Positioned to Win in 2010 by Receiving our Holy Spirit Second Wind

by Bill Hamon

In 2010 a new reviving and enabling Wind of the Holy Spirit is suddenly going to sweep through the Church like a second wind for an exhausted runner.

We are going through the Esther process to be Positioned to Win the great battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Esther went through the preparation of the bitter and the sweet.  We have been going through the sweet of blessings and the bitter of pressure, problems and lack.  Esther's preparation was completed and then she went before the King in the 10th month.  Esther received Grace and Favor from the king and was chosen to be queen and Positioned to Win. (Esther 2:8-18)

The Church is going before King Jesus this 10th year of 2000.  There will be ones who are called, chosen, appointed and Position to Win in 2010.  Christ's Third Reformation people are being prepared and positioned to be at the right place at the right time with queenly authority to make the decree that will give the Church the Victory.

God's Timing and Purposes Being Accomplished:

1987  - 2007 Time of Restoration and activation of Prophets & Apostles
10 years for the restoration of the Prophets and 10 years for the Apostles

2007 The birthing of the Saints Movement, activating Kingdom Saints.

2008 Third Church Reformation, Decreed and trumpeted in Heaven by the Angels.  Proclaimed on Earth by the Prophets and Apostles.

The Saints of the three year old Saints Movement and the two year old Era of the Third Reformation will begin to walk and talk which means we will be able to demonstrate and communicate this to the world.  The Holy Spirit will continue to mature the saints until they are able to fulfill the purpose of the Saints Movement and Third Reformation of the Church.  When each of us understand God's purpose in these areas then we know why we are going through certain processes and what we need to do to advance God's kingdom and fulfill our personal life and ministry in Christ.

In 2010, like Esther, we receive authority from the King of Kings to write the decree.  King Jesus authorizes it by His signet ring which gives us the "The Right To Fight Back" to preserve our lives, families and possessions. We will then begin to prosper in our lives and ministries.  We are given the right to fight and destroy our enemies who have made their decree to destroy us.  Prepare for the greatest battle ever!  Rejoice for we have been prepared and Positioned to Win in 2010.


God spoke to me to search all the 20:10's in the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) and the story around the 10th verse of the 20th chapter of each book would reveal what God will be doing for us and what we should be doing in 2010.

Genesis 20:10
The story of Abimelech restoring Sarah back to Abraham.  Abraham told Abimelech that Sarah was his sister (a half-truth she was his half-sister). Abimelech took her to his harem, but God spoke to him in a dream, told him that she was Abraham's wife and that he would be a dead man if he touched Sarah. Abimelech restored Sarah to Abraham and blessed him with wealth, position and place in Canaan.

2010 is the year that God is going to redeem and restore what we lost because of our fears, statements and decisions concerning family, ministry, property and finances.  God will sovereignly move on non- Christians to restore to God's people and even bless them with wealth.  We will bless them like Abraham who prayed for Abimelech's household who were made barren because of him taking Sarah.

Exodus 20:10

This is the chapter where God gave the 10 commandments to Moses.  Verse 10 is the 4th Commandment concerning keeping God's Sabbath rest.  In 2010 God will reveal more of His will and ways for His Church to be like Him and do his mighty kingdom works.  2010 will require that we enter God's rest, which is complete confidence, faith and trust in Him, cease our own self-efforts and do the works of Christ.  To make it victoriously we must live and work in the joy of the Lord and peace of God that comes from 100% reliance and trust in Jesus Christ.

Leviticus 20:10

Chapter 20 of Leviticus covers all the different forms of immorality that requires the penalty of death, bareness or excommunication from God's people - adultery, fornication, homosexuality, incest, sex among relatives, sex with animals, any sexual activity other than between husband and wife. 

In 2010 God will be exposing and judging all forms of immorality within the Church especially among church leaders.  Get rid of your sin before it gets rid of you.  God is intensifying the cleansing of His Church.

Numbers 20:10

This passage tells the story of the Israelites murmuring, complaining and accusing God's leaders, Moses and Aaron, of not doing right by them.  God tells Moses to speak to the rock and God would supernaturally bring an abundant supply of water for Israel.  Instead of speaking to the rock Moses struck it twice out of frustration which was not according to God's directives.

In 2010 God will bring a supernatural supply of provisions for His people.  Don't look to the ground (self & natural) but look to the Rock (Christ's supernatural supply from impossible places).

In 2010 leaders will be tested on their obedience to follow God's prophetic directives.  Moses failed the test and did it his way causing God to cancel his right to enter his inheritance in Canaan. 

Many destinies will be determined this year by our decision and actions concerning following God's word, will and way exactly without compromise.

Murmurers, complainers and accusers of God's appointed leadership will be judged and sentenced to wander in the wilderness till they die.

Deuteronomy 20:10
This is the chapter on God's principles for battles, warfare and directives for conquered lands.  We have entered our Canaan Land of the Third and Final Church Reformation.  We have "ites"that God says must be destroyed out of our lives, not just subdued but completely eradicated and replaced with the character of Christ.  Third Reformation Reformers must begin battling against the enemies of the kingdoms of God and replace them with the Kingdom of God.

ATTITUDE Saints must have toward BATTLE and WARFARE:

Deuteronomy 20:1-4 "When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the LORD your God is with you, who brought you up from the land of Egypt.  So it shall be when you are on the VERGE OF BATTLE, that the priest shall approach and speak to the people.  And he shall say to them, 'Hear, O Israel: TODAY, YOU ARE ON THE VERGE OF BATTLE with your enemies.  Do not let your heart faint, do not be afraid, and do not tremble or be terrified because of them.  For the LORD YOUR GOD is He who goes WITH YOU to FIGHT FOR YOU AGAINST YOUR ENEMIES, TO SAVE YOU!'"

This is applicable to the saints in 2010 for we are on the verge of battle to fight and overcome spirits of poverty, sickness, passivity and a host of opposing demonic enemies who are assigned to keep us from possessing our promised land, prospering and demonstrating the Kingdom of God.

Those who are the qualified and unqualified to go to battle win the war against the enemy.

Verse 8 says those who are fearful and faint of heart are not allowed to go to the battle, "Let him go and return to his house, lest the heart of his brethren faint like his heart."

This is the reason we have had people leaving prophetic apostolic churches who believe and practice spiritual warfare.  They are leaving and going back to denominational churches or seeker-friendly churches who do not believe or practice spiritual warfare.  

God's Gideon-300 Reformers.

God gave the same commission to Gideon when he was preparing to go to War.  He told all that were fearful and afraid to go home and 22,000 out of the 32,000 who had originally responded to the trumpet call for war left leaving 10,000.  The 10,000 were tested at the river and 300 met the requirements.  The 300 were then Positioned to Win.  Like Joshua, all who have passed the two tests of fearfulness and selfishness are now being equipped and Positioned to Win in 2010.

Verse 10 begins the directives of war against the nations outside of Canaan and those inside Israel's promised land of Canaan.  Outside Canaan, Israel could make peace with them, but inside Canaan they were to kill every human being.  God is saying in 2010 what is outside of us we can make peace with, but what is inside of us that is not Christ's character and nature must be utterly destroyed.

2 Chronicles 20:10

The Lord lead me to one more book beyond the five of the Pentateuch, 2 Chronicles. God is going to let us destroy enemies that were passed by before, but now they are coming against us to cast us out of our God given possessions which God has given us to possess.

The present truth Church has been facing this great host which we have seemingly had no power against.  But now in 2010 God is going to do the same for us as he did for Jehoshaphat-Give prophetic encouragement and strategy for winning and supernaturally fight for us by confusing the enemy and causing them to destroy each other.  Our responsibility is to gather the spoil and strip the enemy of all he has. Deuteronomy 20:20 says, "Believe God and you shall be established, believe His prophets and you shall prosper"

God wants us to go over our prophecies concerning what God has promised us and any directives that were given.  Follow the directives and decree each word promised as the true word of God to us, then continually make faith confessions until all our prophetic promises are prospering in our lives.  Let God be true and every contradicting evidence a lie.  Romans 3:4 says, "Let God be true but every man a liar.  As it is written, that you may be justified in you words, and may overcome when you are judged."