The Living Rod
by Bobby Conner

A Heavenly Encounter

For months I have been seeking the Lord, asking Him for an increase in anointing, and for the much-needed authority in the days we are facing. Knowing we must have a powerful breakthrough (to go where God is calling us to go), and driven by my intense holy hunger, I have been asking for such an encounter. Consequently, in this atmosphere, I was expecting a precious grace gift.

I was quietly waiting upon the Lord, when, in an extremely compelling prophetic encounter and without warning, I was completely overtaken by the most beautiful, breathtaking cloud. It appeared to be alive--shimmering with bright colors of gold and silver. Both alluring and alarming, the light was pure and piercing--bright beyond anything seen on earth. I was gripped with awe and apprehension at the same moment.

Falling on my face, breathless in delight and awe, I was instructed by a firm but loving voice, "Stand to your feet." Not sure if my legs would support my body, and trembling with excitement and expectation, I arose. Standing in a thick cloud of God's glory, I intuitively knew I was about to be given something from Heaven.

The same voice instructed me to extend my hands, palms up. When I did so, from the mist of the golden cloud, an object was placed into my hands. Looking at what was released into my hands, I was sincerely shocked. I was given a stick about seven feet long, which was the size of a handle of a baseball bat. The stick did not appear special or attractive, but it was much like a pole used for mountain hiking. It seemed so simple, I was quite surprised and somewhat disappointed. I was expecting something much more regal to be given in such an atmosphere of glory.


I asked the Heavenly messenger who delivered the stick, "What is this?" He replied with immense joy, "It is THE ROD!" There was esteem and irrepressible excitement in his voice. He spoke of The Rod with immeasurable delight. His tone and respect with which he spoke concerning the gift, caused my heart to stir, and I realized I had seriously misunderstood the magnitude and significance of this gift.

The angel instructed me saying, "You are to treasure this rod by placing it before the Lord, and releasing it back to HIM." Now aware of its intense value, I deeply desired to guard The Rod--to protect it at all cost. With my hands clinging hard to The Rod, I instantaneously found myself standing in the presence of God's Glory!

While everything within me longed to cling to the precious instrument, I was torn. Realizing the answer to my prayers and my longing for increased authority were now resting in my hands, and knowing what I held in my hand to be extremely precious, I also understood it was a gift and not mine. I knew I must obey the instructions of the Heavenly messenger. I must release The Rod.

Placing the rod before the Presence of God's Glory, I was filled with a wonderful sense of satisfaction. Amazingly, I realized that what I thought would be great loss, was now great gain. My heart leaped, knowing I had done the right thing. Words could not describe the tremendous joy that overflowed within me, as I heard words spoken from the mist of the glory cloud, "Well done. Extend your hands. Take THIS!"

Abruptly appearing out of the mist of the Glory, The Rod was amazingly transformed. Standing upright (vertical), it was alive with Heaven's presence. It was living; pulsating with mighty Divine power!

As instructed, I took The Rod in my hands and as I did so, it was filled with buds, blooms and fruit! They appeared as most precious jewels with each bud extremely beautiful. Blooms filled the entire place with awesome aroma, and I was amazed at their precious fragrance. The fruit was vast; beautiful beyond words. I was taken aback by the radical release of authority and power upon The Rod. It was truly something from another world. All this occurred in a moment's time and intuitively, I knew it was the harvest of the ages!

The Spirit of God is saying,
"If we will truly lay our ministries before Him, He will release evidence of true inward life, resulting in lasting fruit." The account of Aaron's rod is found in, Numbers 17:8.

The Angels Of Awaking Are Released

Standing there in the presence of God's Glory, and beholding the Living Rod filled with its blooms and fruit, my nostrils filled with the sweetest smell. Awesome fragrances were alluring and greatly compelling. When I asked, "What flower is releasing such an overwhelming aroma?", a reassuring voice from the Glory said, "You smell the blooms of The Almond Tree!" At that declaration, my spirit began to tremble with expectation and anticipation. I felt overcome with the spirit of hope and began shaking with sensation of sheer exhilaration. I questioned Him asking, "Lord what are these feelings?" He replied, "I have released the Angels of Awaking."

At His declaration, the entire Heavens shook with a shutter of excitement. I could hear Heaven's hosts shouting with joy and jubilation, "On earth as it is in Heaven!" Again with even more power, they lifted their voices shouting, "On earth as it is in Heaven!" Their shouts rang out throughout the realms of glory! Soon we, on earth, will join their cry, "On earth as it is in Heaven!"

The Living Rod Releases Evidence

Aaron's rod bore evidence of God's approval and anointing. Suddenly in the night season, God was maturing Aaron's rod; making it ready to be revealed in the morning. Remember, weeping lasts a night, but joy comes in the morning. Never forget God begins His new day with evening. Notice in Genesis 1:5, "The evening and the morning were the first day." Again in Genesis 1:8, "The evening and the morning were the second day." In Genesis 1:13, "The evening and the morning were the third day." So we see, God starts His new day with evening, not morning.

Get ready! During the dark nights, God is preparing to start His new day. We have awakened to a new day.