Word of the Lord for the Year 2010

by Phylis Ford

This is a compilation of the Words that the Lord began to share with me in the months of October-December. Those that are in quotes are exactly as it was spoken, others were visions, and others were direct words spoken to me. My prayer is that the content of this word can be worked through and prayed through during the course of this year. However, word study and prayer over these prophetic utterances indicate to me that we are entering into a process for us to ultimately come into the place that God wants us individually, as a body of believers, as kingdom participants of a mighty government as well as those who will enter in this coming year. This is a sober time of seeking Him, knowing Him, and obeying Him.

"I will bring divine order out of chaos and turmoil in this year of 2010. You will see a new movement arising out of the midst of uncertainty and trouble in the land. I will establish my way and establish my covenant before my people, so that they may walk uprightly before me. And I will fully establish my government in the land from kingdom leadership who will do my bidding and follow my mandates, so that the principles that I have established before the foundation of the earth will be fulfilled. You will see in this year greed and avarice reach an all time high in the present government in order to strengthen men positions. But I, the Lord, will establish my righteousness in the hearts of my people. I will bring balance to the government's hidden agenda with kingdom strategies and kingdom answers. So that what will be lacking in the world's perspective will be achieved through kingdom directives. So prepare your hearts to do my bidding and to fulfill the assignments that you will walk out as I instruct you in the way you should go."

J udgment at the House of the Lord: "I will turn this nation around and I will begin with the leadership in the house of the Lord. There will be those who will no longer continue in ministry, because I will be sitting them down. For I have judged them and assessed them. Some will refuse to obey until they realize that no matter what they do--- they will not be able to continue on, because I have the final say on their ministries and they will no longer be able to accomplish anything because my hand will not be upon them. And there will be those who will live again, preach again, because out of the ashes of their lives I will begin to carve out a new chapter, and they will grow and flourish like a young tender tree with branches extending over and all will eat and be blessed by these trees, because I will reorder and reestablish men's lives so they can live again, says the Lord. So when you see these things don't be frustrated, for I will show and direct my people and reveal to them great truths, and it will all make sense. Walk my path, do my will, and let me make you whole", saith the Lord.

The trouble concerning Israel: The Lord says, there will be bombings right outside the Gaza Strip so much so that the land will be destroyed and the history of that region will be marred by the anger that was sent out with those bombs---there will be much fighting and bloodshed, but America will arise and befriend her again, so that she can be once more protected, but it will only be temporary---then more destruction will come. More treaties will come later in the year, but the peace will be temporary. "Will you not cry out for her? Will not the frustration of my people cry out for justice, resolve, and peace?"

"New leadership will arise out of Israel, and many will believe that they are followers of truth, but it will be the beginning of a great deception coming out of that land that will make way and preparation for the spirit of anti-Christ."

A fresh wind for Canada. "Canada shall become a battleground: for there will be a fight amongst principles between those that represent me and those who represent evil. Many will rise to the occasion and fight for rights of the righteous and new standards will be established," says the Lord.  "A new fresh wind will blow through Canada and the young will usher in my presence."

America under Judgment: "And the policies that will be established in this time will only be for the advancement of a few - only benefit a few. For the greed and avarice that is in this land has become corrupt to the core, and they will not change: until they see destruction and mayhem, until there is blood in the streets of a city from the frustration of those who are without food, and anger because there is no justice in the land. Many people have no idea how close the time is. The selfishness of this nation is at an all-time high, and this land will be judged. For I will shift nations and there will be a rising up of a people and a great humbling of another. This will be determined by my righteousness and those who waited on me shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk not faint."

The first six months of this coming year will carry threats of upheaval and terrorism. "Many will say 'this is the end' and great repentance will come forth. Those whom I will anoint will arise and challenge the nations to come unto me and return unto me. During this time, I will come in visitations, dreams, and to those who seek me for instructions; through these encounters many will lives will be changed and transformed.  Out of prayer, revivals will come - true revival - and there will be major breakthrough with miracles, signs, and wonders. Vigils of prayer will increase around the nations and great salvation to the lost will come forth out of this movement of prayer and intercession." (I saw a vision of a sea of people praying fervently.)

" Concerning the measuring with the plumbline, [Amos 7:7-8 Thus he showed me: and, behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumbline, with a plumbline in his hand. And the Lord said unto me, Amos what seest thou? And I said A plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more.]  In my assessment of this nation, it has been found at fault, and the responsibility lies at the door of the church. Instead of crying out for repentance, there has been too much of doing business as usual; and now in the eleventh hour, all has come before me, and the time for establishing my rule and reign has begun. Water shortages will run rampant due to the poisoning of water filtering systems with chemicals, and many will perish before it is caught. Security systems are faulty and careless, and as a result many things will happen because of major breeches in the system. Security will become almost like a police state, and that will become the standard in the land because of the rise of terrorism." 

"Anti-Christ systems will become present this year in very subtle forms and ways not just through government policies but in takeovers of leadership in various nations. Some countries will wake up to even worst leadership than they have now, only to find out that the nations that they reside in represent a 'goat' nation. And other nations will be led by Godly leadership as 'sheep' nations. The goat nations will impose more control over the people concerning their livelihood and whom they worship as well as other issues. You will see a rising up of persecution in the church like never before, says the Lord. Nations will rise up and fight against nations, but policies will not be the only issue - but whom each country represents spiritually will be the greatest issue."

"Chemical weapons will come in the form of new strains and viruses, and a large number of people will be affected in various regions. (I felt that the east would be the first amongst those that would be affected.) But, the Lord said that He has placed researchers and those in the medical field that will find cures for many of them. There will be a strain that will evolve into a greater strain, which will set fear in the hearts of the people; the Lord will bring us through."

The Lord said that there have already been awesome medical breakthroughs in cancer and cell regeneration in 2009, but the full disclosure of some of these cures have been withheld, so that under the administration of a new system, these cures will be made available at a more valuable price. When, truthfully, they could be cheaper and more readily available to the public. This all has to do with the greed within this nation from leadership that is politically motivated. The medical industry, pharmaceutical suppliers, and the insurance industry all have an equal responsibility in this, because they are also motivated by greed.

A vision of garments:  I saw a vision of garments of all colors. The Lord spoke to me and said that there will be a gathering, a shifting, and an exchanging of garments in 2010. He told me that the garments represented callings with specific assignments, and had to do with key positioning involving His people. The gathering of the garments will have to do with his people gathering and working in unity, so that divine purposes can be accomplished. The shifting of garments has to do with taking on the new assignments and levels that his people will embark upon this year. The exchanging of garments represent His people completing assignments.  Those that have served their assignments well will now pass their garments onto those who are ready to wear them as they continue to take up the assignments that are given, and in this fashion the work of the Lord will continue. Occupy 'til I come, the Lord says. New assignments will be given to those who have accomplished their work and passed their test. New rankings, levels of authority and positions, will be given to those who are ready to move forward to take on new assignments.  

The old New Years' perspective must change: People are usually eager to go into the new year with the mentality of wiping the slate clean and starting the year anew, but the Lord said this is not so. He said that we will walk into the New Year needing to complete and deal with the things we last worked on in 2009 before embarking on something new. If we haven't completed old matters, then they will come up again in 2010 and must be set in order. We won't receive new assignments until old ones are complete. So during the first two weeks of January, we should go over everything: do a thorough and complete inventory and tie up all loose ends. Even pray and ask God "Is there something else that I need to complete now, so that I can continue to move on to accomplish your will, Oh Lord?" The Lord said that His grace and overcoming anointing will be there to assist us along the way. And those who are stubborn and refuse to grow and refuse to do the things necessary to move forward will receive stiff consequences and literally some of their worlds (as they see it) will come crashing down.

Our most dangerous enemy will be ourselves. Allowing our flesh to reign instead of making Jesus our Lord will be our greatest undoing. Our land is about to be judged because of the pride and ego of man refusing to acknowledge the ways of the Lord, and as a result it has come up before Him. They are so-called systems of self. We must be cautious to not fall into the deception of believing our own greatness. For we have no greatness in us other than Christ our Savior. We must keep His teachings and watch revelation that is really deceptively subtle and makes us think that we are great within ourselves.  The elevation of man's ego is one of the greatest enemies to God. When we determine in our own minds and hearts what we should do without regard for God's will and word---we build a system within ourselves that will justify our flesh and find reasons to rebel against the plan of God in our lives.

High-Level gang activity I had several vivid disturbing visions of gang activity and execution-style murders happening in neighborhoods throughout many cities. There were outbreaks of fighting that made being safe on the streets very dangerous business. Most of the fighting was between Hispanics and blacks over territory and illegal activity.

2010, The power of ten: This year 2010 has great significance. The number means divine order and the Lord revealed to me that there is much revelation within the number ten within the scriptures. "Proverbs 20:10 Divers weights are an abomination unto the Lord; and a false balance is not good." (notice the chapter and verse-2010-word of the Lord November 2009) it represents a new order of numbers---perfect numbers lacking nothing, nothing over, it is represented in the system of order---and that everything is in its proper order. 10 commandments, 10 lepers, 10 righteous, 10 passovers in God's word, 10 generations (which was the age before the covenant before the flood from Adam to Noah). So we are going to see God's order established in the year 2010. The Lord told me that this would be a year that the government would go through much upheaval before it comes into order, but order will be established in this year. But this is also the year that the government of God will begin to come together and be set in order.

The answer to those who are weary and need direction The Lord said, "Start over again, and I will help you restore your lives. There is so much to do and very little time to do it. You must forget those things that are behind and reach toward those things that are before --- press for the mark of the prize of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus. I will show you the way. I will give you light and revelation---and I will tell you why you must begin again. Start with your relationship with me and go from there. I will direct you and you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are going in the right direction. I will open the door and walk you into great favor, so that you can be restored," saith the Lord. 

Remember December 2009 WOTL words concerning Open Heaven encounters. For I will open the heavens and even open doors in the heavens to prepare my people a gateway into higher realms of my anointing for healing and deliverance---I will bring hundreds even thousands into the kingdom in one sweep. Look for me and look for my plans for I am beginning to take this land and many other regions by storm (between now and January 2011); and I will pour out my spirit, and I will usher in my people to a new exciting life in kingdom righteousness. Major people groups and regions will be positioned and prepared for visitations, liberation, and a fresh new move not orchestrated by man but ordained of me, says the Lord. Some of these will be when people least expect it.  I will cover the atmosphere with my presence and they will all know that they have experience time with the Lord. There will be miracles, there will be restoration and the increase of my kingdom shall come, for the time is near, and the work of the Lord shall come forth mightily.  So open your heart and open your eyes, so that you may experience "This new day anointing".