Prophetic Words


2010-The Dawning of a New Day and Year to Stand in Heaven's Open Window

Garris Elkins

2010-It's Time to Believe for the Impossible

Barbie Breathitt

Prophetic Word for the Year 2010

John Mark Poot

2010: The Year of the Prophetic People

Rev. Barbara Williams

2010: A Year of Breakthrough, Restoration, Faith and Mysteries Revealed

Bill Burns

2010 - "A Year To Embrace My Grace And Savor My Favor"

Lisa Jo Greer

Prophetic Word For 2010

Joshua Mills

Word of the Lord for the Year 2010 

Phylis Ford

2010 and the Tabernacle of Witness

Traci Carson

Year of the Leap 2010

Lana Vawser

God Will Do It Again In 2010

Marty Layton

Prophetic Words for 2010 and Beyond

David Herzog

Prophetic Word for 2010 - For All Believers Worldwide

Dennis Cramer

Kings - Learning To Fly In 2010

John Garfield

2010-A Year to Rise to New Levels of Faith

Rebecca Greenwood

You Can Start Again In 2010

Dr. Kluane Spake

2010 Is A Year of Your Transitioning Being Established Into Positioning

Taffie Furr

2010 - The Year of Impact

Derek Brown

Corporate Prophecy for 2010: The Year of Restoration, Jubilation and Resurrection

Eileen Fisher

Positioned to Win in 2010 by Receiving our Holy Spirit Second Wind

by Bill Hamon