By Joshua Mills

 These are the things that the Lord has shown me for this upcoming season.  I will present them in point form.  Ask the Lord to bring greater revelation and understanding as you take them to prayer.


This is a time when God is tying up the loose ends.  Many accomplishments will be finalized for the kingdom (mission endeavors, projects, contracts, finances, etc.).  I also see the end of one season and the beginning of another.  We are coming into a "new day" or "new season" in the Spirit.  Some spiritual tasks and seasons will come to an end and launch the beginning of a new way during this time.  I saw ministry emphasis changing.  Redefining.  My friend Joan Hunter and Chuck Pierce have said that this year of 2010, is a year of "breaking the cycle" - fruitless deeds are being put to death, to allow fruitfulness to abound in our lives. 


The greatest harvest is just on the horizon prophetically speaking.  I was reminded of two verses within the bible: John 4:35-38; Amos 9:13.


I saw vision increasing within the people of God.  God is expanding our borders and broadening our territory in this season.  Vision is growing greater.  It is going to come with a seers anointing.  Words of knowledge, prophetic discernment and clarity of understanding will all become manifest in a greater degree if we yield to what the Lord is releasing.  With this vision comes greater revelation.  I see exposure coming once again.  Corporations, entertainment, political powers and within the church we will SEE in a greater way.  Our response must be that of an intercessor.  We must take these things to prayer and press them through into the glory realm.  God wants the glory.  What the enemy has meant for harm, God intends to turn around and use it for our benefit!  Our response with this gifting must always be love.


It was ten days between the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the upper room.  This past decade has been a foretaste or tithe of the coming days.  Greater persecution, but will release the fullness of the glory.  More manifestations, more Angelic encounters, more Third Heaven Experiences (not just personal, but they will also come corporately).  As JoAnn McFatter was recently with us, among other things she prophesied that people would be in the meetings and actually see the "wheels within wheels" appear visibly within the congregation.  The move of God's glory is going to be turned up a notch.  We have only seen a "preview of coming attractions" per say.  Many have come and gone - stayed for a while until it meant change, transformation, yielding and sacrifice.


In this coming decade I saw a gathering of the church unlike any other time in the past.  The Word and the Spirit will collide within the church.  It will be a coming together of different backgrounds, cultures, worship formats, and revelation.  The move of God will intensify because of this unity. This will be the emphasis: God is raising up new training schools, bible colleges, institutes, seminars and equipping courses to minister in the Word and Spirit together.  Line upon line, precept upon precept, move upon move, spirit to spirit.  Becoming solid in the Word and free in the Spirit - this will be predominant in the coming days.  The Lord spoke these things to us, and we responded during this past year by preparing "The Intensified Glory Institute: School Of Signs & Wonders" - teaching through the Word, but releasing it by the Spirit of glory with visible manifestation and impartation.  It has yielded great fruit - this will happen across the body of Christ.  Many are coming to us in meetings recently and sharing testimony about how God is using them to release the glory in their circles of influence.