the vision, the Lord has burdened me to intercede for the children of the nations, and I believe He will quicken many others to do likewise. With one voice we will call out unceasingly to the Throne of Grace, reclaiming the inheritance that has been stolen from the church--namely our children and young people. They are an essential part of the Body of Christ and we must raise our shields of faith around them.

With the unfolding horror of yet another attack that has been carried out on innocent Amish children in a school in the Pennsylvania, USA, it is appropriate that we unite our hearts in unity with Christ and each other, and pray until its power and victory breakthrough on a worldwide scale. May Jesus grant us grace and power for the days that lie ahead. To God be the glory.


The scene depicted demons of varying sizes and authority gathering on an enormous riverbank. They held fishing rods and nets, and were making preparations for a battle. In the distance I heard sounds of muffled warfare. Surrounding the river was a dense forest, where I discerned demons were hiding. The hordes of hell began to cast their rods and nets into the river, which was full of children.


I enquired of the Lord as to the nature of this evil assignment and He replied, "They have come to kill the firstborn sons, to destroy righteousness, and to kill families. This is their mission." And the Lord reminded me of how His Righteousness is displayed in families through the dominion mandate (Genesis 1:27-28). He reminded me that Righteousness is a never-failing stream, and that His sons are to be like oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.

The scenes that followed, made me feel violently sick, and I wept asking the Lord to enlarge my capacity to endure as I clung to Him throughout the revelation. Some demons hooked little ones from the river, and beat these tiny infants by holding them by the ankles and battering their heads on the ground. I could not bear to watch, but the Spirit showed me these little ones ascending to incredible Glory--they were part of the number of martyrs.

The Lord held me tightly as more of the scene unfolded. Only a small number were martyred, but countless more were hooked from the water to be tormented and then thrown back in. Some were tortured while they were still in the river. Others lay inert and lifeless on the riverbanks.

I noted none of the devils were able to enter the river, but could only cast their rods and nets into the water from the riverbank. Vultures flew overhead, but they were not permitted to land on the river either. As I continued to pray, the Holy Spirit began to reveal the names of the demons.


Demons of Death and Melancholy threw nets of darkness over the river, which hung like an icy fog over the water. Death attempted to freeze the waters, and I noticed some of the smaller children were extremely cold. These little ones wore only helmets of salvation (no other armor) and desperately needed the warmth of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Smaller demons of Spite and Jealousy, threw swords to some of the children who paddled in the shallower waters, encouraging them to fight each other, to draw their swords against their brothers and sisters. These demons had been sent to splinter relationships within families, particularly between siblings.

I watched Bitterness pour a filthy sludge into the river to choke the children. Rage was also present, stirring up the waters, and the turbulence within the river was causing children to lose balance, topple over, and be swept away on the current.

Perversity and Pornography threw filth and every kind of abominable image at the children, and as a direct result, a number of the children became blind and stumbled around in the waters in great fear.

Beneath my feet I discerned a hideous evil presence--a demon named Murder slunk along on its belly, a shifting black shadow corrupting the earth it moved on. While some demons attempted to ensnare children who were already in the river, others joined ranks and formed a wall, laying traps along the pathway to the river.

I looked up from the river and focused my attention on the forest, where demons were attempting to remain undetected. I asked the Lord for their names. Immediately, eyes appeared in the woods, and the Lord named Insolence and Rebellion--both of whom were fairly small demons, trying unsuccessfully to hide behind a tree. Nonetheless, the Lord reminded me that these two lesser demons could wreak much havoc until they were exposed and dealt with by Him.

My attention returned to the river, where in desperation, I watched Obscenity muzzle children on the riverbanks, and then throw them back in, and their speech reduced to an almost silent muffle. I watched in agony of spirit, as a demon of Barrenness took a needle and sewed the mouths of the children shut making them mute.

A spirit of Lies shouted so loudly in some of the children's ears, that they became deaf and were unable to hear the voice of God. Still other ghouls battered the feet of the children, disabling some, and rendering others totally unable to walk and share the Gospel. Other demons dressed the children in clown outfits, spinning them round and ridiculing them. These poor children wore no Heavenly armor at all.


My spirit experienced such devastation and desolation at the scene set before me, and in absolute bewilderment, I cried out to the Lord and asked Him to intervene. He replied:

"Call forth streams of Righteousness and mobilize the troops. Call for the sons of Righteousness. Pray for your sons and your daughters, call for many spiritual fathers and mothers. Call for My Wind and My Fire to cleanse the river and to purge this evil from the banks of the river."


A multitude of parents began to gather on the riverbanks, many of whom wept uncontrollably as they searched for their lost children. The Lord permitted me to identify with their pain, and I was overcome and broken by the depth of it. I looked to the Lord and He said, "Child, this is only a fragment of the pain I feel over My children."

The adults reached out to one another, and holding hands tightly, they began to pray. Some fell to their faces and pounded the ground with their fists, their hearts full of repentance. During this time of intercession, the Lord revealed to the parents that some of them had given their children inheritances from Egypt (enslavement through idols).

Struck by conviction, they confessed their sin and received the Lord's healing and restoration. As men and women cried out to God in brokenness, angels were dispatched to the scene. An angel (unseen to the parents) approached each child and tenderly placed a mark on its foreheads--the mark of the living Lord. Immediately, the demons began to shrink back.


The Holy Spirit came in power, and a mighty battle ensued. Men and women, who had previously been incapable of fighting, now took up their places in the Lord's army and began to fight. Angels and parents fought alongside one another to defeat the demons, some involved in hand-to-hand combat. The warfare was intense and matched the fervent desire to see the children set free from bondage. Overhead, vultures were knocked down by the incredible Light of the Lord's presence.

The people called for the Wind of God and His Fire. Suddenly, the Lord appeared riding on a chariot of clouds. He was resplendent in Glory and swathed in Righteousness. His eyes blazed with fire and from His mouth came a double-edged sword with which to avenge His children. With a mighty sweep of His hand, He smote the riverbank, and the earth shook and multitudes of demons were swallowed up in the tremors, as the Holy Spirit swept them completely away. The Lord stretched out His hand to the forest, which instantly was set alight by the cleansing fire of His purity and Holiness. Every demonic being was destroyed in the winnowing flames. The forest had been a place of many idols, but repentance had released the Lord's awesome redemption for the children.


With the battle over, I watched as parents were reunited with their children. Little ones that had once lain lifeless and inert on the riverbanks, now received the Breath of God. The Lord came to each one and they were immediately healed and restored. Families could be seen rising out of hopelessness, each wearing a beautiful breastplate of the Righteousness of Christ, fully clad in the Lord's armor with their crowns of salvation shining gloriously.

I glanced at the river as it flowed in full majestic force, its waters now crystal clear. Families danced and sparkled and resonated with a beautiful song "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who is, who was and who is yet to come." All around the atmosphere pervaded with the Holiness, Peace, and Righteousness of Jesus Christ the Messiah. The enemy was defeated and peace restored.


The Lord is calling the church to wake up to the ferocious and relentless assault on His little ones. We must respond with all haste, and build a wall of holy protective fire around our children and young people through fervent and Holy Spirit inspired intercession.

This vision is not intended to honor evil by highlighting it, rather its purpose is to honor Christ by speaking the Light of His presence into the darkness, acknowledging that we enter spiritual battle from a point of victory, through the eternally redemptive Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Lord wants to raise up an army of children and young people to go forth in His awesome Love and Power in these end times.

We must pray for them. The enemy is desperate to destroy them but his plans will not prevail--the Battle is the Lord's!

All Hail the Lamb, who reigns on High, His praise shall be our battle cry!

"I will cause your hordes to fall by the swords of mighty men--the most ruthless of all nations. They will shatter the pride of Egypt, and all her hordes will be overthrown. Then I will let her water settle and make her streams flow like oil declares the Sovereign Lord" Ezekiel 32: 12, 14.