Prophetic Words for 2010 and Beyond

by David Herzog

Below are points which the Lord showed me is ahead for 2010 and beyond:

 Great favor is about to be released with the "suddenlies" of the Lord. Suddenly, multiple promises and blessings will start to fall into people's laps, who have contended so hard in year's past which looked hopeless, if they continue and do not lose heart and faith in the promises! God is able to make all favor and grace abound in 2010, as it will be a year of double grace to Believers that have been faithful in not giving up and quitting on the promises. When you have done all to stand, just stand your ground, and suddenly God will come in and shift the promises of God over your life in your favor.

 Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. And it is not for the faint of heart. It's a year of either advancing fearlessly despite the fear all around, or shrinking back in fear. That is why it says "(those who) know their God shall be strong, and do exploits" (Daniel 11:32). Also, the word I kept receiving is that "(they) shall be volunteers in the day of (His) power" (Psalm 110:3 ). The power of God is going to increase as well as the shakings.

 2010 is a year of invading the enemy's strongholds, taking the high places where false altars have been set up and setting up an altar to the Lord. (Examples: Hollywood/media, New Age and false religions, business, health industry, etc...)

 2010 is a year to advance deeper into enemy territory. In order to do this, many will have to let go of certain ministries or projects that God may have ordained in the past but were only for a season, and that would be too time consuming and/or economically draining to be able to enter this new open-door phase of harvest.

 2010 is a year of great acceleration in Israel. Much spiritual activity will be occurring this year, and many in Israel will be open to the Messiah on a new level with an increase in dreams and visions of the Messiah and a harvest that is riper than ever, both in Israel and among Jewish people in America. Keep your eyes open for divine appointments that will lead to awesome salvations among those you would normally consider the least open to the Gospel in times past. God is removing the veil in a big way as a new harvest is ripening. This applies not only to the Jewish people but many groups in deep darkness steeped in the new age and false religions and other power sources; those in the entertainment industry, as well, will start getting Saul-like conversions.

 Persecution in general will gradually start to escalate. As you see a dramatic increase in the media and government taking a much stronger stance against Israel than at any time before, know that the persecution of Believers and ministers in general will also increase out of fear that the enemy has of the coming harvest. On the same note, the grace, favor, harvest and power of God will simultaneously increase! The best place to be is where the fire is hottest.

 Safe Houses: As the shaking continues economically as well as in nature and the earth itself, resulting in natural disasters in different places, houses of prayer and intercession will become places of refuge, and they can lessen these things in different geographical locations.

 In 2009 many were tested and are still being tested, but the Bible says that when you have done all to stand, just stand. Don't lose your faith and ground in the spirit concerning certain promises due to the economy (and other physical, emotional or family attacks), as you are citizens of Heaven and God's will is not determined by the world's monetary system.

 2010 through 2012 is a year of advancing much deeper into the harvest of souls as opposed to just focusing on equipping only in conferences and church meetings. Divine strategies are coming also to move into influencing the secular world this year. It is a year of new positioning. Many ministries will be possessing new properties and buildings as a means of possessing the gates of our enemies, both in the physical and spiritual realms.

Though there is much concern about the nation of the USA at this moment in history, the next two years will be a season of great and sudden advancements into the harvest and deeper into pulverizing enemy territory, despite the shakings on the earth. At first, it will seem only a few will penetrate these realms of harvest, blessings and glory, but as the first group of people go into new harvests, others will be encouraged and shake off fear and start to also go for the harvest and promises of God and to get the Gospel into the darkest places.

Normally in the business world, the higher the risk in investments-the higher the returns. The same is true in bringing the Gospel into the darkest places on the earth; those that were previously known as more risky, will also yield the greatest fruit as you go where no man (or woman) has gone before.

 2010 is a year to totally consecrate your life to His purpose in your life. Don't allow apathy and loss of hope and vision, or you will start to retreat. The spirit of "faith" and "overcoming" will start to invade Believers , that if they will even use the little strength or faith they do have and release it, it will move mountains in this year! Don't allow secular media to dictate how this year will go for you, but let God's Word and the prophecies over your life, city, ministry, business and nation be your standard. War with the prophecies that have been given to you as you begin to walk into them this year.

 Be wise in the transition as not to stop certain things "cold turkey," but gradually shift according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Romans 12:1 says, "Lay aside every weight..." This refers to breaking off patterns of sin this year that would destroy you, but it also refers to breaking patterns of works that were once fresh and that are now just dead works lacking the joy and freshness of the Holy Spirit. This is the year to run the race, aiming for the high calling of God on your life. Aim for the number one thing that you know you were born to do for His Glory. Start to take the first baby steps toward that "High" call, and it will start to awaken the fullness of this calling, the excitement of it, and the fresh power and grace to do it.