"The GAVEL and the LIVING WORD:This is the YEAR of the OPEN BOOK"

by Bobby Connor

Awakened By a Divine Messenger

It is 3:00am and I am quietly lying in my bed, wide awake when suddenly I see a large figure appear in my room. The room is almost totally dark, so I am straining my eyes, trying to focus on whom or what has entered my room.

Suddenly, as if ten thousand flash bulbs exploded at one moment, this Divine Messenger erupts into brilliant light. The light is so intense that I am blinded for some time. My heart is pounding and I am very excited, wanting desperately to see what was taking place.

Finally, I can see. This Heavenly Messenger is glowing with radiant light and the Bright Messenger speaks saying, "Follow me!" (It was a command not a suggestion.) We walk to my bedroom door which is closed. He opens the door and we stepped through (I am expecting to be in the hallway leading to the kitchen and breakfast area). However when we step into the hallway, no longer is it the hallway of my house.

A Narrow Passageway

Now we are standing in a narrow passageway that is straight and extremely long. This is a beautiful passageway - pearl white in color and bright. It was as if I could see the passageway running for miles. The corridor was straight and narrow with strong arches; there was a breathing beauty about this place.

The Messenger said, "We are going there," speaking about the end of the passageway. I was thinking, "This could take us a long time to walk this far." As I was thinking the Messenger said, "No, it will not take long!" Somehow you could sense that he was somewhat put out with how dull and slow I was to understand.

Touching my arm as to escort me, in a split second, we are floating up above the floor about eight inches. Faster than the speed of light, we are now at the end of the long passageway. The Messenger looked deep into my eyes and said in a matter-of-fact tone, "That is how we do things!"

The Living Wall of Light and the Gavel

We are now standing in front of what appears to be a living wall of light. I was thinking, "What am I here for?" when again the Messenger answers my thoughts, saying, "You are here for this." He extended his right arm and points his finger toward the wall of light. Suddenly, the wall of light parted and from the floor - a bolt of living light shoots upward making a pedestal and on the top appears a very beautiful Bible.

At this point the Messenger said, "Take this," and he extended his hand, holding a solid brown wooden gavel. It was not an elaborate gavel, but was much like one a judge would use in a courtroom. I was going to take it from him with my left hand and he said, "No, put it in your right hand."

I was instructed to take the gavel and strike the closed Bible. It was apparent that this Bible was new and had not been used for study, but more for ornamentation and decoration. I had no clue what was about to transpire as I was only obeying the instructions of a Bright Messenger.

Not expecting what was about to occur, I lifted the gavel and brought it down with force on the Bible. When I did, it seemed as if a bolt of lightning had struck within the room. The entire place was filled with sparks and light; it was as if bolts of lightning were flashing. I was truly startled and stunned at the loud sound and blinding flashes. I could hear what sounded like thunder; the heavens were rolling with distant thunder.

The Year of the Open Book

Slowly, I was able to see and hear again, at which point the Bible appeared to take on life. It began to pulsate and beat like the beating of a heart - slowly and faintly at first, then it began to grow faster and more intense. Soon it was the rhythm of a strong pounding heart. With each beat, the Bible grew more and more alive and now it was opened. However, the appearance of the Bible had now changed; it no longer looked new, but now it appeared well-worn and much used.

With each beat, great light sprang from the open Bible. The light springing forth from the Word would reveal Christ the King in His splendor. Asking the Messenger what this event meant he said, "This is the year of the OPEN BOOK!"

We must make every decision based on the Living Word of God. By doing so, we will discover the justice and judgments of God! It is important that we know the "Living Word," not just the printed Word. It is the now Rhema Word we need to hear and follow.

The gavel speaks of the authority of the Word and authority depicts or portrays the right to command or the power to administrate. Also, this gavel speaks of God's justice and judgments that will result in us seeing answers from the Word of God giving clear guidance to difficult situations.