Year of the Leap 2010

By Lana Vawser

My precious Church, this year is the year of great leaps. Many of you that have found your- selves in hard places will find yourselves leaping forward with great stride by the power of My Spirit.

Many of you that have found yourselves in great dismay, despair and depression will find yourselves lifted above out of the dark holes and lifted high on My wings, to places of great heights that you have never known before.

There will be great leaps taken in ministry areas.

This will be the year of a greater leap in revelations to evangelise, prophesy, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons. This will be the year of greater leaps into My revelations. These revelations will unlock greater strategies to see My Kingdom advanced and come to earth in a more tangible this year 

There will no longer be stunted growth for those who seek Me, but greater leap in depth of intimacy. Many of you have found the past year one of tremendous hardship, tremendous stunting of growth, tremendous attack and tremendous despair, but I am turning this tremendous darkness into tremendous LIGHT. Tremendous GOOD. Tremendous RECOMPENSE. Tremendous HARVEST. This year many of you will receive tenfold to what the enemy has stolen, tenfold of what the locust has devoured.

Harvest, Harvest, Harvest! Leap, Leap, Leap! This is the year of the LEAP!

I challenge many of you to no longer dip your toes into the river of My Spirit. It is time to PLUNGE, LEAP, let go of all fear, repent of bowing knees to fear, to bondage, to strife, to manipulation, to control, to obsession and shake off all these things that have held you down. Repentance will break the chains.

Many of you have been like feathers blowing in the wind.

Not able to sustain its ground but being carried back and forward by every attack, every wind of doctrine and every arising of the flesh. Repent My Church and come and dive deeply into My love. No longer will you be feathers, but find 2010 to be the year of Me building each of you into mighty oak trees.

2010 will be there year of lost comfort.

2010 will be a year of many being called to step out and do radical things that they would never have dreamed of doing before. Many of you will be like Paul, and moving into ministries of tent making. Tent making to send forth My Word, moving not by man's expectations and work, but by the leading of My Spirit NOMADS are arising!!!!!

At the turn of the year, the first minute of 2010, I will release My fire upon many lives to burn away all the chaff that has come to the surface in many of your lives. Many of you have found yourselves feeling like you are drowning in the issues, the flesh, and the wounds of the past that have come to the surface and feel there is no way out. I have brought these issues to the surface so that each of you may lay your hearts before Me, repent and at the strike of this New Year, see My fire being released to begin burning away that chaff every day of 2010 and the great LEAPS will occur as this chaff is burnt away.

Leaps in wholeness, leaps in healing, leaps in visions, leaps in words, leaps in boldness, and leaps in deep revelation of My love.

This will be the year that My Church will take a great LEAP into deep revelation of My love and goodness. The enemy has released a specific attack upon many of My people who are called to speak forth to doubt My goodness, doubt My love, and doubt My kindness.  The enemy has used circumstances both within My Bride and in the world to whisper too many that I am not good, that I am not love, that I am not kind. This attack has been specifically sent forth to these that are called to speak forth, so that My message will not go forth. So that the Church will not be led deeper into My love by the forerunners that I have appointed. This attack will not succeed and has already begun being defeated by many of these forerunners feeling hope rising again within their hearts at the beginning of this New Year.

Many of you will carry banners of Damascus Road in this year. Many of you will begin experiencing such deep intimate transformatory encounters with Me and My love that you will then be released into arenas to testify of My goodness and character. The enemy has been whispering too many of you that I will cause calamity upon your lives simply to bring forth a testimony. I say unto you that this is not truth, and this is not in line with My heart for you. I will cause ALL things for good. I send only GOOD gifts to you My beautiful Church, so continue to stand upon Me and fight with My Word and make Me your refuge, your home and safe place and no evil shall touch you, no plague shall come near your dwelling.

Some of you have lost hope in 2009.

Some of you have lost hope in circumstances within your lives. Whether it be healing for the sick, restoration for the broken, and sight for the spiritually blind. Hope will be restored to you in this New Year as you open your heart to Me to receive. Repent of the despair, and rise up in hope. Hope, Hope, Hope, Hope is being released unto you!!!!!

2010, the year of the great LEAP!!!

Come LEAP forth into My River, decide before Me today to make 2010 a year of LEAPING into all that I have for each of you, but most importantly, decide to LEAP forth into positioning yourselves at a deeper level to receive of My love, know My heart more intimately and hear My voice. I love you My Church, oh how I love you!